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Why Become a Berk Distributor?

Personalized training, knowledge building, and range of resources available

Our sales team provides specialized resources, hands-on training, and knowledge to our wipes distributors and shows you how best to present the products to your customers. We do this by focusing our analysis on the capacity, demographics, and sales structure of our distributors. We try to understand your markets of interest, your buyer profiles, and your sales structures, in order to help you optimize your business. Our customized approach to helping distributors succeed is second to none.

Strong, long-standing relationships with various manufacturers

Possibly one of our biggest advantages is our ability to build strong. Specifically, we have strong relationships with the mills that produce the raw material. And also have professional relationships with various manufacturers which have helped us in times of supply shortages and other challenges, such as what was recently faced globally by all businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. We see all challenges as opportunities for growth.

Commitment to customer service

Our customers are privy to a very diverse product range, with access to 700 SKUs packaged in a variety of wiping solutions. Besides promoting our vast products range, we have cemented our market position as a consultative educator to our customers, analyzing which products best serve a customer’s unique need, and delivering efficiently as per their requirement. We provide a seamless experience through the entire process, right from securing the order to manufacturing the product, taking inventory, and shipping the product.

Highly customizable production capacity

We have made huge strides in increasing our inventory and growing our production capacity. We have recently expanded our operations, moving to a 275,000 square-foot building with 24/7 operable, state-of-the-art equipment and 17 production lines. With two more production lines coming online in Q1 2022.

Commitment to product innovation

Because of our strong industry knowledge and focus on product innovation, we continue to develop intelligent wiping solutions. Regular reinvestment in innovative technology has allowed us to manage all our customers’ wiping requirements at a level above those of the large conglomerates. We can customize our offerings to your unique wiping need, within an entire range of standard, custom, and specialty wipes.

Enhanced distributor sales success program

We are committed to helping our distributors achieve good returns, whether you are a wholesale paper towels distributor, toilet tissue wholesale distributor, or dispensers distributor. Some of our recent initiatives include:
  • The Distributor’s Roadmap to Success, which is a visual guide that our distributors can use to achieve new sales and growth.
  • State-of-the-art cloud software for marketing and sales, which will help our distributors receive quicker and more comprehensive partner collaborations.
  • New market solution guides and training guides to help our distributors understand how Berk products can be used to focus on specific sector needs.
  • A virtual Distributor Resource Center, which is being developed as a one-stop-shop for our distributors to get training resources and product updates.
  • Development of an advisory council to help our distributors provide direct, field-based feedback to our team.

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The Berk Distributor’s Roadmap to Success

The Berk Distributor’s Roadmap to Success

Berk International strives to help all of our clients place, receive, and distribute orders. The Berk Distributor's Roadmap to Success provides a visual guide that highlights ways you can grow your business by reaching new clients and growing sales. With this tool, Berk becomes more than a supplier. We become a partner that helps your distribution business thrive.

Private Label Solutions For Distributors

Berk specializes in private label products for wholesale distributors such as towels, tissues, and non-woven wipes. We work with distributors to understand the needs of their customers and help them choose the right products for their private label. These products come with low unit costs, allowing distributors to generate bigger profits.

Private Label Solutions For Distributors

Intelligent Wiping Solutions

What is Berk International all about? What can we do for you, the distributor that relies on our product? How can we get you to the place where you need to be? In this 5 minute video, you can go inside Berk International to find out everything you need to know about our organization.

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