Grow Your Distributor Brand With Berk’s Private Label Packaging

Throughout our experience supplying industries with top-of-the-line nonwoven wipes, tissues, and paper towel innovations, we've come to understand that providing access to the best product technology and material composition is only a small part of a distributor's sales effort. The key question is: how can your team effectively market and position these premium products to end-users for maximum impact?

We’re almost to the end of our journey through Berk’s five-step Roadmap to Success, but there’s still plenty to explore within our commitment to helping you reach new clients and meet your distributor growth goals. Read on to learn how our private label wipes, tissues, and towels enable the fourth step: Build Your Brand. 

Why Choose Private Labeling? 

Berk International always puts the success of our nonwoven wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors’ businesses first. One of the ways we enhance that support is by offering private label opportunities to house our top-tier products wherever they are sold. 

These private labeling initiatives are introduced after your industry clients have acclimated to your growing lineup of Berk products. There are amazing benefits to carrying private label products as a distributor for both your business and end users:

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: The packaging becomes marketing for distributors, giving you the opportunity to build brand recognition among your customers. 

  • Competitive Advantage: Private labeling increases your ability to put out products that are proprietary and unique to your own branding strategy — making it more difficult for competitors to replicate your success and try to push you out of the market.

  • Customized Products: As always, distributors can expect dedication when it comes to our handling of your private label initiatives — even if that means thinking outside of the box! Quality private label products come in all shapes and sizes with Berk. End users will continue to benefit from your exclusive access to custom solutions.  

Private Labeling With Berk: High Flexibility, Low Cost 

Berk’s system for private label wipes, tissues, and paper towels has two main differentiating features that set us apart from other options you might find:  

  • Berk has a range of private labeling options as robust as our product catalog. Choose the type and level of customization that works for you, from stickers to fully-printed color packaging on all four sides of each wipe, tissue, or towel box. These options are not one-size-fits-all and are highly customizable and flexible according to your vision. 

  • Private labeling doesn’t have to break the bank — Berk’s minimums for this service are some of the lowest in the industry (including some at no cost!), so it remains a cost-effective choice for our paper towel, tissue, and wipes wholesale distributors. 

Slow & Steady: Berk’s Effective Private Label Process 

Berk wants to help create strong branding and sales within your business while prioritizing your team’s comfort level and abilities above all  — so just like the Roadmap to Success, our private labeling strategy is designed to build slowly over time. Distributors can start out with smaller initiatives, like stickers, to get a taste of the benefits of this process. Then, you can work your way up to more involved options like fully-printed boxes and cases. 

Berk conducts conversations about private labeling with full transparency and attentiveness to your needs. We’re ready to take the necessary time to know and understand your company as a unique distributor base adding value to the industries you serve, so that we can understand just how much private labeling is enough for your business goals and your experience selling each product in your catalog. No need to worry about pressure to go all-in right away — brand awareness is best handled gradually, and we prefer to help you test the waters to see whether or not the product will sell before going straight to our most robust private labeling options! 

Grow With a Manufacturer Partner Who Cares 

By creating a partnership with Berk International, any paper towel, tissue, and/or wipe distributor can access premier products, curated resources, and personalized training for your sales team as well as tools and strategies for full-fledged business growth — all at a reasonable price point! With a rich network of material suppliers and a strong in-house production capacity, our team is proud to offer stability and reliability amid economic challenges and keep essential industries well-stocked. 

Visit our site or give us a call to learn more about becoming a Berk distributor, and don’t forget to check out our entire product catalog to see our full range of private label wipes, tissues, and towels. Don’t miss the conclusion to this article series, which will explore the final step in the Roadmap to Success: Package Your Products. 

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