Paper Towel Use by Industry: Everything You Need to Know as a Distributor

Paper Towel Use by Industry: Everything You Need to Know as a Distributor
Welcome to the next article in our series for paper towel distributors. In this piece, we delve into the features and benefits of types of paper towels across a range of industries. As a wholesale paper towels distributor, you are the most ideally placed person to advise your clients who buy paper towels in bulk exactly which products they should be purchasing. Having a robust knowledge of the products available helps you easily answer client queries, and even boost your sales by effortlessly offering products that you know will benefit your customers. Of course, even as an independent distributor, you don’t have to go it alone. Partnering with a bulk paper products manufacturer like Berk means you always have support when you want to know more about the products that are available. Berk will even talk to you about the types of customers you have, and what products suit them and their industry best. That means you, as a distributor, are always the best place to buy paper towels in bulk for your clients.

Your Vital Role as a Distributor

Whether you have one or a hundred or more clients, your role as a paper towel distributor makes you the “go-to” person for your clients who want more product information. Many clients may not be aware of various paper towels available, or which products suit their industry. Being able to give the right advice means that you create a brand reputation as a reliable distributor of products that clients really need. When anyone asks them where to buy bulk paper towels, you will be the name that gets mentioned, time after time.

The Many Industries Purchasing Paper Towels


Restaurants and hotels are major purchasers of paper towels. They may need anything from paper napkins in the front-of-house to paper towels for hand drying in bathrooms, plus plenty of options for behind-the-scenes work in kitchens, as well as janitorial needs. Since the pandemic, some scientific advisory committees have recommended that paper towels should be the preferred choice in washrooms over fabric towels. There is far less chance of spreading bacteria and viruses with disposable paper towels.


The automotive industry ranges from car manufacturers to automotive garages that do daily maintenance on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Wiping and absorbing products are an absolute must. Many substances need to be controlled, such as different types of grease and oil. This means providing heavy-duty paper towels that can be used once and disposed of to avoid chemicals ending up where they shouldn’t be.


The medical industry, by its very nature, relies on single-use products that avoid cross-contamination and the potential spread of infections. Highly absorbent paper towels deal with spills and help keep areas sanitary or dust-free. Hand drying needs to be fast and thorough to keep everyone safe.


The manufacturing industry has some similar challenges to the automotive industry. So many different chemicals, greases, and oils are used that paper towels are beyond desirable – they’re absolutely essential. If you have a client linked to any kind of manufacturing process, make sure you’re promoting the types of heavy-duty paper towels that suit their industry.

General Sanitation

Most industries have at least some requirement for janitorial or sanitation. Every establishment that has employees has bathrooms, so are you checking what they’re using to dry their hands? Rolls of paper towels are by far the most sanitary and safe way to provide drying options within a washroom. Many are recycled or even recyclable to promote sustainability.

Features of Effective Paper Towels

Paper towels are made from a mix of wood pulp, mild adhesives that help multi-layer paper towels stay together, and conditioning products that adjust the strength or flexibility of the paper. Because so many towel types are used on skin or in the hospitality industry, all the adhesives and other products used in these types of paper towels are non-toxic and usually biodegradable. For front-of-house settings like hotel lobbies, restaurants, or even venues like gyms, paper towels are often embossed to make them look more attractive. Some may even be treated with non-toxic inks for decorative or branding purposes. Some types of embossing increase the surface area of the paper towel, making it more absorbent and more effective for dealing with spills.

Industry-Specific Paper Towel Needs

America uses more paper towels than anywhere in the world. Perhaps that’s because there’s such a diverse range of industries across the United States, each with its own particular needs. The medical industry requires most types of paper towels, but they will be particularly interested in low lint solutions that prevent dust from getting into critical electrical equipment. For janitorial and sanitation purposes across all industries, absorption and strength are the most important features, as well as rolls of paper towels that have a high volume of paper, to prevent them from running out frequently. Hospitality venues may have very specific requirements beyond their janitorial and sanitation needs. Talk to these clients about luxury paper towels for customers, and rolls of heavy-duty paper towels for the kitchens. Manufacturers and the automotive industry need paper that won’t shred and tear easily. A scrap of paper that gets into a machine could cause disaster.

Why Become a Distributor of Berk Products?

Berk’s catalog of products includes paper towels suitable for all industries. In addition to supplying high-quality, durable paper towels for a variety of use cases, Berk prides itself on working directly with distributors to improve their product knowledge and selling skills. We’ll talk to you about the structure of your sales efforts and your demographics, and take a customized approach to help you optimize your business. Set up a phone call with Berk International and find out how we can best support you in your journey as a distributor of wiping products and paper towels.

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