Responsive Solutions Lead to Distributor Success with Berk

Responsive Solutions Lead to Distributor Success with Berk

Client Profile

Aramsco Incorporated has been a regional supplier of industrial safety products since 1966. In 2005, they partnered with external investors to invest in infrastructure and expand services. Aramsco specializes in janitorial and sanitation (Jan/San), disaster relief, restoration, concrete surface preparation, stone fabrication, asbestos removal, and environmental solutions. 

Aramsco has a product portfolio of over 40,000 products, with 24/7 service and 70 locations in North America. Their global footprint extends to Canada and Puerto Rico. A qualified and skilled team stands by to help customers find solutions to difficult applications, and provide education and training, equipment rentals, repair, and financing.

To fulfill its mission, Aramsco listens closely to existing and potential customers, observes the market, and provides excellent service to ensure customer success. This shared commitment to service led to the business acquiring Penn Valley Chemical Company in 2021.

George O'Brien and Jim Hanratty founded Penn Valley Chemical Company in 1970.  The family business is now run by second-generation Geoffrey O'Brien and Jim Sortino. Penn Valley Chemical specializes in regional janitorial supplies (Jan/San) and sanitary maintenance products. Lansdale, Pennsylvania is home to their 40,000-square-foot warehouse, which serves Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. Aramsco’s acquisition of Penn Valley in 2021 introduced them to the Berk International product line.

The Client’s Need

A key factor in the search for the right partner was proximity, which led to Berk. To collect orders, Aramsco needed a manufacturing partner nearby. Second, when partnering with manufacturers, distributors are always – and understandably – concerned about price points. An improved product at a more favorable price point grows customer satisfaction and increases profitability. Third, a diverse janitorial and sanitation product line for education, healthcare, and construction markets was a top priority. The final requirement was to partner with a manufacturer that provides solutions to specific and difficult applications.

Berk’s Solution

Aramsco found a perfect manufacturing partner in Berk International due to the following: 

Proximity: Proximity played a pivotal role in selecting Berk as a manufacturing partner. Berk's expansive 275,000-square-foot facility in Boyertown, PA provides Aramsco with convenient order collection.

Price Point: Berk International's competitive pricing makes this partnership advantageous, as it offers an affordable alternative to disposable paper towels, tissues, and non-woven wipes. This significantly contributes to Aramsco's profitability and overall value proposition.

A diverse range of products: Through Berk's extensive product range of 700 SKUs, Aramsco provides fit-for-purpose solutions to education, healthcare, and building services contractors. The fact that Berk can provide the option of customized and white-label solutions to Aramsco is also a major plus. 

Matching cleaning solutions for difficult applications: Aramsco's clients benefit from Berk's innovative wiping solutions, regardless of the application's complexity, and often at a better price.

The Result

The distribution partnership with Berk has proven instrumental in both retaining and expanding Aramsco’s business. Berk's offerings were able to win contracts in competitive pricing scenarios, even if the customer preferred more well-known brands at first. Aramsco's New York location gained a substantial new business opportunity as a result of this success. 

Berk's wiping solutions helped Aramsco not only retain existing clients but also tap into untapped markets, resulting in significant revenue growth. As a result of the relationship, the business has been able to increase profitability and realize measurable growth. Berk’s customer service, responsiveness, and adaptability during challenging situations align with Aramsco’s mission: they listen to their distributors' needs and provide excellent wiping solutions at a good price point, increasing profitability and value.

The Impact

The partnership with Berk has played a pivotal role in Aramsco's ability to retain and secure new business, offering cost-efficient alternatives that contribute to the company's success. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Berk showed its resilience by sourcing raw materials efficiently. With its ability to navigate challenges and mitigate them, the company maintains a high level of service. Berk's commitment to providing intelligent wiping solutions ensures a positive experience for its customers, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable and adaptable partner.

Looking ahead, the Jan/San industry is undergoing consolidation, and growth is increasingly dependent on strategic acquisitions. Berk's partnership aligns with Aramsco’s forward-looking approach and meets current needs. In the competitive Jan/San market, Berk's commitment to service and intelligent wiping solutions continues to contribute to Aramsco's profitability and competitiveness. Contact Berk today to learn more!

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