How to Choose a Client-Centric Manufacturing Partner

How to Choose a Client-Centric Manufacturing Partner

Are you a national distributor in the wiping solutions industry and wondering how to choose a manufacturing partner? Are you looking for a reliable and customer-centric manufacturer with innovative wiping solutions? Look no further than Berk International!

Meet Maddie Corrado, Customer Service Manager. Maddie drives Berk's commitment to delivering top-quality wiping solution coupled with exceptional customer service, which truly sets them apart from others.

According to Maddie, Berk’s goal is to create exceptional experiences that leave lasting impressions. From personalized support that caters to specific needs, to anticipating potential challenges before they even occur, Berk's commitment to excellence runs deep. With every interaction, they see an opportunity to delight and exceed expectations.

Get ready to experience Berk International's next level customer service in Maddie's Q&A interview!

Spotlight on Berk's Next-Level Customer Service

Question: Could you tell me more about the work you do at Berk? I'm eager to learn about your role and how you contribute to Berk’s jaw-dropping customer service?

Answer: Absolutely! The role that I have at Berk is incredibly dynamic and multifaceted. Not only do I work with production directly, but I also serve as the bridge between the plant and the sales department. This means that any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of production or lead times come through me. I work closely with the entire production team to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, and I relay information back to the sales team to keep our customers in the loop.

I'm passionate about what I do and always eager to help in any way I can. The Berk customer service team does not only include one or two dedicated members; every department within Berk is a member of my team. That is why our customer service is so different from other national distributor manufacturing partners!

Question: Berk is a dynamic and cutting-edge manufacturer of wiping solutions that provides its top-notch product line to national distributors across the country. Please share with us what a typical day looks like for you?

Answer:  I'm all over the place most of the time! I spend a lot of my day talking to the amazing folks over at our manufacturing plant, because let's face it, there's always something new to learn. Whenever a customer asks me something I need clarification on, I hop over to our team in the plant and they're always happy to help. I'm close with them through our production manager, Ray, who's an absolute gem. Likewise, I also work closely with Jake, our President, and Larry, our CEO. Even though I have a lot of internal tasks, I always prioritize customer inquiries and respond immediately. That's just how my brain works — I can't help it!

Question: Wow, it's remarkable to hear that Berk prioritizes human connections in customer service. Do you handle all inquiries yourself?

Answer:  I'm not a fan of customer service robots. Why would you want to speak to a machine when someone is willing to listen to your concerns? My current position has been my home for the last eight years. I have worked for Berk for twelve years. I take my job seriously, especially when it comes to our customers. Not only that, but I always put myself in their shoes and work tirelessly to ensure they have the best experience possible.

Even if I don't agree with something my team suggests, I always keep our customers' satisfaction at the forefront of my mind. That's where I come in. I'm an advocate for our customers, and I always fight for what's best for them. It's not just about getting the job done. We ensure customers have a positive experience. That's what sets us apart from the rest, and that's what I strive for every day.

Question: I'm sure you and your team have had some incredible successes in customer service. Can you share a particularly proud moment or win that stands out?

Answer: I have a great story to share with you! We recently had a customer who needed us to run specific samples of material we had never worked with before. We had to delay the run several times due to scheduling issues. Instead of leaving them in the dark, we provided regular updates and ensured they knew what was happening. When we finally met with the customer and presented the results, they were over the moon with appreciation and gratitude.

They thanked us for our clear and consistent communication and being proactive, keeping them informed throughout the process. We were thrilled to receive such high praise, and it reminded us of the importance of keeping communication open and honest. We believe that by putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and providing the best possible service, we can build lasting relationships and create positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Question: Let’s imagine this — I am a national distributor, trying to decide how to choose a manufacturing partner. Why should I pick Berk over other manufacturers in the wiping solutions industry? What sets you apart?

Answer: At Berk, we take great care of our national distributors. We value every customer and treat them as individuals with unique needs. We offer exceptional service, private labeling, and special products to set us apart. Our team is committed to creating unique wiping solutions that meet our distributors' needs. We want our national distributors to know that they are valued and that we are committed to helping them succeed. They won't need to look elsewhere for personalized service and innovative solutions.

Question: Do you think customer service is a skill that can be learned, or is it more of an ability?

Answer: In my opinion, anyone can learn about customer service over time, but it requires a combination of empathy, sympathy, and industry knowledge. Empathy is something that comes naturally to some people. So, while not everyone may be a natural fit for this job, with the right training and mindset, anyone can over time learn to provide exceptional customer service.

Providing personalized customer service is what sets Berk apart, and it's something we take great pride in. It's not just about solving problems — it's about building a personal connection with our customers. And that's something that can't be taught!

If you are a national wiping distributor looking to choose a manufacturing partner, look no further than Berk International. Led by the amazing Maddie Corrado, Berk's customer service philosophy is all about dedication, empathy, and excellence. Berk takes a personalized approach to every distributor, ensuring that you receive innovative solutions tailored specifically to your requirements.

So why settle for average customer service when you can experience the best? Partner with Berk International today and discover a whole new level of service!

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