Introducing Chef's Select®

As one of the most widely-needed general-use cleanup tools for food-related messes across all industries, paper towel products are an essential item in your distribution catalog. But how can you tell if your food service paper towels are going to manage the specific needs of end users without falling apart or wasting products?

The pinnacle of quality, Chef's Select® food service towels are strong and absorbent enough to handle all of the messes that workers come into contact with every day. Industry professionals in jan/san, food service, and beyond will reach for this premier cleaning and prep product each day with the confidence that they will get the job done quickly. Read on to learn more about Chef's Select® and its benefits!

Food Service Towels - Chef's Select® Specs 

Choose from three categories for your Chef's Select® food service towels, each 1/4 folded and packaged in convenient countertop dispenser boxes:

  • General Use: Medium-weight towels are reliable enough for everyday use. Packaged in convenient 200-count cases, this popular 13” x 19.7” towel is available in three color varieties: pink and white, blue and white, or green and white. 
  • Heavy Duty: For tough messes, the Chef's Select® towels are a great choice to get the job done. These 13” x 21” towels are packaged 150 per case and are available in blue, white, and white with a red stripe, pizzeria-style, and yellow.
  • Antimicrobial: If you need extra protection against contamination, consider our special green antimicrobial towels which are also 13” x 21” and packaged 150 per case.

Who Uses Chef's Select® Food Service Towels? 

Any expert who works in a public-facing industry knows that appearance makes a world of difference for customer service and user experience. Unsightly stains on countertops, school desks, and other surfaces are important to manage, but may be tough to get rid of — and accidents happen!

Chef's Select® is a bulk restaurant-grade towel that packs a punch — the perfect solution to all the big and small cleanups you complete throughout the day. 

Making Short Work of Mess Management 

Chef's Select® food service towels by Berk International can be found in the following institutions all over the United States (and beyond):

  • Food Service: From local fast food chains to date night spots, food service staff can count on Chef's Select® to clean counters, tables, bars, ovens, fryers, stoves, prep areas, dishes, and much more.
  • Education: With Chef's Select® on hand, educators can clean up after a messy but fun science lesson, or at the end of a long and busy day of student desk work.
  • Hospitality: As the behind-the-scenes orchestrators of a relaxing and welcoming stay, hospitality staff ensure cleanliness and a spotless appearance — and Chef's Select® is the perfect product to make their work easier. 
  • Jan/San: You can find Chef's Select® on standby for janitorial employees to use throughout their busy days of essential cleaning tasks. 

Of course, use cases for Chef's Select® go far beyond these popular industries — and your Berk account executive and customer success team will let you know if this product is right for your distributor enterprise.  

Key Benefits of Chef's Select® Food Service Towels

We’ve listed the game-changing qualities that make Chef's Select® food service towels a non-negotiable for your distributor catalog:

  • Go-To Product: Chef's Select® boxes are intuitively designed and presentation-worthy, so end users can place them within reach anywhere they need — both front of house and behind the counter. 
  • Power in Each Sheet: Unlike other paper towel products, Chef's Select® can be used sparingly for the same clean and mess-free outcome — reducing waste and helping our planet with every box. 
  • Versatility: Use cases for these food service paper towels are as diverse as your clients’ day-to-day needs. Clean large spills with towel-like absorbency, or complete routine sanitation tasks without a hitch.  
  • Prevent Cross-Contamination: Providing several Chef's Select® color options for end users to choose from will give them the ability to create a safe cleaning system for any public or private-facing institution. 
  • Antimicrobial Option: Our green antimicrobial Chef's Select® towel is the perfect choice for further protection against the spread of disease, either on its own or in addition to our traditional offerings. 

Chef's Select® by Berk International: A Premium Disposable Towel 

Ready to provide your clients with food service towels that exceed your customers’ expectations for strength, absorbency, and disease prevention? Contact Berk International through our online form or over the phone and ask about distributing Chef's Select® products today. Don’t forget to explore our product catalog for all packaging, size, and presentation configurations, as well as our cross-reference tool for accurate comparisons between Berk products and those of our competitors!