TechWipe®: Your Specialty Task Wipe for Optical Glass and Lenses

Some premier wipes, tissues, and paper towels are built for versatility — designed and manufactured to handle a variety of messes (see our last article covering MIGHTYWIPE® by Berk International). These solutions are essential for a wide range of industries. But as a distributor, you probably also provide for clients who use or sell specialized products and services. These key players often require wipers that cater precisely to their unique needs. 

In this installment of our product-focused article exploration, we’ll list the major benefits of choosing TechWipe® for your end users who handle and distribute sensitive glass surfaces — lenses, medical equipment, and more.  

Crystal Clarity Across Industries     

A variety of specialty task wipes are used in everyday life — in the home, at work, and on the road. These products are often found at the desks and in the pockets of people with vision problems. Lens wipes are a single-use, scratch-resistant solution that many people who use glasses opt for instead of a cloth and spray. And even if you don’t own a set of frames, you may also buy these wipers for your phone, tablet, or other smart device.

It’s no surprise, then, that the optical industry and technology providers need a steady and reliable supply of these lens cleaners for in-store use and to distribute to customers. Beyond the optometrist’s office, you’ll find them stocked in hospitals and local medical offices to clean glass instruments and equipment used in a variety of procedures. Overall, delicate and intentionally-designed glass cleaning wipes are vital in the professional sphere. 

High-Grade Wipes for Premium Glass Products 

Whether clients need optical lens wipes for glasses or single-use wipes for dirty screens, distributors who stock Berk International’s TechWipe® ensure that their medical, technological, and optical business partners can clean surfaces quickly and easily. Intended for light-duty cleaning of sensitive glass, these virtually lint-free wipes work wonders at handling the delicate task of cleansing essential products and tools such as: 

  • Glass lenses
  • Test tubes and other medical instruments
  • Electronic equipment and parts 
  • Computer and tablet screens 

Main Benefits

You’ll add to your repertoire of high-performance wiping products with these lens cleaning wipes that stand out from the competition: 

  • Intentional design: With a built-in poly-film dust layer to easily clear dirt and smudges, TechWipe® is a conscious solution to glass cleaning needs. 
  • Intuitive Packaging: Distributors deliver TechWipe® in portably-sized, one-at-a-time dispenser boxes for extra convenience. End users can have TechWipe® on hand throughout their institutions.  
  • Scratch-proof and low-lint: TechWipe® is constructed to be soft on glass and not to scratch surfaces. In addition, TechWipe® is virtually lint-free, so clients can be sure no harm will come to their delicate and important glass items. 

Delicate Meets Sturdy 

Ensure clarity and effectiveness for any glass cleaning need with the most carefully-crafted specialty task wipes on the market today. 


TechWipe® is conveniently manufactured in both regular and XL sizes to meet your clients’ preferences. Handle smaller and more delicate glass equipment and tools with 4" x 8” regular-sized wipes. These come in packages containing 60 pop-up boxes for a total of 16,800 single-use wipes. Larger glass surfaces — like computer screens — can be cleaned quickly with the 15" x 17" XL TechWipe®, which arrives in sets of 2100 (15 boxes). Both TechWipe® sizes come in white to show dirt and dust pickup.

Learn More About TechWipe®

Convenient and expertly-crafted glass cleaning wipes are within reach for your end users. To explore TechWipe® further, check out Berk International’s comprehensive product catalog, as well as our cross-reference tool for brand comparisons. 

A Manufacturing Partner for Your Industry Verticals

With over two decades of experience building a reputation as a global manufacturer of standard and specialty wipes, tissues, and paper towels, Berk International knows the distribution business inside and out. Every end user is different, and we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate all customization needs. Our partners can carry out business with confidence knowing that, regardless of industry or specialization, Berk has the dedication and resources to ensure their clients are well-stocked with high-quality products each quarter. 

Reach out to Berk today through our website or over the phone to get started with a manufacturing partner that will have your back through any challenge. And don’t forget to check back for the next article in this series, which will explore CUTNDRY® 100% virgin, Through-Air-Dried (TAD) premium towels.

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