Berk’s bulk paper towels are divided into a number of product lines to make selecting the right solution for your brand quick and easy. If you need paper towels for guest or employee usage, the Eden Soft® line has you covered. If you’re seeking highly absorbent and strong disposable towels for use with specific cleansers or surfaces, look to our lineup of specialty towel brands.


Our towels are made using a wide selection of materials and designed for a range of applications, Berk is sure to have the disposable wiping products you’re looking for. You can bundle your towel purchase with bulk product dispensers, bulk toilet paper, and other Berk solutions to create a tailored system for your company’s needs.



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Bulk Towels

For all of your applications, consider Berk’s specialty product lines. Service stations, detail shops, and other automotive specialists routinely turn to Berk for our specialty windshield towels. Choose from 1-ply or 2-ply, knowing that either option will provide excellent wet strength and absorption. Each pack comes banded, making them easy to load into your dispenser so you can pull one at a time for scratch-free drying and cleaning. They are the perfect solution for customer convenience at windshield cleaning stations, and ideal for use indoors when mechanics, detailers, and maintenance teams need disposable and dependable towels.

Bulk Towels

Eden Soft®

All of Berk’s paper towels offer superior absorbency and wet strength for daily use by guests or employees. Still, the star of Berk’s general purpose paper towels is the Eden Soft® product lineup. Our proprietary recycled material is available in hardwound roll towel format in an array of sizes, all with a universal core that fits our accompanying hardwound roll towel dispensers. Choose between 1-ply or 2-ply, and natural, bleached, or blue to fit your needs. Custom core sizes and roll lengths are available upon request.

Eden Soft®


Berk’s premium TAD (Through-Air-Dried) roll towels and accompanying wall dispensers are in constant demand from our partners. CUTNDRY® is available in classic white as well as eco-friendly, 100% recycled tan. CUTNDRY® stands out as a bulk paper towel with a range of setup options, from 10″ and 8″ wide rolls to pop-up boxes and electronic or manual dispensers. With such a wide range of applications — from bathrooms to food prep counters — it’s no wonder distributors from all industry sectors look for the blue and white box when selecting a paper towel.


Berk's Towel Brands

No matter what your disposable towel needs are, Berk International can fill them. As you browse our catalog of products, a Berk representative is standing by to answer any questions that may arise in your search for the perfect solution. In the event that one of our brands doesn’t fit your needs, we can also create a fully custom solution for your specialized application.


Explore Berk’s towel brands today to learn more about our products and how they can meet your needs. When you’re ready, don’t hesitate to reach out to Berk International for a competitive price quote for the solutions you’ve selected. We have complementary dispensers and other bulk goods to help you make the most of your Berk solution. Just ask our team if you have any questions


Low lint windshield towels are made of 1-ply or 2-ply blue towelling with excellent wet strength and absorbing qualities. Each pack is banded and easy to load in dispensers.

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark WYPALL® L10 Georgia Pacific Interstate™/ National brand® Boardwalk Windshield Towel Cascades 3821 Wausau Paper 53000 Twinwipes®

Set-ups: Interfolded 1-ply or 2-ply towels, banded

Industries: Automotive, Jan/San, Industrial

Applications: Windshield and glass wiping, cleaning and drying, general use

Colors: Blue

Highly absorbent, low lint tissue paper ply to a plastic web, gives this product great strength for general wiping and drying applications

Comparable to: Georgia Pacific Brawny Industrial® Cascades Tuff-Job® Boardwalk Economy® Wipers Hospeco Taskbrand® Scrim Task, Tough Works, Prism® Chicopee Chux® Pig® Maintenance Wipers

Set-ups: 2-Ply, 2-Ply Heavy, 4-Ply 1/4 Fold, Flat, Pop-up box, Centerpull roll towels, Continuous roll towels, Bath towels

Industries: All industries including: Jan/San, Automotive, Medical, Environmental, Industrial

Applications: Excellent for glass, stainless steel, and machinery cleaning, general cleaning and drying.

Colors: White, Blue

4-Ply Scrim reinforced Continuous Roll Towels provide a strong, absorbent, recyclable alternative to standard paper towels and cloth continuous roll towels for hand drying. Berk’s paper-based scrim roll towels are formed by plying a highly absorbent 4-ply tissue paper to a plastic web, providing the tissue layers with great strength and superior absorbency that is ideal for hand drying applications. Berk also offers a continuous roll wall-mounted cabinet for easy, hygienic washroom dispensing.

Comparable to: Midwest Specialty Products Nature’s Linen® and other like rolls

Set-ups: 9.5” x 120 FT rolls with or without core

Industries: All industries including: Jan/San, Hospitality, Medical, Institutional

Applications: All-purpose towels ideal for restroom use with retractable dispensers

Colors: White, Blue

A quality line of cleanup and prep towels. Our coloured towels and matching boxes are designed to avoid cross-contamination. Superior strength and absorbency make the Chef’s Select® foodservice towels a great addition to your wiper and towelling line. Available in an anti-microbial green towel.

Comparable to: Cascades/IFC Busboy®, Busboy® Select Chicopee Chix® ProSeries™, Chix® All-Day™ Chix® Towels with Microban, Chix® Towels Chix® WetWipes Georgia Pacific Dine-A-Wipe®, Dine-A-Max® Hospeco TaskBrand® Counter Towel Saniworks® Deluxe MDI Classic® Service Wipes SCA TORK® Cuisine

Set-ups: 1/4 Folded towels in a counter top dispenser box

Industries: Jan/San, Food Service, Hospitality, Medical

Applications: General wiping and cleaning of counters, tables, bars, ovens, fryers, stoves, prep areas, and dishes

Colors: Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Rust, Pink & White, Blue & White, Green & White White with Red stripe

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Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Napkins and Chef’s Select® Guest Towels are disposable alternatives to cloth napkins and towels. These highly absorbent napkins and guest towels provide the feel and durability of real linen at a fraction of the cost. Available in DRC, Airlaid, Fluff Spunlace and TAD materials, linen-like disposables eliminates the need for expensive laundering services and are easier to store and inventory than linen products.

Comparable to: Hoffmaster Linen-Like® Flat Pack®, Linen-Like® Guest Towels GP Essence Impressions™ Cascades Privilege™, Elite® Hospeco Taskbrand®

Set-ups: 1/6 Fold, 1/8 Fold, Flat

Industries: Hospitality, Food Service, Institutional

Applications: Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Napkins are ideal for rolled silverware presentation and messy food menus. Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Guest Towels are perfect for hand drying, wiping shoes, removing makeup and more.

Colors: White

Available only from Berk International, Chef’s Select® Food Fresh Liners absorb moisture and stop the buildup of steam condensation inside takeout food containers. Each disposable liner has two adhesive strips that secure to the inner lid of any size takeout container, preserving taste and preventing food from becoming soggy and wet. Patent-pending Chef’s Select® Food Fresh Liners can also be used in a refrigerator drawer to remove damaging moisture and prolong the freshness of produce and salads

Comparable to: One-of-a-kind, patent pending product available only from Berk International

Set-ups: 8″ x 7″ liners available in 125, 250, 625, and 1250 count cases

Industries: Food Service, Hospitality, Household Applications: Use in any container to preserve the freshness of takeout food, produce, and bagged salad

Colors: White

The Knit Towel is a high-quality general use woven wipe made of a cellulose and polyester blend stitched like a woven fabric, which gives the wiper strength and absorbency along with extremely low lint. This premium cloth-like towel is designed for multiple uses including bar towel and rag replacement with the strength to last all day.

Comparable to: MDI The Stitch® Set-ups: 1/4 Folded wipers in a dispenser box

Industries: Food Service, Hospitality, Medical, Jan/San, Industrial, Institutional

Applications: Food prep areas, counters, bars, tables, general wiping and cleaning

Colors: White

One-Pull Premium TAD Roll Towels

CUTNDRY® TAD Toweling is a leading brand in the industry and a trusted name for quality and affordability. These 100% virgin Through-Air-Dried (TAD) premium products are the perfect solution for adding value to your line of hand towels, linen replacement napkins and general use wipers. Look for the blue and white box!

Comparable to: VonDrehl Elegance® Georgia Pacific enMotion® Georgia Pacific SofPull®

Set-ups: 8″ and 10″ hands-free rolls, Centerpull rolls, Linen replacement napkins, Pop-up box, 1/4 Folded

Industries: All industries including: Jan/San, Medical, Food Service, Institutional, Hospitality

Applications: Hand and face drying, wiping, cleaning, prep work

Colors: White

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Centerpull roll towels are available in both 1-ply and 2-ply. This bathroom prep/hand towel is a great addition or replacement to what you may already be using. Superior absorbency and wet strength with every pull.

Comparable to: Georgia Pacific Sofpull® Kimberly Clark Kleenex®

Set-ups: 1-ply and 2-ply perforated centerpull rolls Custom perforation lengths, core sizes and roll lengths available. Private label and contract converting available.

Industries: Jan/San, Medical, Institutional, Hospitality, Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, Food Service

Applications: Hand and face drying, wiping, cleaning, prep work

Colors: White, Blue

Standard bleached, natural and blue hardwound roll towels are made of recycled materials and are available in an array of sizes to fit your needs. Hardwound roll towels have a universal core that fits non-proprietary dispensers. Superior absorbency and wet strength with every pull.

Comparable to: All major brands including: Georgia Pacific Envision®, Acclaim®, Preference® Scott® Hard Roll Towels Cascades North River®, Decor® Wassau Paper®, DublNature®, EcoSoft®

Set-ups: Non-perforated rolls, available in various sizes from 7.6″ to 10″ and footages from 285’ to 1000’

Industries: Jan/San, Medical, Institutional, Hospitality, Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, Food Service

Applications: Hand and face drying, wiping, cleaning, prep work

Colors: White, Brown, Blue

Y-Notch hardwound roll towels provide the added value of cost savings through usage control. Manufactured to fit a variety of controlled roll towel dispensers, these high-capacity bleached and natural roll towels are made of recycled materials for heavy traffic areas. Designed for customers who prefer recycled towelling to help create a cleaner environment

Comparable to: All leading brands

Set-ups: Non-perforated rolls, available 7.875″ x 800 FT, 7.875″ x 600 FT and 7.875″ x 425 FT

Industries: Jan/San, Medical, Institutional, Hospitality, Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, Food Service

Applications: Hand and face drying, wiping, cleaning, prep work

Colors: White, Brown

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