Foundations: Why Building Strong Partnerships with Manufacturers is Essential for Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Distributors

Foundations: Why Building Strong Partnerships with Manufacturers is Essential for Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Distributors
If you’re a wholesale disposable paper product distributor, how do you decide which manufacturer to partner with? Does your manufacturer understand your customers’ needs and help you meet them? Or is the connection a faceless relationship where you rarely communicate with anyone at the company? Here at Berk International, we believe that customer service is about building lasting and beneficial relationships. So even though you might buy in bulk, we tailor our service to you as an individual. Here’s why it’s important to have those close relationships with your disposable wiping products supplier.

An Understanding of Your Customer Base

A great cleaning supplies partner will take the time to understand your key demographics. Why does this matter? The products that work best for you as a distributor or sales team depend on the type of industry you aim to supply and the target audience as groups or individuals. Berk stocks over 700 individual products, so we work to narrow that down to the products that make the most sense to your clients — and the most profit for you. To achieve that goal, we might talk to you about your sales team structure, your buyer personas, and your markets of interest. The more we understand about your ideal customer base, the better equipped we are to supply you with the right wholesale products.

The Option to Scale Up or Down

Berk International supplies varied industries from janitorial and sanitation to aerospace, so we’re no strangers to having to scale up quickly to meet sudden high demand. You know best how your business fluctuates throughout the year, and you need a cleaning supplies manufacturer who works with that change and supports it. Berk works with companies of all sizes, from small, family-run operations to large corporate enterprises. Whatever your ambitions for your wholesale disposable paper product business, we can provide the bulk orders you need — or keep it small while you’re still growing into your business model.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Your bulk cleaning supplies manufacturer needs to have a commitment to a low environmental impact. Ask them about their policies around energy and waste reduction, and find out what commitments they have in place. Remember, their policies reflect on you as a business when you choose to partner with them. What does this mean? Associating with a manufacturer that has a clear commitment to sustainability is not only good for the planet but for your business image, too. Here at Berk International, we focus on energy efficiency in a variety of ways. For example, we’ve installed energy-efficient, low voltage lighting in our facilities and ensured that many of these fixtures employ motion sensors to save even more electricity. We’ve also enhanced our conversion and packaging processes to be faster and more efficient — so our teams spend less time in the facilities. Plus, we’ve insulated new roofs to reduce energy waste. Berk has also committed to a recycling program, not just for the disposable wiping products but for office waste and waste from our employees. Other sustainable practices we follow include:
  • Using recycled film for poly wrapping
  • Using lubricants certified by the USDA Bio-Preferred Program where possible
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products in our facility
  • Using recycled materials wherever possible in our manufacturing process
We’re even working toward having a paperless office. As a result, our waste is at an absolute minimum, and we recycle everything we can to avoid it ever going into a landfill.

A Boost to Your Business Reputation

By forming a strong partnership with a reputable manufacturer, you’re empowering your brand or business to succeed. Your customers expect a certain level of quality, so you have to rely on your manufacturer to provide that attribute. A great bulk manufacturer will have products that match what’s on the label and conform to industry standards and beyond. Two other aspects you expect from a great partnership are reliability and consistency. Your manufacturer should deliver on time, as expected and agreed, and should always provide realistic expectations and timescales. Orders should contain exactly what you requested, and any issues should be dealt with efficiently and with excellent customer service. You can also pass this promise of reliability and personalized service to your dedicated customers, who don’t have to wait unnecessarily for their disposable wiping products. Finally, in an ideal world, you want to work with a manufacturer that prides itself on innovation and intelligent wiping solutions. That would mean the highest-quality products can be available for all distributors, even those with the most diverse demands. You might even benefit from the advice and experience of the manufacturer, especially one that could advise you on the best way to serve your customers — and what products will match their needs best. Berk International prides itself on providing all these aspects of service to its customers. To those of us at Berk, you’re not just a distributor but a vital business partner who builds bridges between manufacturer and end-user, helping create more opportunities to innovate and expand the products and services we supply to you. To find out more about getting your disposable wiping products from a manufacturer that cares about strong partnerships, set up a call with Berk International today. Image credits: Photo by Gpointstudio on Freepik.

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