Disinfecting a Bathroom 101: Key Tricks & Tips

Disinfecting a Bathroom 101: Key Tricks & Tips

The bathroom - whether your very own or in a public space - is the one crucial place where all humans pass through. Even before the present COVID-19 pandemic, restroom cleanliness has always been important. In a study conducted by Harris Interactive pre-pandemic, among 2,082 U.S. adults surveyed, a full 94% said they would avoid a business in the future if they experienced a dirty restroom. So, now it’s more important than ever to keep your high-touch areas like toilets, sinks, counters, and showers as germ-free as possible to mitigate the spread. From learning the proper way to disinfect to cleaning the bathroom floor, the experts of Berk International are sharing how to disinfect a bathroom to keep everyone safe. 

Follow the Right Steps to Prepare for the Job

Before you begin, ensure you have the correct equipment, products, and cleaning supplies to get the job done. Generally, you’ll want to include a microfiber mop, bucket, toilet bowl brush, broom and dustpan, floor, toilet bowl, and glass cleaner, a disinfectant solution, wiping cloths, and PPE in your repertoire before you begin. To avoid cross-contamination and guarantee proper sanitization, start by washing your hands. You can also don disposable gloves (your PPE) when cleaning and disinfecting. After each cleaning, be sure to discard your gloves. If cleaning a commercial space, rely on Berk International’s effective cleaning products for businesses to minimize the spread of germs and viruses. 

Follow Cleaning Product Directions

If you’re using disinfectants, it’s important to choose higher-quality products and carefully read all instructions. You can find a comprehensive list of disinfectants recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency here. These disinfecting agents are strong enough to kill viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. 

Understanding the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing is also important. When you clean a surface, you are removing dirt and grime and a portion of germs on the surface. Sanitizing refers to reducing germ to a less dangerous level and disinfecting means you are killing all bacteria and viruses on that surface. Disinfectants only work when wet, so be sure to check the product label for the “kill time”. This refers to the specific length of time to kill all bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants normally need to be left visibly wet on a surface for 4-10 minutes. 

Focus on High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas in a bathroom include door handles, light switches, sink handles, hairdryers, shower curtains, and toilet flushers. These areas should be treated with a disinfectant solution and left to sit for the recommended time. While you wait, you can focus on cleaning the bathroom floor. Use a broom and dustpan to sweep up any debris. Then, you can then apply a floor cleaner and use your microfiber mop to clean and sanitize. Allow the floor to dry completely before wiping down your high-touch areas. 

At Berk International, we are your one-stop-shop for all the cleaning products you’ll need for your business. From effective wipers to innovative toweling solutions, we’re here to help you stop the spread and stay safe during this unprecedented time. By learning how to disinfect a bathroom properly, you can keep everyone who goes in protected and safe. 

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