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Introducing MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels

Microfiber towels on a roll — imagine that! Introducing MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels, Berk International's latest intelligent wiping solution.

At Berk, we don't just talk about innovation; we embody it in everything we do. Our state-of-the-art methods and materials redefine the way individuals clean and polish. We meticulously design each stage of our manufacturing process to ensure optimal results, from the initial concept to the final product.

This product page offers comprehensive information about MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels, helping national distributors and their partners make informed decisions about adding the product to their catalog.


MightyWipe® Max comes in packs of 6 rolls, which are conveniently packaged as 3 sets of two rolls each. Each roll consists of 50 sheets that measure 12" x 12".

MightyWipe® Max’s Features:

  • Microfiber Weight: 180 GSM (mid-weight)
  • Absorbency: Super absorbent and versatile, suitable for light to heavy-duty tasks
  • Virtually Lint-Free for streak-free cleaning and polishing
  • Size and Format: Standard kitchen roll size and format take up less space than traditional flat pack dispensing
  • Heat Perforation: The perforated technology allows for easy tearing and customization of the towel size, making it convenient to use on the go
  • Color Distinction: blue and red

MightyWipe® Max’s Benefits:

Sustainability: MightyWipe® Max can be machine-washed and reused for up to 50 washes, helping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Use Wet or Dry: Users can choose to use MightyWipe® Max either wet or dry, depending on their cleaning needs.

Versatile Dispensing: MightyWipe® Max is available in a standard kitchen roll towel format and size, allowing for easy mounting on cabinets, walls, or countertops using standard kitchen roll towel dispensers.

Cost-Effectiveness: MightyWipe® Max's affordability is one of its appealing qualities, as it provides excellent value without compromising quality. Berk ensures that end users get a superior cleaning experience at a reasonable price, whether they choose the reusable or disposable option.

Microfiber towels in rolls are a more cost-effective option than the flat packs, as they provide a larger number of towels. This means that it is a more affordable option for our national distributors and their partners who look for both quantity and affordability for their customers.

Who Uses MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels?

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels cater to the requirements of a wide range of industries:

Automotive and Agriculture: MightyWipe® Max is a safer alternative to rental towels in industries like automotive repair shops. It reduces cross-contamination and exposure to harmful substances (soft metals) that can be absorbed through the skin. For example: for more basic tasks, use blue towels, and for tasks that involve cleaning up liquids that could be harmful or irritating, use red towels. Dispose of the red towels and launder the blue ones.

Food Service and Hospitality: MightyWipe® Max is a space-saving solution for busy kitchens. Designed to fit standard kitchen roll towel holders, it allows easy dispensing and helps staff to grab the right-sized towel for cleaning their hands. Not only does it offer convenience, but it also prevents cross-contamination. Chefs can easily pull out one or two wipes for use without affecting the remaining microfiber towels.

Health Care, Institutions, and Janitorial Industry: MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels are a versatile and reliable choice for sanitizing surfaces in diverse environments. They are popular in medical facilities, schools, and offices, and cater to the unique cleaning needs of each industry.

Industrial Cleaning: MightyWipe® Max provides excellent virtually lint-free surface cleaning and polishing solutions for industrial settings. The unique properties of microfiber allow MightyWipe® Max to absorb liquids and debris up to five times more efficiently than paper towels. Furthermore, MightyWipe® Max comes in a roll format, making it easy for users to choose the appropriate size for cleaning up spills and liquids.

Berk International invites national distributors to contact the sales team today and upgrade to the future of cleaning with MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels – where innovation meets affordability. Choose excellence and innovation, choose Berk International!