Introducing CUTNDRY®

While many paper towel brands offer subpar absorbency and flimsy build, CUTNDRY® is a premium TAD roll towel that crosses industry lines for a perfect clean. The TAD (Through Air Drying) process is a method used in paper towel manufacturing that involves blowing hot air through the paper web, which creates a fluffier and more absorbent towel. TAD towels are typically stronger, more absorbent, and softer than other types of paper towels. This go-to hand-drying product can be found in restrooms across the United States and beyond — in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. 

See below for packaging configurations and other details about this comprehensive paper towel solution.

CUTNDRY®: Premier Paper Roll Towels 

CUTNDRY® has created a name for itself for both quality and affordability — and with so many institutions in need of a convenient, reliable roll towel for customers to dry their hands, it’s no wonder that distributors across the U.S. look for the blue and white box when it comes time to restock.

CUTNDRY® Specs and Packaging 

Choose from several packaging and dispenser options for your CUTNDRY® bulk paper towels:

  • 8" and 10" non-perforated rolls, 6 rolls per case 
  • Perforated centerpull rolls, 6 rolls per case
  • Perforated linen replacement/napkin-style sheets, 10 rolls per case 
  • Interfolded sheets in pop-up boxes, 18 boxes of 125 per case 

Berk offers manual and electronic wall dispensers for 8" and 10" rolls, as well as medium centerpull dispensers. Distributors can also select material type based on desired packaging and material look and feel — classic white CUTNDRY® arrives in our signature blue and white box, while our tan eco-friendly option comes in green and white packaging.

Convenience and Reliability in a Roll Towel  

The Berk International team is ready to answer any questions and help you decide if CUTNDRY® paper towels are right for your distribution needs — and the answer is most likely a resounding yes! CUTNDRY® can be found in any public or private-facing facility with a restroom for guests or employees:

  • Restaurants and fast food stops
  • Office buildings 
  • Schools, gyms, and other high-traffic facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Community centers and social spaces 
  • And much more!

Key Benefits of CUTNDRY® Perforated or Non-Perforated Paper Towels

Still on the fence? Here are the unique benefits that CUTNDRY® paper roll towels offer for your distributor clients in a wide range of industries: 

  • Superior Drying: Whether your end users opt for convenient countertop boxes with pop-up sheets or sanitary wall dispensers, they’ll be pleased with the robust drying capacity that CUTNDRY® offers with each sheet.  
  • Eco-Friendly: With unmatched absorbency and material quality, this 100% virgin TAD towel reduces waste as users find that one sheet is strong enough to get the job done. Customers can also choose our option made of 100% recycled fibers for even greater eco-friendliness.
  • Safety Emphasis: CUTNDRY® rolls are the perfect alternative to electronic hand dryers for businesses and institutions like hospitals that need an extra-sanitary option to keep guests and patients as safe as possible.

Choose CUTNDRY® by Berk International 

We’re ready to give you access to the best bulk paper towel rolls on the market today. Contact Berk International, and we’ll set you up to distribute CUTNDRY® to your diverse client base. For all packaging, size, and presentation configurations, check out our full product catalog — as well as our cross-reference tool that offers accurate comparisons between Berk products and those of our competitors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your diverse client base’s paper towel needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!