Paper Towel and Tissue Roll Dispensers: A Cost-Effective Choice to Cut Expenses and Waste

Paper Towel and Tissue Roll Dispensers: A Cost-Effective Choice to Cut Expenses and Waste

If a client is looking for ways to save costs and cut down on waste in their business, as a distributor, you are likely to be one of the first people they contact for professional advice and ideas.

Every industry relies heavily on distributors to succeed. They operate as a link between manufacturers and customers, ensuring that products and services get to those who need them the most. By assisting clients in finding solutions that help them build their businesses, you provide tremendous and ongoing value that benefits not only your clientele, but those they serve as well. 

In this article, we'll look at ways distributors can learn how everyday items like bathroom tissue and paper towel dispensers can bring actual value to customers in every setting and industry, in addition to reducing waste.

Types of Roll Dispensers Available

Berk's wide array of dispensers means that whatever your bulk paper item of choice, there's a perfect dispenser to match it. To make dispensing any paper product a breeze, choose from wall-mounted, jumbo, junior, and a variety of other options. Here's a closer look at Berk's bulk dispensers:

  • Bathroom tissue jumbo small core roll dispenser 
  • Bathroom tissue jumbo roll floor stand dispenser 
  • Bathroom tissue jumbo roll wall mount dispenser 
  • Facial tissue dispenser 
  • Hand towel tissue center-pull dispenser
  • Hand towel tissue continuous roll dispenser
  • Hand towel tissue electronic dispenser
  • Hand towel tissue hardwound push paddle roll dispenser
  • Hand towel tissue one pull dispenser
  • Napkin countertop dispenser
  • Napkin wall mount dispenser
  • Tissue dispenser

If you're a distributor looking for a dispenser that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a customer, Berk has you covered. We offer a variety of dispensers that can be customized to your unique requirements, and our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you need — for any use and industry. 

There's More to a Paper Towel Dispenser Than Meets the Eye

In many establishments, you will find napkin dispensers, paper towel dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, and more. While dispensers are common items, some businesses may still be unaware of the advantages to choosing the appropriate dispenser rather than keeping products out in the open and unprotected. Here are just a few:

Dispensers Help to Maintain a Sanitary Environment

Even with more people than ever concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, some of us may be unaware of what occurs on a microscopic level that we cannot see with the human eye. For instance, a customer uses the restroom, flushes the toilet, washes and dries their hands, and then walks out.

Simple enough, right?

However, upon flushing the toilet, there are invisible aerosol droplets that spread to neighboring surfaces. Consider how this can impact customers who store their toilet tissue in the open instead of in a secure container that can be sanitized as needed.

If the restroom is in a high-volume setting, the hygiene requirements will be raised to a new level. For example, 100 flushes might mean 100 possibilities for aerosol particles to contaminate toilet tissue that is merely on the floor, behind the toilet, or stacked next to it. Those droplets are distributed with each flush.

Now let's take this one step further and consider the paper towels in that same restroom setting. The towels are without a protective cover, out in the open, and stacked on sinks. Customers who wash their hands are now drying them on those paper towels, which are potentially unsanitary due to exposure to the aerosol particles dispersed into the air with each flush.

Dispensers Help to Reduce Product Loss

When every dollar counts, it is crucial to minimize product loss. Tissue, towel, and napkin dispensers can help reduce the amount of paper products that go unused and wasted. Dispensers are shown to minimize paper product waste by up to 30%. When you use paper towel dispenser systems, you reduce your environmental impact while increasing your cost savings. Furthermore, having a dispensing system eliminates the issue of people walking off with your towels and tissues.

In settings where stacks of towels are used, they are eating away at valuable counter space as well as your inventory and budget. When paper towels are placed on countertops, customers will undoubtedly wash their hands, drip water onto the stack of towels, and use more than necessary. 

However, when the next customer goes to wash their hands, they will notice the damp paper towels and discard them since they do not want to use them. They will then use the dry towels that were under all the wet ones they've thrown away. This cycle will continue throughout the day every time people need to wash their hands. 

For facilities managers, reducing product loss while staying on budget is a priority regardless of industry. Jumbo tissue rolls can be accommodated by dispensers, which are easy to refill and will last longer due to their size and dispenser settings.

For example, a dispenser filled with jumbo small core bath tissue can extend your inventory with the ability to last up to three times longer. Small core rolls are long-lasting and compact — perfect for use in any high-volume setting. Hand towel dispensers work on the same principle. Bulk purchases help you save time and money while also reducing waste and overuse. 

Dispensers Are More Visually Pleasing

Not only do toilet tissue dispensers have better aesthetics, but they also give your facilities a cleaner look and feel. 

Paper towel, napkin, and bathroom tissue dispensers improve the appearance of your facilities and make them look cleaner. Customers, personnel, and anyone else who comes into contact with well-kept and maintained facilities will likely have a positive impression of the company.

When paper towels and tissue paper rolls are found on floors, counters, and within sight, it gives the impression that if places intended to be kept sanitary aren't tidy, the rest of the establishment probably isn't either.

Dispensers Improve Inventory Control

The type of dispenser you'll need will depend on what you'll use it for. For instance, paper napkin dispensers can help regulate usage in cafeterias and quick-serve restaurants. By stocking a dispenser with single napkin pulls, you can be better equipped to know your inventory will not be depleted by misuse and waste.

Professionals in the janitorial and sanitation industries and facility managers can more easily gauge and maintain adequate stock by using dispensers. Dispensing the product for the intended application will reduce stocking requirements while improving product control.

How Berk Can Help

One of the easiest ways to take control over waste, theft, and inventory is to utilize the right dispenser for your paper products. And we want to help you make the right choice for your customers' budgets and needs.

You can implement this opportunity for waste and cost reduction in every restroom, kitchen, sink, and food counter for everyone who visits and works at an establishment. 

The best way to find out what works best for your business is to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. Berk has numerous dispensers and paper products that will fit your budget without sacrificing quality or performance, and our specialists are ready to help you find the option that will meet your customers' needs.

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