MightyWipe® Max: Microfiber Roll Towels FAQ Guide

MightyWipe® Max: Microfiber Roll Towels FAQ Guide

Microfiber towels on a roll — imagine that! Introducing MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels, Berk International's latest intelligent wiping solution.

At Berk, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our manufacturing philosophy. Our cutting-edge techniques and materials redefine how end-users clean and polish. We design every step of our manufacturing process to deliver results, from the drawing board to the finished product. As a manufacturer, we understand that our national distributors and their distributing partners may have questions about our newest product, MightyWipe® Max.

In this article, we will address some frequently asked questions about MightyWipe® Max microfiber towels on a roll.

FAQ Guide to MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels:

1. What are the differences between MightyWipe® and MightyWipe® Max?

MightyWipe® is a disposable, synthetic-based, low-lint, latex-free wipe made from cellulose. It maintains its strength, making it an excellent choice for light to heavy-duty cleaning, whether wet or dry.

MightyWipe® Max microfiber towels on a roll are reusable and perforated. Their virtually lint-free, super absorbent, and versatile properties make them suitable for light and heavy-duty cleaning.

2. Why are Berk’s microfiber towels on a roll innovative?

The innovation in Berk's microfiber towels lies in their size, format, and perforation technology. This mid-weight microfiber was a perfect match to withstand the heat perforation process when Berk tested a variety of microfibers. Moreover, it is strong enough to tear a single sheet or roll off a few, letting end-users customize the towel size. The kitchen roll towel size and format allow versatile dispensing options and easy tear-and-go use.

3. Why should we consider switching from disposable paper towels to MightyWipe® Max?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for cleaning and polishing. Each cleaning application requires products with specific features for the best results.

MightyWipe® Max is designed to meet many of those use cases with exceptional results for three main reasons. First and foremost, MightyWipe® Max is a reusable, eco-friendly microfiber towel that you can machine wash up to 50 times, reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

Secondly, these microfiber towels on a roll come in red and blue for easy differentiation. For example, use blue towels for general cleaning and red to clean windows. 

Third, MightyWipe® Max's convenient design and space-saving qualities offer end-users versatile dispensing options. 

4. What kind of material does Berk use for MightyWipe® Max?

Berk's internal testing revealed that 180 GSM (mid-weight) microfiber is the ideal weight to withstand their innovative heat perforation technology. Mid-weight microfiber features super absorbency and efficiently captures dirt and dust. The towels are virtually lint-free, durable, and have a long lifespan, ensuring that you maximize the usage of each roll, whether you decide to wash or dispose of it.

5. What is the packaging format for these microfiber towels on a roll?

The towels come in cases of 6 rolls per case, packaged as three sets of two rolls each.  Each roll has 50 sheets measuring 12” x 12”, available in blue or red to make differentiation easier.

6. How is MightyWipe® Max dispensed?

MightyWipe® Max comes in a standard kitchen roll towel format and size. Mount these handy kitchen roll towel dispensers underneath cabinets, on walls, or countertops to dispense MightyWipe® Max microfiber towels.

7. Why is MightyWipe® Max eco-friendly?

MightyWipe® Max is a revolutionary product that combines the convenience of paper towels with the eco-friendliness and sustainability of microfiber. The mid-weight microfiber material makes these towels highly absorbent and durable. They reduce landfill waste, save money, and protect the environment in the long run by being machine washable and reusable up to 50 times.

8. Which industries benefit most from MightyWipe® Max?

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels meet the needs of various industries, including those within the industrial, food service, janitorial, automotive, agriculture, hospitality, institutions, and medical industries.

9. For which applications is MightyWipe® Max most suited?

Berk's innovative microfiber towels on a roll are super absorbent, making them perfect for even the toughest spills and messes. Whether you need to clean up an oil spill or give your car a shiny finish, these towels can handle the task.

Depending on your cleaning needs, you can use MightyWipe® Max wet or dry. When wet, they effectively remove dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. They are virtually lint-free, perfect for dusting and polishing, leaving a streak-free shine. You can dispose of or launder heavily soiled towels and reuse them up to 50 times.

10. How cost-effective is MightyWipe® Max?

MightyWipe® Max’s price point is another attractive feature, as it offers value without compromising quality. Whether you choose to reuse or dispose of the wipes, we assure you of a superior cleaning experience at an affordable price.

Join Berk International in embracing the reusable cleaning revolution with MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels. Reach out to the Berk sales team for further details or to inquire about partnering with Berk to make this game-changing product available to your customers. Stay tuned for our upcoming article, where we delve into MightyWipe® Max’s sustainability.

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