CUTNDRY®: Your Premium Hand Drying Solution

It’s undeniable that paper towels have become a staple of modern work culture in the United States and beyond. This testament to human ingenuity can be found in jan/san, medical services, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, recreational spots, and virtually every other institution people rely on for goods and services.

Berk International answers the call with a paper towel roll created for the working hands that uphold our society every day. Read on to learn what makes CUTNDRY® one of the most trusted paper towel brand names across the country. 

Paper Roll Towels: Essential for All 

Today’s working world is busier than ever, with new standards for efficiency keeping essential employees on-the-go for hours. Everyone from the school janitor, to the teenager ringing up your sandwich, to the lifesaver at the local hospital needs disposable drying products that are both sanitary and reliable to meet this heightened demand.

Some end users rely on quality paper towel products to assist with cleaning hazardous spills or sanitizing surfaces used to prepare food for customers 24/7. But quality products also come in handy for needs as simple as, “can I dry my face with a paper towel?” 

Regardless of the individual application, all employees deserve a reliable bulk roll that delivers with every swipe. 

Recognizable Quality and Affordability 

CUTNDRY® is a through air dried (TAD) roll towel that offers the perfect addition to your lineup of essentials, complementing general-use wipers and linen replacement napkins. These bulk rolls are top quality at a low price, so distributors can guarantee 100% virgin fibers for hand and face drying, wiping, cleaning, prep work, and more without breaking the bank. 

Main Benefits

CUTNDRY® goes beyond modern TAD towel standards to deliver for your distribution base in a few key ways: 

  • Safety First: Many service providers have opted for electronic hand dryers to supplement disposable paper products, but this isn’t always possible — or safe. Key institutions like hospitals rely on paper towels as the most sanitary option to keep our loved ones from harm. With one-at-a-time dispensing and superior quality for a complete dry every time, CUTNDRY® leaves no room for germs to infiltrate our businesses. 
  • Versatile Setup: Even within Berk International’s stellar product catalog, CUTNDRY® stands out as a bulk paper towel with a range of setup options. End users can choose from several dispenser types, all of which are carefully crafted to support our essential workers and keep their spaces sanitary. 
  • Go Green: Reduce your impact on the environment with an entire line of eco-friendly CUTNDRY® rolls made with 100% recycled fibers. 

One-Pull Premium Product 

With so many institutions in need of a convenient, reliable roll towel, it’s no wonder that distributors across the U.S. look for the blue and white box when it comes time to restock.


Each delivery of CUTNDRY® bulk paper towel rolls arrives with a large enough capacity to keep your clients stocked for all of their wide-ranging needs. Berk offers: 

  • 8″ and 10″ hands-free rolls
  • Centerpull rolls
  • Linen replacement napkins
  • Pop-up box, 1/4 folded individual sheets 

Configuration options vary depending on the use case, and the Berk team is more than willing to accommodate any specific requests. Rolls typically come in packs of 6 (except for perforated sheets and pop-up boxes, which come in 10 rolls or 18 boxes, respectively). Distributors can order up to 600 ft. of toweling per roll. 

Classic white CUTNDRY® comes in our signature blue and white box, while the tan eco-friendly variety uses green and white packaging. Ask your Berk representative which would be best for your clients’ applications. 

Learn More About CUTNDRY® Paper Roll Towels

Ready to bring CUTNDRY® into the hands of your end users? Check out our product catalog to learn more about this classic TAD roll and its eco-friendly counterpart, or use our cross-reference tool to see accurate comparisons between CUTNDRY® and similar products. And don’t forget to ask about our FREE CUTNDRY® one-pull premium dispenser program to get you off the ground with a paper towel that will meet every end user need under the sun — at a great price.  

Build Your Business With a Premier Manufacturer 

Over the past two decades, the team at Berk International has honed our craft to satisfy any disposable wipe, paper towel, or tissue need. With a massive production capacity and incomparable distributor support, we’re on standby to answer questions about the products you select and how to position them for your end users. We’re committed to keeping you informed about all aspects of our products and the markets they benefit — so your sales team can go into every meeting with confidence. 

Contact Berk International today for more information on how your distribution center can benefit from a lifelong connection with the industry’s most reliable and capable manufacturing partner. In the next article in this series, we’ll shine the spotlight on Berk’s PROFORMANCE® DRC wiper — a general-purpose, highly absorbent wiper with unbeatable quality.

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