Braden Packaging Elevates Wiping Solutions with Promises Kept

Braden Packaging Elevates Wiping Solutions with Promises Kept

Customer Profile:

Established in 1995 by Stephen Sweet, family owned Braden Packaging is a go-to source for simplified packaging, shipping, and janitorial supplies. The company's inception was inspired by an incident in Sweet's other business, where a tape shortage jeopardized timely deliveries. To address this issue and prevent similar disasters, Sweet founded Braden Packaging. The company's primary goal is to ensure that local businesses and manufacturers always have access to essential items, avoiding any disruptions in their operations.

Braden Packaging distributes wholesale products from its Utica-based facility, ensuring fast delivery through UPS Next Day and Ground services to regional manufacturers within 100 miles of central New York. When they don't have a product in stock, they'll find it, often adding the sourced product to their inventory, whether it’s pallet wrap tape, poly bags, or virtually lint-free wipes and janitorial supplies from Berk International. The company provides big order discounts, no set minimums, and personalized purchase orders. Qualified customers can benefit from consignment and delayed billing options, helping with better cash flow management.

The Braden Promise™ is a commitment to upholding the principle that "A promise made is a promise kept." Maintaining optimal stock levels while attending to the individual needs of their customers drives Braden Packaging to achieve new heights.

The Need:

A multinational company acquired Braden Packaging's wipe supplier, leaving them without a suitable source. They received multiple requests for technically supported, virtually lint-free wipes from their clients. One manufacturer, specializing in stainless steel tanks, required the wipes to polish lacquer off the tanks. Another manufacturer, dealing with high-end furniture, also needed wipes for polishing. In both situations, the critical requirement was that no lint should remain after the process.
For Braden Packaging, it was also essential to bundle their towel, tissue, and non-woven disposable wipe and janitorial supply orders to minimize freight expenses. This option played an important role in their decision to partner with Berk as their new supplier. Besides technical products and sales support, the company was under pressure to fulfill their one-day shipping promise to their clients, which required prompt shipping.

Berk’s Solution:

Braden Packaging found a reliable partner in Berk International that exceeded their expectations in the following ways:

  •  Wiping Solutions: Berk offers more than just virtually lint-free wipes supported by science and technology; they provide personalized and customized solutions tailored for specific applications. These solutions enabled Braden Packaging to differentiate themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Bundling Orders: One of the challenges Braden Packaging faced was how to bundle orders to maximize freight costs. As a towel, tissue, and non-woven disposable wiping solutions manufacturer, Berk was willing to customize each order to Braden Packaging’s needs.
  • Prompt Shipping: Timely shipping is essential for Braden Packaging as they offer their customers one day shipping on most of their stock items. Berk has taken the initiative with prompt shipping protocols, offering Braden Packaging greater peace of mind about time-sensitive orders.

The Result:

Through their collaboration with Berk, Braden Packaging discovered a dependable solution provider, gaining a competitive advantage. The supply chain disruptions posed by COVID-19 threatened difficulty, but Berk International was there to deliver despite all the challenges. It was also possible for Berk to bundle orders, minimizing Braden Packaging’s freight costs. 

In addition, Braden Packaging has the flexibility to approach Berk with special requests, even for items not in stock. These special requests often evolve into stock items for both Berk and Braden Packaging. 

Finally, Berk International, situated close to Braden Packaging, has proactively implemented prompt shipping protocols that reduce the necessity for Braden Packaging to actively monitor orders themselves.

The Impact:

The partnership with Berk International signifies a strategic alliance, providing Braden Packaging with a distinctive advantage in a competitive landscape. This collaboration empowers them to develop innovative solutions for specific applications, giving them a unique edge over competitors. The foundation of their relationship is grounded in the understanding that customers, having invested time and effort in obtaining approval for a particular product, are reluctant to undergo the process again with new suppliers.

The synergy between Braden Packaging's services and Berk’s products not only facilitates growing their market share but also establishes a lasting connection with customers. Customers often don’t feel the need to explore alternatives after experiencing the seamless integration of services and scientifically backed reliable products. Berk International emerges as the preferred resource whenever a customer or prospect seeks solutions, ensuring a successful partnership that benefits all parties involved. 

Interested in learning how Berk International can meet the unique needs of your customer base? Contact Berk today, and take the next step towards a partnership based in trust, reliability, and superior product quality.

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