Keeping the Healthcare Industry Clean & Sanitary With Berk International

Keeping the Healthcare Industry Clean & Sanitary With Berk International

Healthcare providers who prioritize the well-being of their patients can create a positive visit experience in a number of ways, many of which have to do with the tools staff use on a daily basis. They can determine which products to put in every ward and on every shelf by asking themselves: what health and safety precautions need to be put in place for patients, and which cleaning and sanitation materials best perform those functions?

Distributors who cater heavily to the healthcare sector have to ask themselves these questions, as well. As the product provider and reference point for information on the healthcare wipes, tissues, and towels you sell, your goal is to stock an inventory that any healthcare company or individual care worker will recognize as high-quality and patient-prioritizing.

Read on for an overview of all the ways hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare spaces use Berk International’s wide range of wipes, tissues, and paper towels in their day-to-day to contribute to a safe, care-oriented environment.

Patient Safety First

The healthcare sector and sanitation go directly hand-in-hand — perhaps more so than in any other industry. Patients in hospitals, urgent care rooms, and other treatment facilities can rest assured that any room they visit is being constantly cleaned to prevent the spread of illness in the places they go for treatment.

These care centers experience exposure to many risks to patient safety daily, including the potential to come into contact with bodily fluids. Equipment and surfaces of all kinds and materials must be thoroughly disinfected in between visits in preparation for the next patient.

Choosing Appropriate Products for Patient Safety

Healthcare facilities have a heightened need to be vigilant in their cleaning protocols and judicious with the types of products they use. This standard exceeds what is often required of other businesses – for example, a cleaning product that would work in many other public places could pose unintended health hazards in patient-centered establishments.

This is especially true when finding safe solutions to common housekeeping concerns in hospitals and treatment rooms. One example is tackling dust to prevent allergic reactions and keep spaces neat — while spraying aerosol dust cleaners may work in other settings, this could introduce an additional health hazard for patients with poor lung health, such as those with respiratory illnesses. Healthcare providers need to find an alternative solution that can remove dust without adding hazardous chemicals to the treatment environment.

Berk Products Found in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Berk International has a wide range of must-have wipes, tissues, and paper towels for your healthcare client base to choose from, answering their common concerns:

  • Human Care®: As the largest disposable dry washcloth converter in the country, Berk works with major healthcare distributors to provide disposable products that can be used to clean up bodily fluids. This category includes many of our premier materials and names: PROformance® DRC, Airlaid, MightyWipe® 60 and 70 lines, and Spunlace.
  • TechWipe®: Glass equipment has always been present in healthcare settings — and with the increasing prevalence of digital screens and monitors, sanitizing glass has become a major concern. TechWipe® is virtually lint free and packaged for portable, one-at-a-time dispensing, with a built-in polyfilm dust layer to tackle any amount of dust or debris. 
  • Yellow Dust Cloths: A perfect answer to the question of how to clean dust without the use of aerosol spray, these refined mineral oil-treated dust cloths are ideal for dusting counters, floors, and most surfaces.
  • CHEMWIPE®: This bucket wiper system helps keep surfaces clean and sanitary in any healthcare setting. Healthcare facility staff have the freedom to choose chemicals and cleaning solutions that are amenable to the needs of their sensitive patients with CHEMWIPE®’sadd-your-own-solution properties. 
  • Eden Soft®: This ultra-soft bathroom tissue is a sanitary, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly restroom product for patients and healthcare staff alike, and is made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste.
  • CUTNDRY®: Sanitary one-pull hand dispensers complement these premium TAD roll towels, which are ideal for restroom use. 

Bringing Health and Safety To Your End Users

With products focused on balancing safety with ease of use and cost-efficiency, Berk International has long provided optimal wipe, tissue, and paper towel solutions for healthcare distributors. Our outstanding production capacity and unparalleled customer support bring any manufacturing partnership to the next level, no matter which industries you take into account when you build your catalog.

Contact Berk today to learn more about distributing our healthcare-friendly wipes, tissues, and towels. And look out for the next article in this industry series, where we’ll explore the industrial-grade products that make our catalog a perfect choice for heavy-duty manufacturers.

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