Growing Your Distributor Brand With Berk’s Private Label Options

Growing Your Distributor Brand With Berk’s Private Label Options

With over 35 years of expertise in manufacturing, Berk International understands that delivering non-woven disposable wipes, tissues, and paper towels is just the starting point in the sales and marketing journey. Forming a partnership with Berk opens the door for distributors to access not only high-quality products but also a wealth of valuable resources tailored to their needs.

In the fourth part of this series, Berk guides distributors through the private labeling process. Learn how Berk provides next-level assistance with product selection for catalogs, offers affordable custom solutions to establish and develop private labels, maintains quality even with budget constraints, and helps distributors expand their branding efforts for sustained success.

Selecting the Perfect Non-Woven Wipes, Tissues, and Paper Towels for Your Catalog

Berk goes the extra mile in helping distributors create the perfect mix of non-woven wipes, tissues, and paper towels tailored to their end users’ specific needs. The sales team takes a thorough and collaborative approach, working closely with distributors to understand their customers' unique requirements, preferences, and usage situations. During the product selection process, there's a detailed discussion about essential features like texture, absorbency, and durability. Berk's sales team will assist in exploring various options, helping choose the best materials, sizes, and packaging solutions. Through open communication and a customer-focused approach, they make sure the final selection seamlessly fits the intended purpose, ensuring top-notch performance and satisfaction. The sales and marketing teams aim to provide private label distributors with a personalized branded catalog, driving the sale of all catalog items.

Transforming Custom Visions Into Reality

Dedicated Berk team members work hand-in-hand with their wholesale distributors, aligning their vision with practical solutions. They leverage their vast network of suppliers to source the finest material and engage in a co-creative process, welcoming distributor input and feedback every step of the way. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of the distributor, resulting in a fruitful partnership and innovative, market-leading products.
The combination of personalized wiping solutions and private labeling results in a distinctive and marketable product line for distributors. This approach empowers them to offer unparalleled solutions to their customers while establishing a recognizable and unique brand presence in a competitive market.

High-Quality and Affordable Private Labeling Solutions

Berk's commitment to delivering high-quality products that align with distributor needs and budgets is the foundation of their private labeling solution. The comprehensive range of private label options covers various product categories, with access to 17 existing product lines and with some key product launches planned for 2024. This ensures that distributors have a versatile toolkit to meet the needs of their specific market niches.

Opting for private labeling as a distributor yields many advantages for both your business and end users. First, it allows distributors to stand out from the crowd by turning packaging into a marketing tool, establishing brand recognition among customers. 

Second, private labeling provides a competitive edge, enabling the distribution of proprietary and uniquely branded products that are difficult to be matched by competitors. This uniqueness safeguards against market saturation and enhances long-term success.

Third, Berk has a dedicated approach to handling private label initiatives, encouraging innovative solutions. Our commitment to quality extends across various product dimensions, offering distributors and end users exclusive access to products tailored to specific needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that distributors not only differentiate themselves but also provide end users with distinct and personalized solutions to enhance the overall experience.

Last but not least, these solutions maintain a high standard of excellence coupled with affordability, making Berk a strategic partner for distributors aiming to balance cost-effectiveness and product quality while building their own brand.

Precision Timing in Brand Solutions

Berk not only has a depth of industry knowledge, but also understands the timing of private label solutions. Knowing that each distributor works in unique ways, Berk introduces private label solutions with a careful and well planned strategy. The company's industry knowledge enables them to guide distributors at a pace that suits their abilities and goals. Berk values not pressuring distributors to do more than they can handle or more than needed at the time. Depending on your business needs and customer base, building brand awareness is sometimes best done gradually; when that is the case, Berk helps distributors test the waters before moving on to a full private labeling option. This considerate approach shows Berk's commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with distributors, helping partners confidently and easily navigate the path to private label success.

Berk's Private Labeling Expertise as a Growth Catalyst for Distributors

The use of private label products can be a game-changer for an existing customer base that is already successful. As a Berk private label partner, you can create a unique brand for your products. This approach helps your distribution business stand out in a competitive market, offering exclusive and unique products that connect with your target audience. Berk's private labeling expertise allows you to make strategic choices, from designing packaging to adding branded elements that match your business values.This not only boosts your product visibility but also builds brand loyalty among your customers. With Berk's guidance, your private label becomes a growth catalyst for your distribution business.

Distributors starting their private label journey often begin with custom printed labels (stickers). After experiencing the positive effects of brand differentiation and customer recognition, these distributors often lean towards a more comprehensive branding solution. Berk understands this progression and supports distributors as they move from custom printed labels to fully printed packaging. This transformative journey lets distributors showcase their brand prominently and maintain a consistent visual identity across their product line. The shift to fully printed packaging signals a maturity in brand presentation, helping distributors leave a lasting impression on consumers and carve out a distinctive niche in the market. With Berk's expertise, distributors can navigate this growth seamlessly, ensuring their private label brand reaches its full potential.

Sustainable Success: Empowering Distributors

Berk distributors experience a positive impact through access to durable and reasonably priced private label solutions. These offerings empower distributors for the long haul, providing them with reliable tools to meet their unique needs. With Berk, distributors are not only equipped with high-quality products but also have the flexibility to request changes directly at any time.

This highlights the collaborative and customer-centric approach at Berk International. It allows distributors to tailor their private label solutions to evolving market demands or specific preferences, ensuring that they can adapt and thrive through market changes and as their business grows.

Portland Paper Products: A Success Story Fueled by Quality, Pricing, and Brand Building

The story of Portland Paper Products, a family business led by owner and CEO Mike Sanfino in Portland, Maine, is about steady growth over a five-year period. Portland Paper Products counts Berk's high-quality roll towels and other products – and their competitive pricing – among the reasons for its success. The company has done well with Berk's private label representation, and these customized solutions are a key reason their partnership keeps growing.

As Portland Paper Products reached each milestone in its business growth journey, Berk was there to help:

  • Starting Out – The company began its journey with a small venture, focusing on the excellent quality and affordable prices of some of Berk's top products. One standout was their CUTNDRY® roll towels, widely used in businesses across Portland and surrounding areas.
  • Growing their Offerings – Portland Paper Products expanded to include more lines from Berk, strengthening their partnership. Regular communication from account executives and sales representatives provided Portland Paper with a clear understanding of future possibilities.
  • Matching Products with Demand – Berk focuses on supporting their distributors by boosting their product knowledge, improving customer service, and increasing their sales capabilities. Portland Paper selectively incorporates Berk product lines that fit well within their own offerings. Thanks to Berk's comprehensive and easily accessible resource library, it's simple for Portland Paper to thoroughly understand these products and acquire the knowledge necessary to sell them effectively.
  • Private Labeling Establishing Their Own Brand – One of Berk's top features is the ability to manufacture private label wipes, tissues, and towels. This allows distributors like Portland Paper to stand out and have their own unique "look" compared to competitors. Portland Paper proudly offers a variety of private-label products with custom branding and packaging done by Berk.

Hospitality and Food Service Products from Berk

The hospitality and foodservice industries are two of Portland Paper's focus areas. It’s also an industry that Berk serves well with a range of top-selling products:

Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels: Specifically designed quality cleanup and prep towels. Available in various colors and patterns, they help prevent cross-contamination between different areas of any facility. Opt for the anti-microbial green towel for added protection against germs.

Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Napkins and Guest Towels:These napkins come in different materials and textures, offering a disposable alternative to reusable table napkins in restaurants. They are a cost-effective and a single-use alternative.

CHEMWIPE®: Ideal for the food service industry, especially post-Covid-19, this bucket wiper system lets you add your own disinfectant solution. It's perfect for thoroughly sanitizing tables after each use.

CUTNDRY®: A high-quality hand-drying roll towel designed for food service restrooms. Supplied with convenient wall dispensers.

DISPENSE-A-NAP®: This napkin-and-dispenser combo offers a convenient, one-at-a-time-pull solution for food service tabletops, allowing guests to take what they need without generating unnecessary waste.

Eden Soft®: This ultra-soft bathroom tissue, made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste, is suitable for high-traffic restaurant or cafeteria restrooms.

Portland Paper Products plans to continue growing their product options and serving as the go-to distributor for businesses in the northeast. With Berk as their reliable manufacturer partner, they know they’ll always have access to top-notch wipes, tissues, and paper towels in the market.

As Mike Safino,CEO states: “We have a very good product line, at very competitive pricing. And now that we have our own 'brand’ by private label, we have a name for ourselves.”

Embracing Berk's private label options is not just a choice for distributors, it's a strategic move towards elevating their brand. The ability to distribute custom branded wipes, tissues, and towels provides distributors with a distinctive edge, carving out a unique identity in a very competitive market. As Portland Paper Products can attest, with Berk's experience, knowledge, and tailor made solutions, distributors not only strengthen the appeal of their products but also cultivate a stronger connection with their customers. 

Reach out to Berk today to discover more about the exciting opportunities of becoming a private label non-woven disposable wipes, tissues, and paper towels distributor. Stay tuned for the next article in this series, where we'll delve into how distributors can break into new markets through strategic partnerships with Berk, leveraging their comprehensive sales training and support. Get ready for a journey of growth and success!

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