Your Multi-Purpose Wiper of Choice Across Industries: PROFORMANCE® DRC

Your Multi-Purpose Wiper of Choice Across Industries: PROFORMANCE® DRC

As a distributor, it’s your mission to evaluate and address the cleaning needs of your clients. The best disposable wipes tackle a wide range of use cases and give your entire network a handle on their day-to-day operations. 

As you delve into the final article in our series highlighting Berk International’s most-loved products, learn what makes PROFORMANCE® DRC the standard for wholesale all-purpose wipes in the U.S. and beyond. 

Cleaning Society’s Messes  

The word “multi-purpose” has become a green light for many industry players, especially those who need consistent quality to handle many different situations. Self-described multi-purpose products line our grocery store shelves, but are still categorized based on their primary application, whether that be cleaning the bathroom sink or wiping greasy fingers after a meal. 

While industrial cleaning applications may be a bit more involved, the same problem holds true. What the market needs is a disposable wipe with true flexibility — a product that any industry, from aerospace to jan/san, can rely on for light and heavy-duty cleanup. As a renowned disposable wipes manufacturer, Berk delivers on all of these fronts.  

A Multi-Purpose Wipe That Packs a Punch   

PROFORMANCE® is a Double-Re-Creped (DRC), non-woven wiper made from 100% natural, bonded cellulose. The famous double creping process gives this product both durability and softness, making it optimal to wipe dry any surface with ease. It also ensures a high level of absorbency with water, grease, oil, and other byproducts of the working world — so end users can get things back in motion quickly after a large leak or spill. 

Whether it be routine maintenance or a one-time mishap, PROFORMANCE® DRC wipes are a perfect choice for any industry with a mess to clean. 

Main Benefits

Outdo your competition by offering your distributor base multi-use wipes that can handle anything: 

  • Workshop-Ready: PROFORMANCE® DRC wipes meet all the strength and durability standards for shop towels — making them the perfect companion for hands-on jobs like industrial maintenance, process line wiping and cleaning, and clearing grease and oil from essential surfaces. 

  • Protect Others: Our 100% cellulose wipes are plastic free and biodegradable, making them safe for topical use. Healthcare professionals can count on PROFORMANCE® DRC to maintain patient hygiene.

  • Convenient Packaging: These wipers arrive in either roll format or folded for one-at-a-time pulls – so clients can transport and access PROFORMANCE® DRC in whatever way is best for them.

The Standard for DRC Wipes 

With PROFORMANCE® DRC, your clients will get any mess cleaned up and dried in record time.


PROFORMANCE® DRC wipes come in light, medium, and heavy-weight categories; while all three have the strength and absorbent properties attributed to the product line, a Berk representative can help you decide which weight to carry based on your customers’ goals. Decide between white or blue for our most popular heavy-weight wipes, or go with a classic white for medium and light applications. 

Choose from ¼ fold dispenser packs, pop-up boxes, and perforated rolls. All Berk DRC wipes are also available in a flat pack. Sizes and number of wipes per package will vary depending on your specific configuration choice — see our product catalog for full details.

Learn More About PROFORMANCE® DRC Disposable Wipers

The PROFORMANCE® DRC line is a testament to our position as the best disposable wipes manufacturer in the country. Your account executive and fulfillment team are always available to answer any questions you may have about this product, and can help find a configuration that works best for your distribution needs. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive cross-reference tool to compare PROFORMANCE® DRC and the rest of Berk International’s products to other brands used in the industries your clients serve.

Customizable Products, High-Quality Standards 

While our manufacturing capacity and top-tier product lineup speak for themselves, Berk International is more than just a quality paper towel, tissue, and disposable wipes manufacturer. By joining our network as a distributor, you gain access to a supportive team of sales professionals with all of the resources to take your organization to the next level. With over twenty years of experience putting customer service at the front and center, you can trust us to help you give your end users a streamlined experience from start to finish. 

Contact Berk International by email or over the phone to learn more about becoming a part of our distributor family.

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