Multiple dispensable napkin holders

Introducing DISPENSE-A-NAP

DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins and dispensers by Berk International are soft like tissue, and strong like towels with an innovative one-at-a-time table dispenser design.

Many national distributors’ clients run into a twofold problem when it comes to their napkin products:

  • There is no quality control, resulting in napkins you can’t rely on to clean up messes.
  • Poorly designed napkin dispensers produce unnecessary waste, prevent businesses from meeting sustainability goals, and put a dent in their pockets.

Berk International’s DISPENSE-A-NAP (White & Brown) with its practical napkin dispenser is an intuitive, reliable alternative to the dispensers you’ll commonly see in chain and fast food restaurants, cafeterias, office buildings, hotels, and many other institutions.

Here’s how DISPENSE-A-NAP can be a game-changer for any industry:

DISPENSE-A-NAP Napkins and Dispensers Specs

DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins are 6.5” x 8” and typically come in bulk cases of 6000 (12 packs with 500 napkins each).

The napkins are 2-ply and interfolded for an easy pull and waste-free refill. 

The white and brown napkin varieties can be used with Berk’s corresponding tabletop napkin dispenser. 

Who Uses the DISPENSE-A-NAP?

DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins and dispensers are essential for any industry with high-traffic food service needs or large bases of in-office employees.

Here are a few of the many commercial applications for DISPENSE-A-NAP White & Brown:

Napkin Dispenser — Restaurant and Fast Food Services

Picture this: you reach into the restaurant napkin dispenser while picking up your McDonalds or Starbucks order, and end up pulling out an entire stack when you only need a few for your drink or sandwich – or worse, there are no napkins to be found since the same thing has been happening to customers all day.

We’ve all been there! DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins and dispensers give peace of mind to restaurant and fast food employees and customers alike.

Other Industry Uses 

  • Cafeterias: All food service sectors can benefit from DISPENSE-A-NAP. Each school or work cafeteria needs a sanitary napkin dispenser that they can rely on to handle the high volume of users passing through each day for a bite to eat. 
  • Office Buildings: DISPENSE-A-NAP tabletop napkin dispensers are perfectly convenient in a variety of office spaces for employee usage throughout the day.  
  • Hospitality: Intuitive napkin technology is a necessity for this diverse industry — lodging, event planners, travel, and tourism professionals can rely on DISPENSE-A-NAP to deliver for their valued guests. 
  • Jan/San: For busy Jan/San staff, DISPENSE-A-NAP napkin dispensers are simple to use and refill on the go. 


What qualities make DISPENSE-A-NAP dispensers and white & brown interfold napkins an essential tool for top distributors to carry?

  • Best of tissue and towel technology: DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins are specially designed to maintain both the softness of tissues and the strength of towels for a smooth clean every time.  
  • Reduced waste: Whether by accident or on purpose, customers often take more napkins than they need. This leads to unnecessary waste. Innovative, one-at-a-time napkin dispenser technology reduces the likelihood that customers will take more than the appropriate amount while on the go or before sitting down with their family. 
  • Increased hygiene: Both the quality and quantity of DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins are ideal for your customers in the restaurant, hospitality, jan/san, and other industries. Designed to reduce mess and over-consumption, their premier material makeup enhances hygiene by ensuring each customer doesn't need to grab a whole stack to get the job done. 
  • Staff convenience: Frequently refilling the napkin dispenser can be a persistent problem for those working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of a business. DISPENSE-A-NAP dispensers have high-capacity cases that enable everyone to take what they need without employees having to open multiple packages throughout the day.
  • Distributor convenience: The wide variety of industries that benefit from DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins and dispensers make this product line a profitable option for leading distributors with diverse client bases. 
Berk International’s Premier Napkin Dispenser

Are you interested in using a napkin dispenser to meet all your clients' needs? Contact Berk International today through our online form to distribute DISPENSE-A-NAP to your food service, Jan/San, and institutional clients. Our team is happy to answer any questions about this product. You can also download our product catalog to learn more or make use of our cross-reference tool to compare DISPENSE-A-NAP to other brands.