Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Expansive Food Service Sector

Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Expansive Food Service Sector

Eating out provides an opportunity to build community or to enjoy a quiet, yet unforgettable moment with loved ones. But whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on your lunch break or splitting the bill after a long night out with friends, there’s hard work being done behind the scenes to keep your meal both pleasant and safe.

Every day, millions put their trust in the food service industry to deliver high-quality, safe dining experiences. Berk International works closely with distributors to deliver premium nonwoven wipes, tissues, and towels to those working in front of, and behind, the counter at all your favorite food spots. Read on to learn about the most popular products in Berk’s lineup for the food service sector.


Most food service workers can attest to the stringent level of cleanliness mandated in their places of work. It’s essential to constantly clean surfaces that come in contact with food to reduce the spread of dangerous germs and bacteria. These employees aren’t just cleaning before opening their doors or once they’ve packed up for the night — the process is practically never ending!

In addition to food borne illnesses (like salmonella), both customers and staff also have a heightened awareness of sanitization following the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, food service workers have an equally-heightened need to stock reliable cleaning and sanitation products, and to make frequent rounds, disinfecting tabletops, chairs, doors, windows, and any other surface used by the general public (as well as their own workspaces).

Who Falls Under the Food Service Umbrella?

The industry title “food service” applies to any business under the sun where food is handled and served to the masses. This includes the obvious restaurants, bars, clubs, and fast food stops, as well as cafeterias and food courts within larger institutions like schools and medical centers. Finally, food manufacturing facilities uphold standards of cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination among products with differing ingredients.

Food Service Products from Berk International

Our dedication to providing a wide range of products that keep any kind of food service facility clean, sanitary, and safe make Berk a growing name among food service distributors. Below are our most commonly requested products in this sector:

  • Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels®: Created especially for the food service industry, this quality line of cleanup and prep towels is a mainstay for your clients. These versatile towels come in a wide range of colors and patterns to prevent cross-contamination between the front and the back-of-house operations of any facility. Choose our anti-microbial green towel for added protection against germs.
  • Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Napkins and Guest Towels: Available in a variety of materials and textures, these napkins offer a disposable alternative to reusable table napkins in restaurants. Give your guests the classy comfort and absorbance of reusable table napkins, with the added benefit of keeping their restaurant sanitary and cost-efficient, by utilizing single-use napkins and guest towels.
  • DISPENSE-A-NAP®: This napkin-and-dispenser combo is the perfect tabletop, one-at-a-time-pull napkin solution for food service — allowing guests to take what they need without causing unnecessary waste.
  • CHEMWIPE®: This add-your-own-solution bucket wiper system is great for the food service industry — especially in the aftermath of Covid-19 and with the added importance of thoroughly disinfecting every table after every use.
  • Eden Soft®: This bathroom tissue is ultra-soft, and made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste — perfect for high-traffic restaurant or cafeteria bathrooms.
  • CUTNDRY®: This high-quality hand-drying roll towel is the optimal choice for food service restrooms, with convenient wall dispensers.

From Reliable Favorites to Custom Solutions

Berk International understands the impact of food service on our community and culture. We want to be an integral part of keeping each of your customers’ places of work safe and sanitary — and with a growing lineup of stellar products and the capacity for custom solutions according to their specific needs, we have what it takes to become your go-to manufacturing partner.

Ready to work with us? Check out our full catalog to learn more about Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels and our other products for food service, or reach out to inquire about joining the Berk distributor network. Our next article will dive into the many facets of disinfection and cleaning in the healthcare industry — don’t miss it!

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