Disinfecting a Bathroom 101: Key Tricks & Tips

The bathroom – whether your very own or in a public space – is the one crucial place where all humans pass through. Even before the present COVID-19 pandemic, restroom cleanliness has always been important. In a study conducted by Harris Interactive pre-pandemic, among 2,082 U.S. adults surveyed, a full 94% said they would avoid  … Read more

Sanitization Checklist for Your Restaurant

Keeping your restaurant meticulously cleaned and sanitized is more important than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Diners are expecting a higher level of cleanliness, pushing you and your staff to create a healthy and safe dining environment. The cleaning experts at Berk International are sharing some best practices on how to sanitize your restaurant and  … Read more

The Most Effective Way to Remove Dust from All Areas of Your Home

Household dust is like a supervillain—you fight with it all day to remove its existence from your home, only for it to come back the next day, sometimes even worse than before. Not only is dust a nuisance, but it can also create a lot of problems, like triggering allergies. If you’re like the average  … Read more

Back to Work: 6 Tips to Keep the Office Clean & Safe Amongst a Pandemic

As states across the country begin to slowly reopen, so do workplaces everywhere. Keeping your office clean is essential for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and keeping everyone safe. The experts at Berk International are sharing how to keep your office clean amongst a pandemic.    Cleaning and Disinfecting  Disinfecting an office during a pandemic  … Read more

Warning! 5 Germ-Filled Items We Touch Everyday

Warning! 5 Germ-Filled Items We Touch Everyday   We live in a germy world! Every day, without even realizing it, you encounter hundreds of different types of bacteria on everyday objects. While you may be thinking your toilet or kitchen sink is where most of the germs are lurking, you will be pleasantly surprised by  … Read more

Natural, Clean, Eco-Friendly DIY Cleaning Solutions

Common household cleaners are often riddled with toxic chemicals and pollutants that aren’t so great for our health or the environment. Not only that, grocery stores are stocked with a colossal assortment of these products oftentimes at staggering price points, making it difficult to purchase anything different. If you’re like one of the many people  … Read more

Best Ways to Clean Kitchen Appliances

Something that should be on everyone’s to-do list: tackling a messy kitchen and cleaning your kitchen appliances! On average, Americans spend over 35 minutes a day in their kitchen, whipping up meals and making a mess. Spills can cause grime and build up on your appliances, hindering their effectiveness. New gadgets, pretty paint colors and  … Read more

Wiping Germs Out of Our Lives: How to Properly Clean Your Electronics

As the weather outside becomes increasingly pleasant, being out and about is a top priority. Wherever we go, however, germs are sure to follow us home either on our skin or directly onto our electronics. To avoid getting sick from these pesky germs, the sanitizing specialists at Berk International are eager to share with you  … Read more

Deep Clean Your Space with these 7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Ahhh, spring has arrived and with it has brought warmer temperatures, longer days and cobwebs?! After a long and cold winter, spring is the perfect time to make your spring-cleaning to-do list and stock up on all the cleaning essentials you’ll need to transform your home from messy to pristine in no time. So, whether  … Read more

Shine Through Your Designs: 3 Techniques To Spruce Up Your Party Paper Napkins

Next to silverware and plates, you can really let your creativity show through the ways in which you present your party napkins. Cut the extra costs on expensive napkins by creating decorative folded napkins that add the WOW factor to your party table set up! The party planning pros at Berk International recommend using these  … Read more