Find the Right Products With Berk International’s Cross-Reference Guide

Find the Right Products With Berk International’s Cross-Reference Guide

Berk International is proud to offer a diverse range of cleaning and wiping products that exceeds your expectations. Our Cross-Reference Guide will make ordering simpler than ever. With this resource, you can easily compare the product number of Berk International products with those of our competitors, so you know exactly which product is best for your needs. Download this guide today for a hassle-free ordering experience.


In this user-friendly Cross-Reference Guide, please find some of our competitors:

  • Atlantic Mills
  • Brotex
  • Cascades
  • Chicopee
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Hospeco
  • Kimberly Clark Professional
  • Mercantile Development, Inc.
  • SCA
  • Scott


You’ll likely recognize some of our brands from your personal and professional life. We sell everything from PROformance® Shop Towels to CHEMWIPE® Bucket Systems, and you can find our products across the globe.


With so many brands, it’s easy to get confused about which products you may want to buy. Berk International makes it easier than ever with this comprehensive guide that includes all of our brand names and production descriptions (color, size, count, etc.). When you place an order with Berk, you will know precisely what to expect.


Not sure which Berk products will fit your needs? Download our Cross-Reference Guide to make sure you order the correct items for your business. If you need more information on our brands, please contact us. At Berk, your customer experience is our highest priority.

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