Distributor’s Roadmap to Success Highlights Ways Distributors Can Build Their Business with Berk

Distributor’s Roadmap to Success Highlights Ways Distributors Can Build Their Business with Berk
Boyertown, PA (October 6th, 2021) – Berk International, one of the leading independent converters of non-woven wiper products for the National and International market, announced today a new Sales Success Program for its rapidly growing network of distributor partners. The program begins with the Distributor’s Roadmap to Success, a five-step guide that lays out a proven pathway of success, thanks to the quality, breadth and depth of Berk International’s world class offerings. Key components of the program include:
  • The Distributor’s Roadmap to Success, a visual guide highlighting essential steps that distributors can take on the path to new sales and growth.
  • Enhanced selling support backed by the company’s investment in state-of-the-art cloud software for sales and marketing that will enable distributors to receive faster and more comprehensive support from their partners at Berk.
  • New training videos and guides to help distributors better understand and communicate the features, benefits and advantages of Berk products for their customers.
  • Expanded resources focused on vertical market opportunities including soon-to-be-released Market Solution Guides which will enable Berk distributors to quickly understand how Berk products can be selected to focus on the needs of a specific market vertical such as healthcare, foodservice, etc.
  • An online Distributor Resource Center (currently in development) that will provide distributor partners with a one-stop center for product updates, training resources and other information to help them sell.
  • Enhancements to the Berk International website focused on providing more in-depth information to prospective customers and distributor partners in areas such as product information, market-specific solutions, competitive cross-references and more.
  • New distributor updates, email newsletters, product announcements and other communications designed to educate and energize our distributor partners.
  • Development of a Distributor Advisory Council and a Distributor Roundtable series to provide direct field-based feedback to the Berk team and further tighten the bonds between Berk and its distributor partners.
  • A continued commitment to Berk International’s house brands as well as private-label solutions which, together, can dramatically improve distributors’ ability to differentiate their offerings, protect their margins and deepen customer loyalty.
“We know that distributors are the lifeblood of our business and this investment in the growth and success of our distributor community will enable Berk to tighten the partnerships that will enhance the sales and growth of our business and that of our partners,” says Jake Berk, Chief Revenue Officer for Berk International. “We are extremely excited to show distributors that now is the time to Build Your Business with Berk and we’re putting our focus squarely in making distributor success the single measure of our own success.” “Berk was able to make a custom order for one of our biggest customers at a reasonable price. That client is very particular, but thanks to the fact that Berk helped us accommodate them with a specialized solution, we’ve been able to continue growing with them,” adds a Satisfied Berk Distributor. For more information about Berk International and the Build Your Business with Berk program, please visit www.berkwiper.com. Fill out the form below to download The Berk Distributor’s Roadmap to Success:

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