As a distributor, you can grow your business by identifying your clients' pain points and offering products that help them overcome challenges. Berk International provides advanced solutions in every Berk Brand so you can fill your catalog with products more clients want to purchase. We even offer additional services that can make your business more successful.

The Chef’s Select®

The Chef’s Select® brand includes food service towels, linen replacement napkins, and highly absorbent napkins that fill the role of guest towels


The ChemWipe is a dry wiper in a bucket that the end-user would add a chemical too, to create a premoistened wipe. We sell the product dry.


The CUTNDRY® brand’s one-pull premium TAD (Through-Air-Dried) roll towels. We offer both 10" and 8" wide rolls. With TAD towels, buyers get a premium product that matches their linen replacement napkins, hand towels, and general use wipers.

Eden Soft®

The Eden Soft brand encompasses bath tissue, hard wound roll towels, and center pull roll towels.


FITNESS WIPES use a center pull wall dispenser that makes cleaning and deodorizing fitness equipment easy without relying on harsh chemicals.


MIGHTYWIPE® is a low-lint, latex-free, cellulose and synthetic-based disposable wipe that maintains its strength when wet, making the product useful for everything from light to heavy-duty cleaning.

The PROformance®

The PROformance® DRC brand includes double re-creped, cellulose-based products in diverse set-up options.


TechWipe® specialty task wipes come in one-at-a-time dispensing boxes. The extremely low lint wipes use a built-in poly-film dust layer to remove smudges from sensitive glass surfaces, including computer screens and test tubes.

Yellow Dust

Yellow Dust Cloths offer treated, non-woven rayon cloths that contain a small amount of mineral oil that make them ideal for cleaning surfaces without using aerosol sprays.

Berk works directly with distributors to make their businesses more successful than ever. Besides gaining access to our long list of brands and products, you get training from our expert sales staff so you can attract more clients and sell more items. Our success team takes a data-driven approach to find the most useful advantages. We spot upcoming supply shortages to give our distributors an edge over competitors. We analyze buyer personas to recommend supplies your clients might want to buy.

With top-rated brands and hands-on support from Berk International, you gain more opportunities to thrive!

Clean smarter. Clean sustainably. Clean with Berk.

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