The Benefits of Private Labeling for Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Distributors – and How to Cash In

The Benefits of Private Labeling for Wholesale Disposable Paper Product Distributors – and How to Cash In
If you’re a wholesale paper product distributor, or considering moving into that line of sales, you might wonder what the differences are between big brand label products and private labeling. There used to be a common misconception that public labels were higher quality than private labels, which is what made the public labels more desirable. But, for most products — even bulk disposable wiping products — that’s simply not the case anymore. In fact, working with a reputable partner like Berk International ensures that your private label products are of the highest quality, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more. But what are the primary benefits of private label bulk wiping paper products? We’ve explored several ways that private labeling work for both distributors and their customers, and why partnering with the right bulk manufacturer is the cornerstone in achieving these benefits.

Strengthening the Customer Experience

The first and often most desirable trait is that private labeling differentiates your brand and strengthens the customer experience. A private label brand emphasizes unique benefits, exclusivity and a customer focus — and it allows your business to sell on that basis. Instead of simply introducing a product that customers may perceive as a commodity, you can emphasize the uniqueness of the specific solution your business offers. Perhaps the material is stronger or more suited to the end-user application, or maybe the packaging is more convenient for customers. The key here is: If you invest in a private label, tell the story of that private label brand. Use that benefit to strengthen the customer experience so they see your business as a source of value-added solutions.

Potentially Less Expensive for Customers

Another factor to consider is that when investing in a private label, you could leverage this to reduce the cost for your customers. Customers want to cut their expenses, while retaining product quality and protecting their own reputations as businesses or venues. Reassuring your customers that the private label product is just as viable as the more familiar brand name helps them achieve that, while placing yourself in the market as a reputable distributor. Providing them with lower-cost paper products that perform as well, if not better, than the public label options provides peace of mind and makes them more likely to return for repeat business.

Better Profit Margins

When your unit costs are lower or you can charge more for your product, it should follow that your profit margin increases. As well as passing savings on to your customer base, you can reap the rewards yourself, in increased profits and revenue. You can cash in on this desirable benefit of private labeling further by partnering with a bulk cleaning supplies manufacturer that already provides high-quality products as private label options. This reduces the need to invest money in research and development, which can be a huge financial commitment with no guaranteed returns. Distributors starting out working with a partner like Berk for private label products can buy in smaller quantities to begin with to ensure satisfaction, before increasing to larger bulk orders to satisfy increasing demand.

Brand Exclusivity

If you work with a reputable partner to private label your paper wiping products, that private label can become associated with you and your business alone. When your customers use the high-quality products, they’ll know that they can only get that particular label from you, which almost guarantees return business. This creates deeper customer loyalty and often helps bring in new customers via word of mouth. Many customers also enjoy knowing that they have access to an exclusive label via a particular distributor. Berk International works with distributors to understand their customers’ needs and ideal customer base, which helps when choosing the types of products you want to attach to your own exclusive private label.

Provides More Choice for Customers

Your customers may have one small venue they need wiping or cleaning supplies for, or they may buy for a range of different businesses. They may even have different needs within the same business. For example, a restaurant might want to provide a public label bathroom tissue in customer restrooms, but would be satisfied with a comparable private label product for the staff restrooms. Providing your customers with the choice gives them greater options, flexibility, and the feeling that they have more control over the products they buy. Being able to provide that choice may make you stand out as a wholesale distributor, as not all wholesalers are able to provide that level of versatility – yet another reason to partner with an experienced bulk manufacturer like Berk.

Builds Your Brand Reputation

When you supply a high-quality private label product, your customers naturally begin to associate your distribution business with the attributes of the products you’re selling. That means they link you and your business to quality and products they can rely on time and again. Expect word to spread via conversations, social media, and business channels that you supply a private label that’s not only less expensive than the brand-name alternative, but comparable in quality and practicality. Combine that with great customer service and a partnership with an experienced bulk supplier, and you’ve got a business model that’s sustainable and scalable. Berk International prides itself on doing more than just providing bulk cleaning supplies and disposable wiping products. We want to understand your distribution business and what you need in order to keep your customers happy. Your success as a distributor lies in providing the right products and the right level of service, and we can help you achieve both of those goals. Set up a phone call with Berk International and we can have a conversation about finding the right private label products for you and your customer base. Contact us today for quotes and more information on partnering with Berk. Image credits: Photo by Yanalya on Freepik.

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