Berk International & Jan/San Distributors: A Powerful Team

Berk International & Jan/San Distributors: A Powerful Team

As a staple provider of most industry cleaning solutions, jan/san distributor clients are the backbone of Berk! In this article, we’ll delve into the Berk International wipes, tissues, and paper towels used for a wide range of jan/san tasks, and how to choose the best professional-level cleaning tools for your end users.

Jan/San: Essential for Every Industry

The jan/san distributor category is in universally high demand because janitorial and sanitation services are essential to most major industries — whether you’re educating the next generation or creating tools that will propel technology forward. Because of this ever-present need, jan/san partners occupy a valuable part of the Berk International network of distributors.

But while jan/san is in perpetual demand, the functional practices of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting aren’t quite as clear-cut. Every staff, team, building, or facility has a different definition or specific protocol when it comes time to clean. Jan/san distributors have to stay versatile in their offerings, but must also stock a high-quality and reliable range of products to best the competition and ensure end users return once they need a restock or refill.

Berk Products for Jan/San Distributor Partners

Berk has sold dozens of premier wipes, tissues, and paper towels to jan/san distributors across the globe. Here are our most common picks, all of which are highly adaptable to many use cases:

  • Proformance® DRC: A multi-purpose wiper made from skin-safe, 100% natural bonded cellulose, Proformance® DRC is a big name in jan/san because it’s effective both wet and dry for endless applications. The double-re-creping process provides softness, without compromising on durability for hands-on industries like agriculture.
  • Yellow Dust Cloths: These tools serve as a convenient, transportable alternative to aerosol sprays, which can pose health concerns within high-traffic areas or for sensitive groups. Berk’s 100% rayon dust cloths are treated with 8% refined mineral oil.
  • MIGHTYWIPE®: From mopping up spills to handling industrial cleaning tasks involving grease and oil, MIGHTYWIPE® gets the job done. This versatile wiper is available in light, medium, and heavy weights, as well as a variety of set-ups — from pop-up boxes to jumbo rolls.
  • CHEMWIPE®: Berk International's CHEMWIPE® products allows you to create your own chemical cleaning solution for a customized, pre-moistened wipe, perfect for all manner of industries and cleaning jobs.
  • Eden Soft®: For a bathroom tissue that’s ultra-soft, environmentally-friendly, and durable, look no further than Eden Soft®. This tissue is suitable for any facility or institution with high-traffic restrooms.
  • CUTNDRY®: Berk’s proprietary CUTNDRY® hand-drying roll towels and accompanying dispensers are in constant demand from jan/san distributors.

Berk Brands: They’re In Demand

As a host to 20 premier product lines and a growing network of distributors across the United States and beyond, Berk International team members pride ourselves on our ability to deliver wipes, tissues, and paper towels that are strong, effective, and easy to use on a daily basis. Success stories from our distributor partners inspire us to continue to excel and refine our product capabilities.

Along with our scores of product options for jan/san or any industry, Berk takes special action to support our distributors and the communities they serve through enhanced product knowledge available throughout our website and exclusively to distributors, easy-to-use product tools (like our cross-reference guide), and a growing number of opportunities for charitable contributions.

Explore the potential of Berk’s wide range of products and applications for your distributor base by contacting our team today. And don’t miss our fifth installment in this industry exclusive series, where we’ll delve into Berk wipes, tissues, and paper towels for the medical and optical sectors.

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