How MightyWipe® Max Dominates Industries

How MightyWipe® Max Dominates Industries

Microfiber technology revolutionized the cleaning industry. One product that stands out as a symbol of versatility and effectiveness is Berk’s MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels.

In the third installment of our six-part article series, we delve into the innovation behind MightyWipe® Max. We explore the specific applications of these towels across various sectors, highlighting the benefits, proper care practices, and cost-effectiveness that empower MightyWipe® Max to dominate industries.

MightyWipe® Max: An Intelligent Wiping Solution

Berk International specializes in manufacturing intelligent wiping solutions. It is not uncommon to find microfiber towels on a roll. However, Berk has introduced a rolled microfiber towel that can conveniently be dispensed similar to paper roll towels or mounted sideways, on a wall-mounted roll towel holder. This way, the microfiber towels won't occupy counter space and can be easily accessible when needed. The roll format was chosen for a variety of reasons, making it a convenient and versatile choice.

The heat perforation technology employed allows for easy tearing without the need to break one sheet at a time. With this innovation, users can effortlessly pull two sheets if they require double the length. 

MightyWipe® Max is a mid-weight (180GSM), heat-perforated microfiber towel. These towels are virtually lint-free and eco-friendly, machine washable, and reusable up to 50 times, with red and blue color coding. Businesses that prioritize sustainability choose MightyWipe® Max because of its intelligent wiping capabilities.

MightyWipe® Max: An Intelligent Wiping Solution

GSM is a measure of the density and weight of the fabric, indicating its thickness and durability. A microfiber towel with a GSM (grams per square meter) rating of 180 indicates that the fabric weighs 180 grams per square meter. A 180GSM microfiber cloth falls within the mid-range of GSM ratings, with a balance between thickness and flexibility. Mid-weight microfiber towels offer excellent absorbency and cleaning capabilities. They are suitable for light to heavy-duty cleaning tasks, including wiping surfaces, drying dishes, or polishing glass and mirrors.

The fabric's moderate weight ensures that it is lightweight and easy to handle, making it ideal for everyday use in both household and commercial settings. Additionally, a 180GSM microfiber towel is typically more affordable than higher GSM options, providing a cost-effective solution for cleaning needs without compromising on quality.

Why did Berk Choose Mid-Weight Microfiber?

Berk needed a microfiber that was able to withstand the innovative heat perforation process used with MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels. In-house testing proved that mid-weight microfiber was the best choice. 180GSM microfiber was strong enough to tear off a sheet or three times longer if necessary, and it withstood Berk’s unique perforation process.

Industries Benefiting from MightyWipe® Max

Industrial Cleaning:

Optimal performance and workplace safety require a high level of cleanliness in industrial settings. This is an area where MightyWipe® Max shines, providing virtually lint-free surface cleaning and polishing. Designed to clean everything from oil spills to the high-traffic surfaces in manufacturing settings, these microfiber towels can be used as multi-purpose industrial wipes.

Microfiber's unique properties make MightyWipe® Max super absorbent. Unlike conventional options, microfiber towels have fine fibers that generate a large surface area. This enhanced surface area enables MightyWipe® Max to absorb liquids and debris up to 5 times more effectively. These towels are ideal for use in industrial cleaning settings where spills are common. MightyWipe® Max's super absorbency and rapid liquid absorption properties enable it to be used as a heavy-duty grease wipe to enhance cleaning efficiency and minimize downtime.

Another great feature of MightyWipe® Max is the design. Users have the flexibility to choose the size of the towel needed to clean spills and liquids. In contrast to traditional microfiber towels that come in flat boxes where users need to pull out towels individually, microfiber towels on a roll allow industrial users to tear off perforated towels based on the size of the spill.

Food Service Hygiene:

Restaurants and catering companies need immaculate equipment to meet health and hygiene standards. Catering equipment accumulates residues including dirt, oil, mineral salts, proteins, and lubricants. MightyWipe® Max’s virtually lint-free towels are perfect for removing deposits from food contact surfaces as the initial cleaning step. This specialized microfiber roll towel leaves surfaces free from particles that compromise food safety. With virtually lint-free MightyWipe® Max you can wipe countertops, clean kitchen equipment, or hygienically maintain dining areas, meeting stringent food service requirements.

In bustling kitchens, flat-pack microfiber towels may get lost or tucked away, causing frustration when urgently needed. MightyWipe® Max, designed to fit standard kitchen roll towel holders, offers a space-saving solution. It allows easy dispensing, making it more efficient for staff to grab a suitable-sized towel to clean their hands. Apart from convenience, MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels also prevent cross-contamination. Whenever the chef’s or kitchen staff’s hands are messy, they can easily roll one or two wipes off for use without compromising the remaining microfiber towels.

MightyWipe® Max is machine washable and reusable up to 50 times – or towels can be disposed of if needed. Furthermore, these microfiber towels come in red and blue. In food services, red towels can serve general-purpose cleaning, while blue ones are ideal for cleaning glass. Additionally, the choice to wash and reuse one color towel while disposing of the other helps address contamination concerns.

Automotive Industry:

Considering MightyWipe® Max's exceptional absorbency, it is ideal for use as a heavy-duty grease wipe in industries prone to oil spills. MightyWipe® Max is machine washable and reusable. Therefore, automotive repair shops have the option of disposing of heavily soiled towels or washing and reusing them. 

Many manufacturing and automotive companies opt for laundered rental towels, using them for various tasks like cleaning parts or wiping hands and faces. Recent studies showed that laundered towels retain soft and heavy metals, presenting health risks when absorbed by the skin. Switching to MightyWipe® Max offers a safer alternative, allowing automotive shops to choose which towels to wash and reuse and which to dispose of, minimizing contamination risks for workers.

Microfiber towels are known for their outstanding cleaning and polishing abilities. MightyWipe® Max is virtually lint-free, leaving surfaces clear of lint or residue, making them perfect for use with delicate automotive components.

Healthcare and Institutional Excellence:

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels have become a go-to choice for sanitizing surfaces in medical facilities, schools, and offices. The adaptability and reliability of these microfiber towels make them a valuable asset in diverse environments, catering to the unique cleaning needs of each industry.

As hygiene grows increasingly critical in the healthcare and institutional sector, it's essential to consider not only the cleaning products used, but also the materials they are made of. MightyWipe® Max effectively eliminates about 98% of bacteria from hard surfaces using water alone. Its non-abrasive, hypoallergenic fibers are virtually lint-free. Furthermore, microfiber cleaning solutions, endorsed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, comply with the healthcare industry's JCAHO Environment of Care Standards (1.3, 2.3, and 4.0). Using environmentally friendly MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels leads to the use of fewer chemicals, a cleaner facility, healthier people, and a healthier environment.

Agriculture and Automotive Maintenance:

In agriculture, microfiber towels are commonly used for cleaning and maintaining farming equipment and machinery. Farmers utilize microfiber cleaning towels to wipe down tractor surfaces, remove dirt and debris from harvesting equipment, and clean agricultural machinery. The soft and absorbent nature of MightyWipe® Max ensures thorough cleaning without causing scratches or damage to sensitive equipment surfaces. Ensuring farm safety involves actively cleaning farm equipment and tractors to prevent cross-contamination and maintain their longevity.

Similarly, in the automotive industry, microfiber towels are indispensable for various cleaning and detailing tasks. Automotive enthusiasts and professionals rely on MightyWipe® Max microfiber towels to clean exterior surfaces, polish paintwork, and detail interior components. To maintain streak-free cleaning, microfiber towels are used to wipe down car exteriors, remove wax residues, and wipe down dashboard surfaces. The exceptional absorbency of microfiber also makes it ideal for drying vehicles after washing, ensuring a spotless finish.

Key Benefits of MightyWipe® Max

Enhanced Cleaning Efficacy

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels’ virtually lint-free surface cleaning and polishing capabilities raise cleanliness standards in various industries. These towels guarantee visually clean surfaces while ensuring the removal of residues that may cause safety and hygiene risks. The minute size of microfiber strands enables an exceptionally thorough and effective cleaning process, as they can reach into tiny crevices and trap dirt and particles that are invisible to the naked eye. This level of detail and precision improves overall cleaning efficacy, with unmatched results.


Sustainability is a growing concern for businesses across industries. MightyWipe® Max provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Thanks to microfiber technology, these towels can be machine washed and reused up to 50 times, offering substantial cost savings and reduced landfills. MightyWipe® Max reduces environmental impact and aligns with the increasing demand for responsible and durable cleaning solutions.

Microfiber On a Roll Dispensing Options

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels feature a convenient roll format, adding an extra layer of efficiency and ease of use. Thanks to Berk’s advanced heat perforation technology, users can tear or roll off multiple sheets effortlessly, enabling them to customize the towel size to suit their needs. This format streamlines the cleaning process, saving time, and preventing cross-contamination of remaining towels compared to conventional flat-pack alternatives.

These Microfiber Roll Towels are designed in the same format as kitchen roll towels, offering users the versatility to dispense them using standard kitchen roll towel holders. Alternatively, users can opt for dispensers mounted underneath cabinets, commonly seen in pizza shops. Another choice is to use MightyWipe® Max with wall-mounted dispensers, resembling those in auto body shops.

Care and Longevity

The longevity of MightyWipe® Max microfiber towels depends on several factors, including the care given to cleaning and storage. With proper care, these towels can be laundered up to 50 times, making them a reusable and cost-effective cleaning solution.

It is essential to follow proper cleaning practices to ensure the longevity of MightyWipe® Max. MightyWipe® Max is highly effective when used dry, as the millions of fibers rubbing together produce a static charge that attracts and traps dirt. However, in situations where chemicals are necessary, it is important to dampen the towel without saturating it. Excess water or chemicals can fill the crevices designed to attract and hold dirt, reducing the effectiveness of the microfiber.

When laundering MightyWipe® Max, use detergents with an overall pH of under 11. Soaps can be used during the cleaning process, but harsh bleaches should be avoided, as they can break down the fibers and reduce the microfiber's effectiveness. Additionally, temperatures should not exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit during washing and should be between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit during drying to prevent damage to the product.

While there are no restrictions on washing MightyWipe® Max with other products, it is advisable to avoid washing them with items prone to lint. Lint can accumulate on the microfiber and reduce its cleaning effectiveness. Furthermore, fabric softeners should be avoided, as they can clog the crevices in the towel and reduce the static charge that makes microfiber so effective.

Cost-Effective Solution

The initial cost of MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels may be higher than conventional cleaning products, but the long-term cost savings are significant. Businesses need to consider life-cycle savings, reduction in chemical purchases, water bills, laundry services, and reduced labor costs as they consider implementing a microfiber program.  

It is worth noting that housekeeping departments are often tasked with doing more with less. MightyWipe® Max contributes to staff productivity and efficiency, saving time and money in the long run. Berk International offers training to distributors and their distribution partners, recognizing that change can be challenging.

Manufacturers are continuously exploring new applications and innovations to address the evolving requirements of various industries. MightyWipe® Max marks just the beginning, and the upward trajectory of microfiber technology is expected to continue.

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels have revolutionized cleaning across industries. These towels have become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking sustainable cleaning solutions. Embrace the power of microfiber and experience the difference with MightyWipe®Max Microfiber Roll Towels.

Join the MightyWipe®Max cleaning revolution! Contact Berk International today to become a distributor. Stay tuned for more insights into MightyWipe® Max.

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