Fly High: How Berk International Keeps the Aerospace Industry Clean & Sanitary

Fly High: How Berk International Keeps the Aerospace Industry Clean & Sanitary

Over the past two decades, the Berk International team has continued to diversify our offerings to meet the demands of as many of your valuable end users as possible — working to expand our product lines and increasing our capacity. We’re beyond proud to presently cater to twelve essential industries globally and provide premium quality in nonwoven wipes, tissues, and towels.

Whether you supply local food chains or keep essential manufacturing centers running smoothly, your contributions to cleanliness, sanitation, appearance, and more will be strengthened by Berk’s products and presence. In the coming months, we’ll be honing in on each of these industry verticals with specific product knowledge and suggestions for your customers.

Let’s kick off the series by focusing on the industrial-grade, heavy-duty cleaning and sanitizing products required by end users in the aerospace industry.

Keeping the Skies Safe and Sanitary 

The aerospace umbrella is vast, encompassing anyone working in a profession involving the operation of and care for aircraft. As a distributor, your clients may include airlines, airplane and parts manufacturers, military and defense technology manufacturers, and even space technology and satellite manufacturers, among others.

As anyone working in aerospace can tell you, many lives depend on the proper construction, care and maintenance of aircraft. Any contaminants — even small dust or lint particles — in a plane motor, for example, could pose a threat. At the same time, these parts need to be cleaned consistently and thoroughly. How can distributors serving this industry ensure uninhibited cleanliness with disposable wipers that can be used on-the-go in any workspace?

Critical-use is the key word for these professionals. Any product used to manufacture or care for aircraft or aircraft parts must be virtually lint-free with unparalleled wet and dry strength — heavy duty cleaning wipes that can withstand the solvents and chemicals used to clean these essential components. 

The Berk Difference: Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes & More

While we have found that industrial and jan/san-focused distributors maintain the most aerospace clients, Berk sells to any distributor that caters to these end users with premier aerospace wipes and aircraft cleaning supplies. Unsure where to start? Here are a few essential Berk products and their applications for the aerospace industry, pulled straight from our catalog: 

  • MIGHTYWIPE® 80: How much brute strength can one wiper hold? Our MIGHTYWIPE® 80 line sets the bar high for both sturdiness and reliability. This virtually lint-free wiper is used for critical cleaning, manufacturing, and repair tasks throughout the aerospace sector. The MW-80 line is extremely strong and durable, and the wipe becomes even stronger as the fibers contract when wet — making for a tool that won’t shred when cleaning with water-based liquids, harsh chemicals, and oils, or produce a lint trail like a paper wiper would.  

  • SPUNLACE: Oftentimes, airline maintenance staff and manufacturers will request a few options for their heavy-duty wipers — and while MIGHTYWIPE® gets the toughest jobs done, a wipe with a slightly lighter weight is more than adequate for many other cleaning tasks. SPUNLACE wipes are medium weight, but just like MIGHTYWIPE®, they are  virtually lint-free and can also withstand any cleaning and sanitizing liquid product. SPUNLACE is a less expensive alternative to the MW-80 line — perfect for demanding, but not quite as critical, cleaning tasks.

  • Eden Soft®: Made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste, this ultra-soft bathroom tissue is perfect to stock industrial areas and commercial aircraft.

  • CUTNDRY®: This reliable hand-drying roll towel comes with dispenser options for restrooms on site at any aerospace work zone or to take along for the ride.

More Than a Manufacturer 

Whether you’re looking for aerospace wipes for critical-use applications or bathroom cleaning and sanitization supplies, Berk International has what you need stocked and ready to go within our premier, pan-industry lineup. But we’re more than the one-stop shop for both general use and industrial wipes, tissues, and paper towels — we’re an essential asset to your distributor base and team. 

From your first order, you’ll receive undivided attention from our customer success staff – and we’ll work with you to provide unparalleled support as a dedicated manufacturing partner and strategic solutions provider. Contact Berk today to learn more about joining our distributor network!

We’re just getting started with our industry vertical exploration series, so keep an eye out for more in-depth articles — and don’t miss our next installment, where we’ll highlight the possibilities our products open to the agricultural sector.

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