How Distributors Can Help Customers Pick the Right Tissue Paper for Their Industry

How Distributors Can Help Customers Pick the Right Tissue Paper for Their Industry
Berk International believes in educating and empowering our distributors on products, solutions, and relevant topics. That's why we've put together a series of short articles that address some of the most commonly asked questions about toilet tissue products across industries.   Toilet tissue is both practical and hygienic, and going without it is something no one wants to experience. On average, an individual uses 57 sheets per day, which adds up to over 20,000 sheets per year. It's easy to see how important toilet tissue is in our daily lives.   All this is to say — as a distributor, you play an essential role in the supply chain. When it comes to supplies and products, you're frequently the first call. Customers depend on you for guidance, recommendations, and opinions because of your strong, trusted relationships with them, and everyone benefits from knowing which bathroom tissue is appropriate for their establishments. After all, you are your customers' expert.  

Industries That Purchase Bulk Toilet Tissue

Although bulk purchasing isn't necessary for every business, the industries listed below rely heavily on it:
  • Janitorial and Sanitation
  • Medical
  • Institutional
  • Hospitality
  • Food Service
  • Virtually every industry — where there are people, there is toilet tissue

The Features Tissue Paper Needs to Be Effective

This may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who has gone through the pandemic knows the importance of toilet tissue — both size and quantity. Additionally, buying the proper paper for your industry saves time and money because you know you're getting exactly what your customers need. Here are 12 factors to consider when deciding which bulk bathroom tissue best matches your customers' needs:
  2. 1. Absorbency
  3. 2. Appearance, color
  4. 3. Chlorine content
  5. 4. Clog-free, sewer and septic friendly
  6. 5. Comfort
  7. 6. Environmentally friendly
  8. 7. Roll length
  9. 8. Sheet ply
  10. 9. Sheet size
  11. 10. Strength
  12. 11. Texture
  13. 12. Thickness
  You might not be aware of all the features of toilet tissue. However, measuring its effectiveness and appropriateness depends on the industry and where people use it.  

Industries and Their Unique Needs

When it comes to tissue paper, there's no question that different industries have different needs. We'll look a little deeper into these industries and their requirements in the sections below.   Janitorial and Sanitation Although the Jan/San industry involves much more than the supply of toilet paper, most facility managers will tell you they hear a lot about it. The majority of the time, it's because their customers believe they don't have enough. In specific settings, your customers may be using more toilet paper than needed because they use it for multiple purposes, such as lining the toilet seat or blowing their noses. If you find that the roll size is frequently to blame, have you looked at how your customers use the bathroom tissue? There are simple ways to cut down on toilet paper waste. With rolls used properly, you can reduce waste and keep your supply and budget in check. When roll size and quantity are the culprits, you can find solutions in Berk's products. They are available in various sizes and can be customized to fit your needs.   Medical and Healthcare Patient requirements vary, and you may need to take a lot into account to meet them effectively. While we all want to minimize unneeded chemicals and dyes, some medical facilities may require special attention. Oncology centers and senior health communities will be at the top of the list for sensitive and comfortable toilet tissue options. For example, patients in these settings may have various sensitivities and issues such as thinner skin. In healthcare settings ranging from the pediatric unit to the emergency department, proper hygiene is critical. Specific to the ER, the CDC estimates that 130 million people visit the emergency room each year, and the American Hospital Association states that nationwide, there were 36,241,815 total admissions in 2019 alone. As a result, areas like these with high-traffic restrooms need proper supplies. Healthcare workers, patients, and visitors may use a lot of toilet tissue, resulting in massive quantities demanding excellent flushability.   Institutional Organizations worldwide have unique applications for tissue paper, similar to the medical industry's high-volume usage. These organizations serve a diverse range of people, from universities and banks to government and correctional facilities. While a government facility or educational institution will undoubtedly use more tissue paper than a single corporate bank building, the institution's size and the building's age and plumbing system will also determine the appropriate products.   Hospitality and Food Service While it may appear that wholesale toilet tissue is relatively straightforward, the hospitality and food service industries could throw you a curveball. You'll need to understand the establishment when serving these distinct client bases. As a tissue paper distributor, it's important to consider the following categories of food service establishments, each with its own set of requirements:
  • Bars, pubs
  • Cafeterias
  • Family-friendly
  • Fast food
  • Fast-casual
  • Fine dining
  • Franchise, chain
  Each of these types of hospitality establishments has its own set of standards as well:
  • Boutique
  • Casino
  • Conference, convention
  • Cruise ship
  • Extended stay
  • Franchise, chain
  • Peer-to-peer (e.g., Airbnb)
  • Resort
  All of these meal and stay experiences require a different use of toilet tissue. A fine dining restaurant, for example, may require a high-ply comfort roll, but a fast-food chain may need one with a lesser ply but higher quantity. A boutique hotel will surely necessitate luxury, whereas a casino stay will demand flushable and long-lasting rolls. Our products meet a wide range of customer needs, allowing you to provide the highest-quality items to your customers in the food, restaurant, and hospitality industries.  

Berk Can Help

Having the right tissue paper for every establishment is crucial, and customer service plays a key role in helping customers select the right tissue paper. At Berk International, you can rely on us for whatever industry you serve. Let's discuss ways to serve your customers best — don't hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote on the tissue paper products we offer for your industries.

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