MIGHTYWIPE® industrial wipes

Introducing MIGHTYWIPE® Industrial Wipes

Have your distribution clients ever experienced these common issues with their industrial wipes? 

  • • A flimsy build that doesn’t do enough to handle tough jobs involving grease, oil, or chemicals. 
  • • Wipes that pick up messes, but leave lint and fibers behind with each swipe. 
  • • Team members experiencing allergic reactions or irritation from the wipe ingredients. 

While mess is a reality for any industry, the right product can easily avoid these nagging problems. MIGHTYWIPE® disposable wipes by Berk International offer superior wet strength, absorbency, and versatility to cover all your bases — from routine cleaning and scrubbing to heavy-duty spill and stain cleanup for industrial, food service, Jan/San, automotive, agriculture, hospitality, institutional, and medical organizations.

Here’s everything you need to know about this universal product. 


MIGHTYWIPE® virtually lint-free wipes come in light, medium, and heavy weights — so your clients are prepared for any mess. Choose from individual wipers as large as 12” x 17” and as small as 9” x 12”.  

Light and medium-weight MIGHTYWIPE® shipments come in white, while the heavyweight option comes in white, blue, and red.

The following packaging and dispenser types are available: 

  • • Pop-up box
  • • Flat pack
  • • Dual-dispenser box
  • • Centerpull rolls
  • • Jumbo rolls 
  • • Quarter folded

Select the option that best suits your use case. Floor dispensers specially designed for Berk products are also available for easy access to MIGHTYWIPE® in jumbo roll format.

Who Uses MIGHTYWIPE® Disposable Wipes?

As we worked to create MIGHTYWIPE® heavy duty cleaning wipes, Berk International sought to answer one question: how much can one wipe accomplish? 

While it may be hard to imagine that a single product can truly meet such a wide range of end-user needs, national distributors that stock MIGHTYWIPE® rest easy knowing their clients are ready for any situation. 

Disposable Wipes for Diverse Industries

Not all messes are created equal, but MIGHTYWIPE® crosses category lines as a versatile disposable wiper product. Below are some of the industries that most often request MIGHTYWIPE® from their Berk distributors: 

  • Automotive & Industrial: With strength that puts grease and oil to shame, MIGHTYWIPE® handles the common messes created during manufacturing processes — from tough jobs like equipment maintenance to general sanitation.
  • Agriculture: MIGHTYWIPE® is the perfect latex-free, hypoallergenic tool for the agricultural organizations that put food on the table for millions. 
  • Food Service: Restaurants and fast food chains ensure their preparation spaces are sanitary and clear of debris and other contaminants while maintaining heavy-duty kitchen equipment. MIGHTYWIPE® has the strength and absorbency to handle both of these jobs. 
  • Medical: As a quality, hypoallergenic industrial wipe, MIGHTYWIPE® is the healthcare tool providers need to keep patients safe and healthy.    

This is just the beginning — ask your Berk International representative how MIGHTYWIPE® can meet your client’s specific needs. 

Key Benefits of MIGHTYWIPE® Disposable Wipes

Below are the unique qualities that make MIGHTYWIPE® industrial wipes an essential product for distributors to have in stock:

  • Virtually Lint-Free: Clients often specifically request virtually lint-free wipes for cleaning applications, and it’s clear to see why. Products that leave fibers behind with every swipe fall short of their promise of streak-free cleaning. MIGHTYWIPE®’s virtually lint-free properties mitigate this annoyance. 
  • Increase Efficiency: Because one MIGHTYWIPE® can handle so much on its own, clients will find themselves needing very little to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. 
  • Avoid Irritation: A cellulose and synthetic-based disposable wipe, MIGHTYWIPE® ensures each team member a smooth, clean, and skin-safe user experience. 
  • Eco-Friendly: MIGHTYWIPE® is also latex-free — so users can rest easy with a lowered environmental impact. 
  • Wet & Dry Strength: Effective wet and dry, this disposable wipe’s towel-like superior absorbency makes it the optimal solution for any mess. 
  • Increased Safety: High-risk industries can reduce their chances of cross-contamination with the multiple color options of these heavy-duty cleaning wipes. For example, use white for clinical areas (operating theaters), blue for general cleaning, and red for toilets, bathrooms, and washrooms.

Choose MIGHTYWIPE® by Berk International

Ready to invest in a wipe that gets the job done every time? Contact Berk International today through our online form or over the phone. We’ll set you up to distribute MIGHTYWIPE® to all of your clients, from industrial teams to medical institutions.

And be sure to check out Berk’s product catalog for all packaging, size, and presentation configurations, as well as our cross-reference tool that offers accurate comparisons between Berk products and those of our competitors. We can’t wait to hear from you!