How Scientific and Technical Industry Experts Benefit With Berk International Products

How Scientific and Technical Industry Experts Benefit With Berk International Products

Even with every safety measure in place, laboratory apparatus, tablets, and computer screens can harbor bacteria very easily after being used by a wide range of personnel all day, every day. From delicate equipment and screens to general sanitation, Berk International has what scientific and technical clients need to operate safely — so that we can continue to put our trust in these facilities to make breakthroughs in science and technology.

We’re closing out our comprehensive article series exploring the industry verticals that Berk International serves with premium nonwoven wipes, tissues, and paper towels by delving into the Berk products used in laboratories, technology manufacturing facilities, and more.

Rigorous Cleanliness: The Standard for Science and Tech

For scientists working in laboratories full of equipment used to test samples for contagions or abnormalities, keeping their environment sterile means the difference between an accurate and an inaccurate test. As for technology researchers, developers, and even salespeople, keeping devices clean is essential for them to run at peak performance.

However, many wipers and towels that pack a punch against germs also have textured surfaces meant for heavy duty scrubbing or to get into the nooks and crannies of a workspace. How can technology storefronts and those developing the next generations of tech behind-the-scenes keep their glass and delicate electronic tools sanitary, without causing damage from rough surfaces in the process?

Berk Products for Scientific and Technical Industry Experts

Here are the most popular Berk International wipes, tissues, and towels found in labs and research facilities, and more:

  • TechWipe®: This specially-formulated, low-lint, and scratch-resistant glass cleaning wiper is used in lab settings to clean glass lenses and glass equipment, as well as in technology manufacturing and sales. With both pocket-sized and jumbo options to choose from, end users can easily clean a wide range of delicate surfaces and objects so that their work is not inhibited by dirt and grime (or worse, scratches and damage). 
  • Spunlace: Some labs and tech facilities prefer Spunlace over TechWipe® for their glass cleaning needs. These two products are functionally the same, with low-lint and scratch-resistant properties to wipe down surfaces and instruments. 
  • Polytex: This wiper option is a much-loved choice in pharmaceutical labs. Low-lint, melt-blown Polytex gives users a powerful tool against grease and oil, and is compatible with many chemicals, acids, and solvents. 
  • CHEMWIPE®: Do your science and tech professionals need to use a specific cleaning solution in their workspaces, but don’t have a pre-moistened wiper to get the job done? With CHEMWIPE® — Berk’s add-your-own-solution bucket and wiper system — the possibilities are endless. 
  • Eden Soft®: This bathroom tissue is the perfect companion for any facility restroom. Eden Soft® rolls are made from recycled material that is highly-degradable without sacrificing softness. 
  • CUTNDRY®: Choose  CUTNDRY® — Berk’s premium TAD (Through-Air-Dried) roll towel — for your science and tech end user’s various toweling needs. Accompanying electronic wall dispensers are sealed shut, so personnel can re-enter the field after a restroom break without risk of transferring germs and bacteria. CUTNDRY® is available in classic white as well as eco-friendly, 100% recycled tan.

Berk International: A Manufacturing Partner for All Industries 

Berk International is proud to provide industry-specific solutions for the common cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting tasks your professional end users confront on a daily basis. Over twenty sought-after product lines are supplemented by excellent customer service, delivered by our incomparable team. Berk continues to innovate new wipes, tissues, and paper towels, as well as develop digital resources for enhanced product knowledge. You’ll even find us traveling to meet our distributors in-person for training opportunities.

Don’t forget to check out the previous article installments on our blog to learn about the industries we serve each day through our dedicated distributors.

Does your distribution base serve end users who fall into one of the twelve industry categories we’ve highlighted? Ready to get started with a stellar manufacturing partner? Contact Berk International today – we look forward to hearing from you and meeting all of your wipe, tissue, and paper towel requirements with efficiency and care!

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