Sheppard Redistribution Partners with Berk for Unique Private Label Solutions

Sheppard Redistribution Partners with Berk for Unique Private Label Solutions

Client profile

Located in Oaks, Pennsylvania, Sheppard Redistribution is a locally owned and operated master distributor of janitorial products, nonwoven wipes, and paper towels. The company has warehouses in Oaks and Cleveland, Ohio, which serve the Mid-Atlantic, Pittsburgh, and Ohio region. Sheppard Redistribution was founded with the goal of creating a successful wholesale business that prioritizes both profitability and customer satisfaction. 

The company distinguishes itself with a wealth of experience, as its personnel collectively bring hundreds of years of expertise to the logistics and tight-margin industry. This deep understanding, combined with a friendly customer service team, fosters trust and loyalty among the customer base.

Membership in RDA Advantage has provided Sheppard Redistribution with national exposure, reinforcing the strength of independent redistributors in the market. And a decade of consistent double-digit growth testifies to the success of the business model and the dedication of Bill Sheppard and the entire team.

The Need

COVID-19 presented significant challenges for the janitorial, wipes, and paper towel supply industries, and Sheppard Redistribution was not immune to these worries. It was important for them to have a reliable manufacturing partner who could keep their supply chain running during the pandemic. Supplier location is another top priority for the company, as it’s vital for them to be close enough to collect or get stock on short notice. Ultimately, they determined they needed a range of unique and private label products, backed by a solid strategic partnership, in order to build their brand and gain a competitive advantage.

The Solution

As a trusted manufacturing partner, Berk International has provided support to Sheppard Redistribution in the following ways:

  • Manufacturing Niche Products: Berk specializes in manufacturing and packaging tailored wiping and paper towel solutions to meet the specific needs and requests of Sheppard's distributors.
  • Branded Wiping Solutions: Berk leverages its manufacturing expertise to provide Sheppard Redistribution with custom packaged and private labeled wiping solutions.
  • Communication and Support: Effective and transparent communication facilitates the growth of the partnership. Berk remains readily available, offering expert advice and engaging in discussions about custom, private label janitorial wiping and paper towel solutions.
  • Exceptional Service: Berk demonstrates a commitment to supplying Sheppard with private label solutions that exceed standard expectations, especially in challenging situations.
  • Strategic Warehouse Location: The proximity of Berk's warehouse to Sheppard Redistribution proves beneficial, streamlining the collection process and contributing to efficient logistics in case of any emergencies.


Maintaining a seamless business operation became possible for Sheppard Redistribution through its vital partnership with Berk. This collaboration proved particularly crucial during the challenging periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. Berk's support played a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of services, allowing Sheppard Redistribution to navigate these complex situations with greater ease.

Close proximity translates into quick and efficient deliveries, ensuring the company can fulfill customer demands with remarkable flexibility. This logistical advantage not only enhances operational efficiency, but also contributes to the overall satisfaction of Sheppard Redistribution's clientele.

The strategic partnership between Berk and Sheppard showcases a shared commitment to working together for the benefit of each other and their customers. This cooperative approach not only strengthens their business ties, but also enhances their ability to navigate challenges collectively, building resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of the distribution industry.


With the help of Berk's innovative wiping solutions, Sheppard Redistribution has been able to build a range of unique private label products that set them apart in a competitive market. “Berk has some niche items that we love having and love having made for us,” notes Robin Perna, General Manager of Sheppard Redistribution. “They really work well with us if we have any kind of situation at hand. Berk’s communication and feedback is great.“ 

This strategic partnership not only attracts customers seeking specialized solutions, but also solidifies Sheppard Redistribution's status as a market leader. Throughout the years, the relationship has played a significant role in strengthening Sheppard Redistribution, contributing to its growth, and positively influencing the company's success. The shared history highlights the mutual trust and reliability that can lead to sustained success and resilience in today's dynamic business environment and fulfills the Sheppard pledge to serve customers with experience, integrity, variety, and value.

Interested in learning how a partnership with Berk can be a game-changer for your distribution operations? Call Berk International today.

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