Unveiling MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels: Berk International’s Breakthrough in Cleaning and Polishing

Unveiling MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels: Berk International’s Breakthrough in Cleaning and Polishing

Berk International, a leading manufacturer of paper towels, tissue, and non-woven disposable wipes, proudly unveils its latest innovation: MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels. This groundbreaking product marks a significant leap forward in the cleaning industry, offering unmatched performance and sustainability. Berk International aims to redefine the cleaning experience and provide a reusable, high-strength, virtually lint-free microfiber wiping solution on a roll with MightyWipe® Max.

Intelligent Innovation Behind MightyWipe® Max

Conventional cleaning products have their share of drawbacks, both in effectiveness and eco-friendliness. To address this, Berk has introduced MightyWipe® Max. It offers a high-strength, virtually lint-free, reusable microfiber solution on a roll, expanding its product line over and above the current MightyWipe® non-woven disposable wipes.

In addition to being highly absorbent and versatile, users can use these mid-weight microfiber towels to perform light to heavy-duty cleaning tasks and surface cleaning.

Berk has employed innovative heat perforation technology that makes it easy to tear off a single sheet or effortlessly roll off a couple of sheets, customizing the size to meet end-users’ specific needs.

Choosing the best type of microfiber towel for the MightyWipe® Max Roll Towels was important. Berk conducted in-house tests that showed mid-weight microfiber is the best choice because it's strong enough to tear off one sheet or a sheet that's three times longer if needed. MightyWipe® Max is 5 times more absorbent than paper towels, can be used wet or dry, is machine washable, and is reusable up to 50 times.

"We are thrilled to introduce MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels to the market. This product is a true game-changer, combining the strength and absorbency of microfiber with the convenience of a roll format. It's a one-of-a-kind reusable microfiber cleaning revolution, now available on a roll," says Jake Berk, President of Berk International.

One-of-a-kind Cleaning Revolution

Microfiber towels are traditionally supplied in a single-sheet flat box format. MightyWipe® Max, however, breaks from convention and is presented on a perforated roll for easy grab-and-go use. These microfiber roll towels can be conveniently mounted on a wall using towel roll holders or dispensers.

Furthermore, microfiber towels on a roll can play an important part in preventing cross-contamination of the remaining product. When using flat-packed towels, users pulling multiple wipes out of the flat box increases the risk of contaminating the remaining towels. Using microfiber roll towels in dispensers and towel roll holders helps minimize this risk, as users can simply roll and tear off the exact amount they need, leaving the remaining product untouched.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions That Reduce Landfill Waste

MightyWipe® Max offers an eco-friendly solution for both distributors and their distribution partners that embrace sustainability. These microfiber towels reduce disposable paper towels in landfills, since they can be washed and reused. Reusable microfiber towels minimize landfill waste, aligning with the growing demand for responsible and long-lasting cleaning solutions.

What Benefits Do Microfiber Roll Towels Offer?

MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels are suitable for various industries due to their extreme absorbency and virtually lint-free superiority. It is ideal for use in automotive manufacture and repair shops, industrial settings, food service, jan/san, agriculture, hospitality, institutions, and medical facilities.

Safer Alternative to Rental Towels: MightyWipe® Max is suitable for industries where oil and grease spills need cleaning due to its super absorbency.  End users – for example, automotive repair shops – can dispose of the towels if they are soaked with grease and oil, or wash and reuse them. Many companies in the manufacturing and automotive industry use laundered rental towels, sending them to be washed and reused. These towels serve various purposes, from cleaning parts to hand and face wiping. Recent studies and rental towel testing have shown, however, that soft and heavy metals remain in laundered towels. Using contaminated laundered towels poses a health risk as the skin absorbs the harmful metals remaining in the towels after laundering. Replacing laundered rental towels with MightyWipe® Max provides a safer alternative to workers as the automotive shop can decide which towels are reusable and which they should dispose of due to contamination.  

Color Calibration and Packaging: The towels come in cases of 6 rolls, packaged as 3 sets of two rolls each. Each roll has 50 sheets measuring 12” x 12”, and they are available in either blue or red to make differentiation easier. Color coding allows for specific applications, such as using red towels in bathrooms and blue towels for glass and surface cleaning.

Price point: It is more cost-effective to use microfiber towels in rolls as they provide more towels per roll than flat packs. This value proposition makes it an economical option for distributors and their distribution partners looking for quantity and affordability.

Berk International’s Legacy

With a legacy dating back to 2000, Berk International has established itself as a leader in the cleaning industry. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its broad product line and fully customizable manufacturing capabilities. Operating out of a state-of-the-art 275,000-square-foot facility, Berk International houses 17 production lines and cutting-edge equipment that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This dedication to excellence ensures the highest quality products and efficient service.

"We are extremely proud of MightyWipe® Max and the impact it will have on the market," says Jake Berk. "It represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing our distributors and their partners with the best cleaning solutions available." Berk International invites distributors to join them in embracing the reusable cleaning revolution with MightyWipe® Max Microfiber Roll Towels.

Contact the Berk sales team for more information or to learn how to become a distributor. And stay tuned for our next article, where we'll explore the advantages that make MightyWipe® Max the ultimate choice for those seeking top-notch cleaning solutions.

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