Paper Napkin Perks: Advantages of Using Paper Napkins

Paper Napkin Perks: Advantages of Using Paper Napkins
Over the last few decades, the mission to become more environmentally friendly has become more important than ever. People are making the change to electric cars, solar panels and natural cleaning products, finding that some materials are more harmful than helpful for the environment. However, not all of the materials we use are damaging the planet as much as we may think! The environmental advocates from Berk International are breaking down the details of the benefits of using paper napkins over other alternatives:  

The Key to Paper is Recycling It 

  Debates on how sustainable paper products are compared to other materials have been considered very thoughtfully across all industries. While some frown on the impact paper has on the environment, it’s really the way that we can salvage paper material that will benefit the environment even better than alternatives! As long as paper napkins are made from 100% recycled paper, they will thoroughly reduce the amount of discarded lumber that crowd our landfills by being recycled into new sheets of paper. Past statistics support this where only about 22 million tons of paper went into landfills in 2017, down from 36 million tons a decade earlier. Through recycling paper products, we are able to see concrete numbers on supporting the environment by clearing up space in our landfills.   To mention other advantages, paper napkins are easily accessible and come in a variety of shades, textures, and lengths for all occasions. They also serve as resourceful cleaning products because of their ability to be ripped apart to fit the job that’s needed, rather than wasting more material than needed. At the end of the day, paper napkins have multiple purposes for everyday use while still being in favor of the environment. At Berk International, the mission to be better to the environment is one that we live up to through every product that we make and distribute. Learn more about our value to sustainability and contact us today to join the green mission by supporting our products.

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