Breaking Into New Markets: How Distributors Can Expand Their Customer Base with Berk’s Sales Training and Support

Breaking Into New Markets: How Distributors Can Expand Their Customer Base with Berk’s Sales Training and Support

The majority of non-woven disposable wipes, paper towel, and tissue manufacturers simply focus on producing products without providing ongoing distributor support and training. This is not the case at Berk International. As a true professional partner, Berk offers training and support across all aspects of product selection, sales, and brand management.

This is the fifth installment of Berk International's six-part series discussing how they continue to meet the interests and needs of their distributors. Here we’ll focus on a common challenge for distributors: the need to grow sales and expand into new markets. How does Berk assist its distributors in expanding their product offerings among established customers – and into untapped markets?

Taking Manufacturing Partnerships to the Next Level

Berk International's sales team offers specialized resources, hands-on training, and expertise to guide distributors in effectively presenting products to customers. The training and support help distributors optimize their businesses by understanding target markets, buyer profiles, and sales processes. It's not just a distribution partnership; instead, it's a collaborative effort where the Berk sales team works closely with distributors to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for success in a competitive industry.

Boosting Sales with Proactive Support through Collaborative Sales Calls

Berk’s sales representatives and account executives go the extra mile in supporting distributors by actively participating in sales calls. This hands-on approach significantly enhances the distributor's chances of closing sales. In these sales calls, product experts not only describe the features and benefits of the products but also address any end-user inquiries or concerns. With a Berk representative present, distributors can gain a wealth of industry insight and product knowledge, ensuring customer confidence and making their sales pitch more compelling. This collaborative effort ensures that distributors have a valuable ally by their side, one who not only understands the intricacies of the products but is also proficient at communicating their value. Joint sales calls create a positive impression, build credibility, and ultimately increase the likelihood of securing new business opportunities.

On-site Distributor Training

As part of the product training process, the Berk team will travel to distributor bases to conduct training on-site. Distributors will learn about the features, benefits, and applications of each product through hands-on training. They will also discover how custom solutions can help them broaden their product line. With Berk's on-site training, distributors are able to meet the unique needs of their customers, strengthening Berk's position as a manufacturer and a business partner.

Online Resources for Top-Quality Products

Berk International's website contains a wealth of information. Online resources include blogs, catalogs, case studies, guides, and much more. Several industries are represented in these resources, which provide insights and practical knowledge to a wide range of users.

The following are examples of premier Berk products that are suitable for use in a variety of applications and industries:

MIGHTYWIPE® is a disposable wiper, low in lint and free from latex, composed of both cellulose and synthetic materials. It provides exceptional wet strength, absorbency, and versatility, catering from light to heavy-duty tasks. This wiper is suitable for use in industries such as food service, industrial, janitorial/sanitary, automotive, agriculture, hospitality, institutional, and medical.

The PROFORMANCE® DRC wipe is made from 100% natural, bonded cellulose and is manufactured using a Double-Re-Creped (DRC) process. It is suitable for use in the agricultural industry when growing seedlings, as it provides optimal ventilation and is ideal for layering. In the healthcare industry, PROFORMANCE® DRC wipes are relied upon to maintain patient hygiene; plastic free and biodegradable, they are safe for topical use.

TechWipe® stands out as a specialized wiper tailored for optical glass and lenses. Precision-engineered for light-duty cleaning of sensitive glass surfaces, these virtually lint-free wipes are meticulously interfolded and thoughtfully packaged with an integrated polyfilm layer, allowing for effortless one-at-a-time dispensing. TechWipe® is widely acknowledged to be the best wiper option for the medical, technological, and optical industries.

With Berk International's sales training and support, distributors are able to achieve positive results even when venturing into new markets. This collaborative approach strengthens the partnership between Berk International and its distributors, creating a mutually beneficial environment for growth and success. 

How Berk Strengthens Business Bonds

A customer from Scranton, Pennsylvania, states that Berk hosts sales meetings for them, stands behind their products, offers an extensive product line with a customization option, and maintains a strong relationship with them as a distributor. Throughout the distributor's relationship with Berk as their manufacturing partner, the Berk team has created an environment of support that is unmatched. They feel a sense of family, appreciating the assistance provided in challenging situations, and recognizing Berk as a powerful partner in their daily operations.

Interested in expanding your non-woven disposable wipes, tissues, and paper towel distribution into new markets? Get started with Berk International sales and training today! And look out for our next article where we will focus on how distributors can leverage Berk's help to connect their customers with the right wiper solution for their specific needs.

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