A Distributor’s Guide to Connecting Your Customers with the Right Wiping Solution for Their Application

A Distributor’s Guide to Connecting Your Customers with the Right Wiping Solution for Their Application

Welcome to part two of our six part series exploring how Berk International keeps a finger on the pulse of their distributors’ needs and wants. In our last post, we examined how distributors can win new business with competitively priced tissues, paper towels, and wipes.

This article sheds light on a challenge many distributors face: identifying the right product to recommend for their customers’ specific applications. We’ll guide distributors through our intelligent wiping solutions and provide insights into how to offer the best products to their clients.

Choosing the Right Wiping Solution for Your Client Base: A Distributor's Guide to Confident Selection

The following question is likely to have crossed your mind at some point as a distributor:

With so many products available today – some intended for general cleaning and others for specific wiping purposes – how can I choose products confidently to meet the needs of my customers?

In order to answer this question, let's consider the following example:

A distributor provides heavy-duty wipes to an airplane parts manufacturer who needs a product that is resistant to tearing or breaking when exposed to grease, oil, and other substances – and they need it in bulk, but still easy to handle. 

Every member of the Berk team has extensive knowledge of the Berk catalog. For any end user's specific needs, they can recommend not only the appropriate product, but also the best packaging configuration and suggested order frequency.

Berk's Step-by-Step Guide for Selecting the Right Product for Your Application

1. Get specific information:

Establish the client’s needs and match the product to meet their requirements. In the example above, the airplane parts manufacturer needs a product that does not tear when exposed to grease, oil and other substances. A quick call to Berk or look at Berk’s catalog will show the following options to consider:

  • MIGHTYWIPE® 80: Whenever it comes to reliability and sturdiness, the MW-80 wiper line sets new standards. Aerospace companies use this virtually lint-free wiper for critical cleaning, manufacturing, and repair tasks.The MW-80 line is extremely durable, and the wipes become even stronger when they are wet. They do not shred when used with water-based liquids, harsh chemicals, or oils, nor do they leave behind a lint trail as could be expected from paper wipes.
  • SPUNLACE: A few options are often requested by airline maintenance staff and manufacturers for their heavy-duty wipers – although MIGHTYWIPE® is best for the toughest jobs, a wipe with a slightly lighter weight is more than adequate for many other cleaning tasks. Like MIGHTYWIPE®, SPUNLACE wipes are medium weight and are virtually lint-free, as well as able to withstand any cleaning or sanitizing liquid. SPUNLACE offers a less expensive option – making it ideal for tasks that are not as critical as those requiring the MW-80 line.
  • Eden Soft®: This bathroom tissue featuring 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste is ideal for industrial areas and commercial aircraft.
  • CUTNDRY®: Designed to provide reliable hand-drying in any aerospace work zone or restroom, this roll towel comes with multiple dispenser options.
2. Know your options:

As a result of Berk's extensive product offerings, you will have the opportunity to grow with a wide range of options at your disposal – and a team of Berk product specialists to help you navigate their uses and features.

3. Benefit from product and application training:

Berk shares their extensive product knowledge with their distributor partners from the outset, with tactile product training guides and resources, and even in-person training where possible.

4. Access hands-on support:

Berk's team of professionally trained experts are well acquainted with each product and provide distributors with unparalleled product support and education so that they are equipped with the information they need to confidently recommend the right product for the client’s application. They’re even available to accompany distributors to potential customer meetings in order to ensure that the right wiping solution is selected.

5. Succeed with comprehensive solutions from a trusted supplier:

Berk's manufacturing partnership provides distributors with much more than a catalog of quality wipes, tissues, and paper towels. They get peace of mind and an ongoing resource to support their customers as their needs evolve.

Berk International: Connecting Distributors with Success

Berk’s step by step process for helping distributors pair their customers with the right products is a familiar one to General Sales of Virginia. Berk helped the company grow by developing new ways to meet customer needs. As a result, clients who previously purchased a few items from them began ordering a wider variety of products. “Berk specializes in our niche space,” notes Sales Manager Lee Stephenson. “It’s enabled our business to grow with them along with other product lines.” 

Interested in learning how you can grow your distributor base? Contact Berk today for expert guidance! And stay tuned for our next installment, where we’ll highlight Berk's innovative process for developing market-ready products.

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