Berk’s selection of bulk wipes can fit the needs of any application. Our line of towels, tissues, and disposable wiping cloths is strong, effective, and easy to use. Our wipes give you a simple one-swipe solution to all your cleaning needs. 


Enlist Berk’s disposable towel and tissue products in any office or commercial setting. Berk International features an extensive catalog of standard products so you can always find the solution that’s right for you. If our standard line doesn’t meet your needs, we can create customized products to your specifications. Speak to your Berk representative about your requirements, and we’ll work together to find your perfect solution.


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Bulk Wipes

Berk focuses on offering transparent, sustainable cleaning products. With so many potential applications, we have carefully designed a wide range of wipes to fit the needs of countless industries, whether you’re looking for something gentle and lint-free, or a wipe capable of effectively cleaning high-touch surfaces in high-risk environments.

Bulk Wipes


Our ChemWipe® system features disposable wipes in a bucket-style dispenser that allows the users to add their own chemical solution, instantly creating a custom pre-moistened wipe for any application. With excellent strength and absorbency, the ChemWipe® is a low-lint solution for heavy-duty cleaning, wiping, degreasing, and surface prep. Plus, since you choose your own solution, you can trust your ChemWipe® to get the job done right without damaging materials. Ask your Berk representative for help choosing the best product.


Fitness Wipes

Looking for a wiping solution for your gym, spa, hotel, or other areas where sweat and grime are a concern? Turn to the Fitness Wipes from Berk. These disposable, pre-moistened wipes are designed to clean and deodorize equipment with no harsh chemicals. The center-pull system does away with unsightly rags and bottles while making clean-up speedy and easy. As an effective one-swipe hygiene solution, Fitness Wipes are great for both customers and employees to use on machines and other high-touch surfaces.

Fitness Wipes


Virtually lint-free, the TechWipe® is a specialty task wipe designed for use on optical glass and lenses. Capable of cleaning the most delicate lenses and surfaces — including test tubes, computer screens, and electronics — TechWipes® easily dispenses one at a time, and features a built-in poly-film dust layer to remove dirt and smudges without scratching glass surfaces. Ideal for use in any office setting, and for specialty applications in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and manufacturing industries.


Human Care®

Berk’s bulk disposable wipes catalog includes Human Care® wipes, designed as disposable washcloths for patient care, in-home services, and hospital usage. Created with strong and soft material with a gentle, skin-safe cleanser, the Human Care® line offers a convenient hygiene solution for a variety of applications in both health clinics and schools. Other hygiene wipes in our product line include Berk’s disposable washcloths, a dry-wipe alternative to fabric towels for bathing and drying to cut down on laundering needs.

Human Care®

Berk's Wipe Brands

Berk is proud to offer a number of standard and specialty wipes to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


With over 35 years of experience in the production of disposable wipes and other sanitation products, Berk is proud to offer a wide selection of solutions to fit an array of applications. When it comes to our catalog of bulk wipes, choosing the right product is made easy with the help of our extensive information and brochures. If you have questions, a Berk representative is always standing by to help, too.


As you explore Berk’s offerings to find the best solution for your needs, you may find it easiest to break down the long list of options into individual product lines. Look through the handful of Berk brands and you’ll quickly find the wipes that suit your requirements. If you don’t find an item that meets your needs, the Berk family can always create a custom, specialized solution that does. Just reach out to your Berk representative!



A disposable wiper and bucket cleaning system that allows end-users to add their own chemical to create a custom pre-moistened wipe. The CHEMWIPE® materials have excellent strength and absorbency with low lint properties, providing an ideal material for heavy-duty cleaning, wiping, degreasing and surface prep.

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark KIMTECH® WETTASK® Georgia Pacific Brawny Industrial® AccuWipe® Surface System Bucket

Set-ups: Single-folded center-pull roll available in a small bucket system. A full-size center-pull roll is available in a large industrial bucket system. Refill rolls available

Industries: Jan/San, Medical, Automotive, Industrial, Hospitality, Institutional, Food Service

Applications: General cleaning and wiping, degreasing, surface prep

Colors: White

A disposable, pre-moistened wiper system specially formulated to clean and deodorize fitness equipment. Made from a biodegradable and compostable cellulose fabric, infused with a light-dose, quat-based formula, containing no harsh chemicals that harm surfaces. Fitness Wipes are ideal for removing sweat and grime from surfaces commonly wiped in all fitness facilities, replacing unsightly spray bottles and rolls. This center-pull wiper system is designed for quick, easy fill and refill using our bucket dispenser or center-pull wall dispenser.

Set-ups: 8″ x 6″ x 1750 sheets per roll, 2 rolls per case

Industries: Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Gyms, Spas, Hotels, Athletic and Physical Therapy Facilities

Applications: Exercise equipment; vinyl seat pads, benches, hand grips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds, yoga mats, countertops

Colors: White

As a leader in the disposable washcloth market, Berk International offers the largest line of dry disposable washcloths made from Airlaid, DRC, Spunlace, Fluff Spunlace, Scrim, and Hydrocell material

Comparable to: All leading brands of dry disposable washcloths from manufacturers including Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, SCA, and Hospeco

Set-ups: Sizes: 9″x 13″, 10″x 13″, 12″x 13″, 12″x 15″ Counts: 500, 800, 900, and 1,000 with 50 washcloths per poly bag Folds: 1/4 Fold

Industries: Medical, Hospitality, Institutional

Applications: Patient care, cleaning and wiping in Hospitals, Medical, Healthcare, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care facilities. Also used for in-home care and in Clinics, and Schools

Colors: White, Blue

MIGHTYWIPE® is a low-lint, latex-free, cellulose and synthetic-based disposable wiper that offers superior wet strength, absorbency and versatility for light to heavy-duty wiping applications. MIGHTYWIPE® is available on a light, medium and heavy-duty basis weight. Floor stands and wall dispensers are available for jumbo roll towels.

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark WYPALL® X60, X70, X80 Georgia Pacific Brawny Industrial® Wipers

Set-ups: 1/4 Fold, Pop-up box, Flat, Dual dispenser box, Centerpull rolls, Jumbo rolls Industries: Industrial, Food Service, Jan/San, Automotive, Agriculture, Hospitality, Institutional, Medical

Applications: General cleaning and scrubbing, heavy-duty wiping of grease, oil and chemicals

Colors: White, Blue, Red

A polypropylene-based melt-blown, low lint wiper ideal for use with chemicals, acids, solvents, grease and oil. Excellent for critical wiping applications.

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark KIMTECH PREP® Kimberly Clark KIMTEX®

Set-ups: 1/4 Fold, Flat, Pop-up box, Dual dispenser box, Jumbo rolls

Industries: All industries including: Manufacturing, Industrial, Jan/San, Medical, Automotive

Applications: Pharmaceutical labs, printing, painting, electronics, general industrial use

Colors: Blue pin dot and blue crow’s feet pattern

A cellulose-based disposable wiper offers incredible absorbency and softness with an unmatched wipe dry ability. Made from 100% bonded cellulose, this general-purpose, highly absorbent wiper is ideal for medium to heavy-duty wiping applications and is an excellent replacement for Airlaid wipers

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark WYPALL® L40, WYPALL® L30 Georgia Pacific Brawny Industrial® Chicopee® Chix®, Cascades DRC MDI The Champ®, Hospeco Taskbrand®

Set-ups: Flat, 1/4 Fold, Pop-up Box, Centerpull Roll, Hardwound Rolls, Kitchen Roll Towels

Industries: All industries, including: Jan/San, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, Technology

Applications: Routine industrial and janitorial cleaning and maintenance, Absorbing large spills and leaks, Light to heavy-duty cleanup, Process line wiping and cleaning, Patient hygiene

Colors: White, Blue

Dispense-A-NapTM 2-Ply, interfolded, dispenser napkins offer the softness of tissue with the strength of towelling. With an innovative, one-at-a-time dispensing design, Dispense-A-NapTM napkins increase hygiene and decrease waste and consumption. High capacity cases improve dispensing and reduce the need for frequent refills.

Comparable to: Tork Xpress Nap®, Georgia Pacific EasyNap®, standard 2-Ply dispenser napkins

Set-ups: 2-Ply, 12 Packs of 500

Industries: All industries including: Jan/San, Food Service, and Institutional

Applications: Ideal for high traffic food service areas

Colors: Brown, White

Spunlace is a virtually lint-free wiper with superior strength and versatility. Excellent absorbency for water-based liquids, chemicals and oils.

Comparable to: DuPont Sontara™ MDI Super Rag® Chicopee Durawipe®

Set-ups: 1/4 Fold, Flat, Pop-up box, Dual dispenser box, Crumple box, Centerpull rolls, Jumbo rolls

Industries:Industrial, Automotive, Jan/San, Manufacturing, Environmental, Medical, Aerospace

Applications: Cleaning, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Cleaners, Oil, Grease, Heavy-duty wiping applications

Colors: White Smooth, White Creped, Blue Smooth, Blue Creped

TechWipe® is a specialty task wipe for use on optical glass and lenses. Intended for light duty cleaning of sensitive glass surfaces, these virtually lint-free wipes are inter-folded and conveniently boxed for always-clean, one-at-a-time dispensing. With a built-in poly-film dust layer to wipe away dirt and smudges, TechWipes® easily handle the delicate task of cleaning lenses, test tubes, electronics, computer screens, tablets and more

Comparable to: Kimberly Clark KIMTECH PREP® KIMTEX® Wipers Georgia Pacific AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers Cascades Adept® Delicate Task Wipers

Set-ups: One-at-a-time dispenser box

Industries: Medical, Technology, Optical Applications: High-performance wiping of surfaces, parts, instruments and cleaning lenses.

Colors: White

A non-woven 100% rayon dust cloth treated with 8% refined mineral oil. Ideal for dusting counters, floors and surfaces without the need for aerosol spray

Comparable to: Chicopee® Chix®, Masslinn®, Stretch’s Dust® Georgia Pacific Brawny Industrial® Yellow Dusting Cloth MDI Pro-Series® Classic® Dust Cloths

Set-ups: Flat/Gang folded, 1/4 folded and poly bagged

Industries: Industrial, Institutional, Medical, Jan/San

Applications: Dusting, cleaning, wiping

Colors: Yellow, Orange dot

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