Shine Through Your Designs: 3 Techniques To Spruce Up Your Party Paper Napkins

Shine Through Your Designs: 3 Techniques To Spruce Up Your Party Paper Napkins
Next to silverware and plates, you can really let your creativity show through the ways in which you present your party napkins. Cut the extra costs on expensive napkins by creating decorative folded napkins that add the WOW factor to your party table set up! The party planning pros at Berk International recommend using these paper napkins to craft into designs that will take your big event to the next level.  

Festive Flower Napkins

  Nothing brings elegant class to a table like the perfect flower napkin! This design can be created easily by taking your napkin and folding inside a glass, starting with the center of the folded napkin going inside first. After folding the same way five times in the glass, flip upside down and pull your folded rose napkin out. For reference, click here to create your flower napkin. Try using two different colored napkins for a pop of color!  

Party Pocket Napkins

  Accentuate your silverware by folding your napkins in a way that holds your utensils in style. Start by taking two colored napkins and overlap each other, folding the “inside” napkin into four. Create the cuff of the pocket by grasping two top layers of your napkins and folding towards you diagonally. Finish by flipping over, making two flaps from each side and tucking one into the other. If you’re more of a visual learner, try watching this video on perfecting your napkin pocket-fold.  

Social Gathering Straw Napkins

  Want to save table space but bring out your creative side? Try manipulating your napkins into straws! By unfolding your napkins in half and wrapping around a skewer, you can create beautifully wrapped napkins that function as both a table accent and dining napkin. Check out how to twist your napkins into beautiful straw-shaped designs! Finding great ways to bring flare to your party doesn’t always mean spending extra money on decorations. Despite the eco-friendly debate on using paper products, the paper napkin perks from Berk International products not only favor the environment but add that formal touch to any party! Contact us today to stock up on your favorite paper napkin party supplies.

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