How Distributors Can Win New Business with Competitively Priced Tissues, Paper Towels, and Wipers

How Distributors Can Win New Business with Competitively Priced Tissues, Paper Towels, and Wipers

Berk International is committed to providing distributors with a winning solution while maintaining an unwavering commitment to service and quality. Whatever the product is (tissues, paper towels, or wipers) our competitive pricing and commitment to excellence make us our distributors' secret weapon.

Join us for the first of a six-part series, in which we will be putting our distributors at the center of the conversation to address their most pressing questions. First up: how to win more business!

Overcoming the Odds in a Competitive Bid Battle with Established Brands

Convenience, price, and availability are some of the factors that influence customers' decisions when it comes to choosing wipes, tissues, and nonwoven towels. Customers generally prefer products that they consider to be reliable, easily available, and cost-effective. This is particularly true for customers who are given limited budgets to supply a building or sets of buildings, such as schools, colleges, and government facilities.

When you enter into a bid battle with a well-established brand, you will need a specific set of tools or strategies to overcome objections and meet the customers’ needs. Here are a couple of strategies that distributors may use to outshine established brands:

Helping Distributors Address Pricing and Client Needs

Berk products are designed to balance quality with competitive pricing in order to meet market demands. With over twenty premium product lines and a growing network of distributors across North America, the Berk International team takes pride in delivering wipers that are strong, effective, and easy-to-use on a daily basis.

In addition to offering competitive pricing, our team of trained experts is familiar with each product and offers unparalleled product education, making it easier for you, as a distributor, to sell your inventory. Our team will even accompany you to sales meetings with potential customers (virtually or in person) to assist with sales.

When Standard Doesn't Suffice, Partner with Berk for Customized Manufacturing Solutions

Berk’s distinguishing value is in going beyond being a mere manufacturer offering transactional service to being a fully engaged partner in working with distributors to determine and deploy the right manufacturing solutions for their customer base. 

Consider Spunlace Wipers, for example – a product renowned for its durability in a variety of industrial, automotive, cleaning, manufacturing, environmental, and aerospace applications.

What is Spunlace material? Spunlace fabric is a non-woven material, created using hydroentangled bonding. In this technology, high-pressure and high-velocity water is sprayed on loose fibers from close-positioned nozzles, entangling (bonding) them. Featuring excellent strength, versatility, and absorption for water-based liquids, chemicals, and oils, Spunlace fabric is the preferred choice for Berk wipers.

Spunlace virtually lint-free wipers are available in white and blue smooth or creped, quarter fold, pop-up box, dual dispenser box, flat pack, crumple box, centerpull rolls, or jumbo rolls.

However, if your client does not find the standard Spunlace wiper option to meet their needs, a Berk representative will be pleased to discuss potential customization options with you.

Berk Resources Help Distributors Rise to the Challenge

Berk provides a cross-reference guide and product catalog listing to help you select the right wipes, tissues, and nonwoven towels for your customers. The cross-reference guide lists products from well-known manufacturers that are comparable to Berk's products range.

By offering custom manufacturing solutions, helpful guides, and unmatched service, we enable our distribution partners to confidently approach a broader range of clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. Berk is committed to providing all our distributors with the tools needed to achieve successful product and service sales. 

Empowering Success: Customer Testimonials Speak

Many of Berk’s distributors see an increase in sales after partnering with them. One NY packaging and shipping supply company, for example, worked with Berk to stock specialized wipers for their customer base, resulting in increased repeat sales. 

A well-known distributor based in Clinton, NY, the company has been continuously impressed not only by the quality of products sold by Berk, but by their customer service. A fast response time means they can keep their operations running smoothly, and having the ability to reach out to specialized customer service representatives means expert advice is never far away.  

The impact of the distributor’s partnership with Berk has been significant: They’ve noticed that the same order will consistently come in weekly or semi-monthly, and that their customers are pleased with the wipers they purchase and have not felt the need to search for a different supplier.

Reach out to Berk for more information and discover how our expertise can transform your distributor base. And don’t forget to stay tuned for the next article in this series, where we'll discuss how distributors can leverage Berk's support to connect their customers with customized wiper solutions.

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