Find the Perfect Items With Berk’s Safety Products Catalog

Workplace safety has never been more important. Now, your distribution center can sell all the products businesses need to disinfect, degrease and clean surfaces. You can start by browsing Berk’s Safety Products Catalog, where you will find plenty of options for your buyers.



  • The Safety Products Catalog includes diverse solutions for industries like:
  • Janitorial and sanitation
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Food service


It also includes general cleaning and wiping, degreasing, and surface prep products for industrial and institutional applications. Our safety products come in a variety of styles, such as spray bottles of germicidal cleaning solutions, gallon-sized bottles used to refill spray bottles, and clothes that make it easy for practically any surface to be cleaned.



You don’t have to make a guess about which option suits your buyers’ needs best. You can always contact your Berk sales representative to request a free sample.



Berk International has over 700 SKUs for you to consider. Find the right light, medium, or heavy-duty items you need by downloading a copy of our Safety Products Catalog. It only takes a couple of minutes to decide which SKUs look like strong options for your current and potential buyers.

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