Case Studies

Our case studies come from real life situations that our distributors have experienced and how Berk was able to provide a solution. Download the case studies to learn how Berk can help you build your business.

Distributor Adjusts to Customer’s Specific Needs Without Sacrificing Quality or Price

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Berk International Helps Denver Distributor’s Customers Pivot During Pandemic

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Berk International Helps NY Supply Company Fill a Gap in Their Product Line

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Catalogs And Guides

Want to know what we offer for products and services? Download our catalogues and guides for a full look at what Berk International can provide

Product Catalog

Get a full glimpse of everything Berk International offers. Explore the extensive range of standard, custom, and specialty wiping and cleaning products.
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Safety Product Catalog

Looking to help keep the workplace safe? Berk International features a full catalog of specialized cleaning products designed for everything you need.
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Product Cross-Reference Guide

Our helpful Product Cross-Reference Guide shows exactly how we match up with some of our competitors as we have one of the most diverse product lines in the industry.
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Updates and Insights for Our Distributors

Want to learn all the latest from Berk International (and the industry)? Our interactive blog is full of the information you need to succeed. From updates on what Berk International is accomplishing to cutting-edge insights in the distribution world, the Berk blog is the place to go.
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Intelligent Wiping Solutions

What is Berk International all about? What can we do for you, the distributor that relies on our product? How can we get you to the place where you need to be? In this 5 minute video, you can go inside Berk International to find out everything you need to know about our organization.
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