Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Growing Environmental Industry

Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Growing Environmental Industry

More and more distributors today are making it a priority to stock the wipes, tissues, and towels needed to supply the ever-increasing number and range of industries that seek to keep our homes and surroundings livable. As the demand increases, so too will the need for products that are durable and sophisticated enough to support professionals in this expanding field.

This article will delve into the Berk products used in the environmental sector, and give a glimpse into their usages at hazardous job sites and beyond.

Essential Work for a Safe, Beautiful World

Over the years, much has been revealed about the health hazards associated with asbestos — which can be found in the walls of many older buildings. Abatement companies remove this harmful substance in the facilities and institutions that we use every day. Reliable nonwoven wipes are needed on-site at these dangerous job locations to remove leftover debris and residue and to dry surfaces.

Keeping our environment safe also includes rebuilding after hardship. Environmental companies do the important work of aiding recovery efforts following natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. Quality cleaning products are needed to help homeowners get back on their feet.

Berk Wipers for Environmental Industries

Berk International is proud to have an important role in abatement and disaster relief efforts. Essential Berk products and their applications for the rapidly-growing environmental sector include:

  • CHEMWIPE®: This add-your-own-solution bucket wiper system is compatible with any cleaner you can imagine to create a variety of custom pre-moistened wipes. Durable, absorbent properties make CHEMWIPE® especially helpful when bleach is needed to clean mold and other dangerous contaminants in homes after a flood or other natural disaster. 
  • Scrim: It’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible in any industry — but in some cases, the environmentally-necessary choice lies with intentionally one-use products. Given the toxic nature of asbestos, opting for reusable towels can pose a risk for workers who could come in contact with hazardous amounts of the substance at a microscopic level. Berk’s 2-ply scrim bath towels are very popular with environmental distributors, especially abatement companies that need to dry surfaces with disposable, absorbent toweling that they can incinerate afterward. 
  • High-Performance Wipers: MIGHTYWIPE® 60 and 70, PROFORMANCE® DRC, and Spunlace wipes are three wiper options that work separately or together to clean up any mess that may arise during abatement or disaster relief. The Berk team is ready to help you compare and contrast the properties of these environmentally-friendly wipes to find a combination or exact fit that is right for you — and our dedication to helping distributors cross over from competitor lines will help you choose the option that will save time and money in the long run. With durability in every wipe, less is more — no need to create more waste!
  • CUTNDRY®: A premium towel roll created for the working hands that uphold our society every day, CUTNDRY® 's TAD toweling and one-pull, sanitary dispensers help employees who are on-the-go for hours creating solutions for environmental efforts. Choose CUTNDRY® TAN for a 100% recycled material!
  • Eden Soft®: Made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste, this environmentally friendly bathroom tissue is perfect to stock restrooms at any work site.

Sustainability in Manufacturing: Our Commitment

Distributors that supply environmental organizations can rest assured that the Berk International team does our part to uphold sustainable manufacturing practices — both by creating environmentally-friendly wipes, tissues and towels, and by maintaining conscious in-house practices like:

  • Energy-Efficiency: Berk’s commitment to energy-efficiency includes the installation of low voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting in the manufacturing and warehouse operations, motion sensor lights in less used spaces, variable speed drives to increase efficiency, high speed converting and packaging equipment resulting in more production and less working hours, and new roof system reducing heat costs.
  • Saying “No” To Landfills: Waste reduction is a priority, with as much converting waste reduced and recycled and as little going to landfill as possible.
  • Sustainability: From cardboard boxes and most tissue and towel products being built from 100% recycled material to green cleaners and paperless practices being used in-office wherever possible, Berk is dedicated to maintaining sustainable day-to-day practices.

Berk International: Leading Manufacturer And Marketer

The Berk team is proud to offer a wide range of reliable cleaning and sanitizing products from our home base in Boyertown, Pennsylvania to the United States and beyond. Our wipes, tissues, and towels can be found on-site at high-risk manufacturing facilities, set out for guests at restaurant tables, and in every institution you can imagine. Choosing Berk means putting trust in our commitment to distributor success, and we honor our partners at every step of their journeys towards success.

We’d be happy to get you started with our expansive line of time-tested wipes, tissues, and towels today. Contact Berk for more information on joining our distributor family — and don’t miss our next article in the series, which will explore the many facets of the food industry that Berk supports and supplies.

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