How Distributors Can Unlock the Potential of Their Products With Berk International

At Berk International, we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our paper towel, tissue, and wipe distributors’ relationships with end users. After successfully establishing a new client partnership, we help you take the next, most advantageous step forward toward your goals: enhancing our collaboration with comprehensive sales growth resources. 

Welcome to the third article in our six-part series highlighting each step of our Roadmap to Success visual guide. Here, we’ll continue outlining your journey toward reaching new clients by exploring the third stage — Penetrate Your Markets. 

Mastering Every Sales Opportunity  

Several months into your manufacturing partnership with Berk, you’ll have stocked your catalog with high-quality products, all specifically chosen to cater to the industries you serve. We’ll continue to ask for feedback on ways to improve our customized offerings — and as you’ll soon find, having stellar products in your lineup is only the beginning of a long and fruitful business evolution. 

The key to this ongoing transformation is product knowledge. All of Berk’s sales representatives and account executives are extremely knowledgeable about each wipe, tissue, and paper towel in our catalog, which certainly comes in handy when supplying your inventory. But these experts have a goal beyond simply selling these products to distributors: they want to help you sell to your customers by adding to your team’s sales expertise. 

Getting Specific with End Users 

Does your automotive supply client need a heavy-duty wipe that can handle grease and oil? Maybe you supply medical professionals asking for a low lint option to clean sensitive glass equipment. Many end users have specific goals they would like to meet with their wipes, tissues, or paper towels — all you have to do is draw the information out!

With your Berk account executive and customer service professionals by your side, you’ll go beyond finding crossover opportunities to Berk products for your own distribution business and learn how to ask end users what their true product needs are. Over time, your team members will be able to walk into (or log into) any client meeting and successfully sell based on specific application and industry type. 

Putting Product Knowledge in Your Hands 

What does sharing sales expertise look like with Berk? We achieve this educational component for our wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors in several key ways: 

  • Physical Resources for A Tactile Industry: In a world that’s turning towards electronic media as the default, Berk still equips distributors with physical resources. Tactile elements remain crucial to our product education for a simple reason — wipes, tissues, and paper towels are very tactile products! As you begin selling Berk products, we’ll provide your sales team with physical samples and use these at-a-glance assets to teach them about material attributes and use cases for each. 

  • One Click Away: To supplement these hands-on resources, we empower distributors with an expansive digital learning landscape. The Berk International website is a robust knowledge base, with articles and other resources for distributors to use and benefit from anytime, anywhere. 

  • Meeting You Where You Are: While online meetings and communication can accomplish so much, in-person interactions can add valuable life to a partnership — so Berk is more than happy to bring product education to you — literally! Any time it’s possible to meet with a distributor in person for training, we will take that extra step — whether that means driving or even flying to their location. 

Putting Your Sales Preferences First

Finally, sales calls are made easier with Berk personnel as a direct resource for your salespeople. If you are comfortable with your customers knowing the original manufacturer of the products in your catalog, Berk will go on sales calls (virtually or in-person) with your team members, providing expert support in the field.

Berk’s staff continually works to keep the training environment conversational and comfortable for wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors — and at the end of the day, the most important factor to enhancing your sales strategy is your own comfort level. Berk’s product and sales education is highly adaptable to the preexisting methods and needs of each client — and we’ll get clear on those preferences in ongoing conversations with your team. 

Private Label Wipes, Tissues, and Paper Towels for Every Industry

After more than three decades of honing our craft and expanding our product lines, Berk International has become the go-to partner and resource for nonwoven wipe, paper towel, general tissue, and toilet tissue distributors across the United States and beyond. Our mission has remained the same: to open doors for the teams supplying these key resources to industry professionals in a wide variety of essential sectors — food service, jan/san, education, environmental, healthcare, and so much more. 

Explore our product catalog, use our intuitive product finder tool, and download our cross-reference guide to acquaint yourself with Berk’s robust offerings and get a clear picture of the products that will integrate seamlessly into your current inventory. Wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors can contact us through our website to begin working through the Roadmap to Success with a stellar team. 

Don’t miss our next article, where we’ll explore the fourth step in the Roadmap: Build Your Brand.

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