Focusing Your Influence: How to Create the Best Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Possible for Your Industry

Focusing Your Influence: How to Create the Best Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Possible for Your Industry
As a wholesale distributor of disposable paper products, you work hard to maintain your customer base and provide them with the products they need. It’s not always easy, though, finding exactly the right wiping solution for your customer’s needs. That’s why having a partnership with a bulk manufacturer that wants to understand your customers' pain points, as well as yours, can help you take your distribution business to the next level. Different industries have different requirements – sometimes vastly different. Here at Berk, we know there is no “one size fits all” approach to wiping products and solutions. Our customer service revolves around getting to know your industry and customer base better, so we can recommend the right products that fit the needs of your clients.


The medical industry is possibly one of the largest purchasers of disposable products, due to the necessity for sterile, single-use items. The market for disposable medical supplies could reach $80,252 million by 2023, according to Allied Market Research. Therefore, understanding the needs of your customers in hospitals, clinics, dentists, or even veterinarian surgical offices is critical to growing your distribution business. Providing paper towels and bathroom tissue is a great way to supply medical facilities. However, have you considered that there could be more specific disposable paper products that fit their unique requirements? Your bulk supplier should, if your partnership works, be able to supply you with medical-grade disposable supplies such as:
  • Customizable wipes that allow professionals to add their own chemicals
  • Dry disposable washcloths for patient care
  • Extra strong wipes for particularly stubborn or noxious sanitation concerns
Of course, different medical facilities will have different requirements, and these requirements may change throughout the year or even be based on unexpected situations like the recent pandemic. Your client may even be unaware that they can purchase the products they need from your distribution business – but it may also be the case that you haven’t found the right bulk supplier to keep you informed as to what products are available. Keeping open lines of communication with your buyers helps keep you informed as well as reassuring them that you’re listening to their needs.


The hospitality industry is in a period of fast growth and has been forever changed by the pandemic of 2020 and 2021. Customers at restaurants, bars, and hotels will be more aware than ever of what facilities are available to help them stay hygienic, including wiping products like napkins and paper towels. But not only that, kitchen staff and managers want products that help them stay safe and avoid issues like cross-contamination. The bar staff needs wiping products that allow them to deal with spilled drinks and other issues quickly and efficiently. If you supply disposable paper products to a client in the hospitality industry, what products are you currently focusing on? If you’ve split your offerings into definitive categories such as san/jan, culinary, and general, could you mix those up to provide a bulk offering to clients like hotels who need a little of everything? Another thing to consider is the presentation of the paper products that are used by the customers of your clients. Sustainability is a huge focus right now, so are your clients’ napkins or single-use paper wipes presented in a way that encourages environmentally friendly use? That level of detail is what a bulk provider like Berk can appreciate, to bring the right products to you and your discerning clients.

Sanitation and Janitorial

Even companies that outsource for their janitorial needs, as has been quite common since the 1960s, need to have reasonable supplies of paper towels and other wiping solutions in stock in case of spillages and other sanitation requirements. You may work with an office block, an individual store, or even a private janitorial contractor to provide them with the disposable paper products they use within their role. But, are they getting all their wiping products from you? And if not, is that a conversation you can have to find out what they feel they are having to source elsewhere? From soft toilet tissues to disposable hand towels, providing janitorial experts with the refills they need is essential. You can also discuss what they need in terms of cleaning supplies, wiping solutions, wet and dry cleaning products, and more. Is there a product that they find prohibitively expensive to source, or that’s awkward to purchase in bulk? Let them vent their frustrations to you, then come talk to Berk and see if we have a solution that can match their needs and create even better customer loyalty for your growing distribution business. Berk knows that you know your customer best, so talk to us about your industry and the little details that make it stand out from others. Berk’s personalized customer service approach allows us to pick out what’s important to you as a distributor, but also to your clients, and help you choose the best products for customer satisfaction and increased profit. Set up a phone call today and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your next step forward as a successful disposable paper product distributor.

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