Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels Make Short Work of Clean Up and Prep

Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels Make Short Work of Clean Up and Prep

There are countless ways for distributors to provide value to their end users, from excellent customer service to schedule flexibility. But out of all of these factors, offering premium quality products remains the most essential to ensuring solid client partnerships. 

This article will provide answers to pressing sanitization needs in the food service, medical, jan/san, and hospitality industries by introducing the unparalleled strength and versatility of Berk International’s Chef's Select® Food Service Towels — and invite distributors to make the most of the opportunity to stock this intuitive cleanup and prep product.     

Combating Mess All Day, Every Day 

Disposable food service towels have several important roles to fulfill. As the go-to product for most food-related messes, each sheet in a paper towel roll should be equipped to handle large spills and accidents. But any professional with the need to clean — whether working at a restaurant, in a hotel, at a hospital, or behind the scenes at any range of public or private facilities — knows that not all messes are created equal. 

Countertops that are used for food preparation all day long, or school desks occupied by students from early morning to late afternoon, often harbor tough stains. Depending on the layout of your client’s institution, these stains can be unsightly to customers. Presentation is often a key factor for success, making it all the more important to have a solution for quick cleaning jobs throughout the day.  

Primary Applications of Chef's Select®

High-quality disposable towels for restaurants can be a game changer in all of these common scenarios. That’s where Chef's Select® comes in — with superior strength and intuitive design choices, this powerful tool can be put to work completing general wiping and cleaning tasks on counters, tables, bars, ovens, fryers, stoves, prep areas, dishes, and more. 

Main Benefits

Chef's Select® exceeds expectations by offering: 

  • Cross-contamination protection: Our colored towels and matching dispenser boxes are designed to avoid cross-contamination. Keep customers safe by cleaning specific areas with dedicated wipes to mitigate the risk of health hazards. 
  • Superior composition: Strength and absorbency, both hallmarks of a quality disposable towel, make up Chef’s Select®’s premier design.
  • Extra protection against illness: Berk International prides itself on its commitment to disease prevention, which is why we also offer a green antimicrobial option under the Chef’s Select® umbrella. 

Strength in Variety 

Chef's Select®’s reputation for versatility goes far beyond its applications to several crucial industries. With both medium and heavy-weight varieties and a slew of multicolor variations, these restaurant cleaning towels can adapt to your most pressing concerns at any given time — whether it’s a quick spill cleanup or a tough stain.


Each Chef’s Select® towel is conveniently 1/4 folded and packaged in a countertop dispenser box. Specs vary depending on the weight your team prefers: 

  • Medium-weight: Our general-use option is 13" x 19.7” with 200 towels per package. Medium-weight Chef’s Select® towels come in three styles: pink and white, blue and white, or green and white.
  • Heavy-weight: For extra strength against tough messes, our premium heavy-weight towels offer 13" x 21" of pure power in each 150-sheet package. These come in blue, white, white with a red stripe, pizzeria-style, and yellow. 
  • Additional options: Other heavy-weight options include our antimicrobial green towels, and a specialized knit bar towel with a die-cut box for extra aesthetic flair. 

Learn More About Chef's Select® Food Service Towels

No matter what your disposable wipe, tissue, or towel needs are, Berk International is ready to combat the specific challenges of your industry. Learn more about Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels and our other equally-capable products by using our comprehensive product catalog or our website’s built-in product finder. And don’t forget to download our cross-reference guide, which offers accurate comparisons between our products and those of other popular brands. 

Berk International: Merging Quality With Quantity 

Since our establishment in 2000, Berk has sought ways to make our 20 product lines and 24/7 operations as accessible to distributors as possible. One of the biggest contributing factors to Berk’s overwhelming success over the past two decades is our superior dedication to customer service. A representative is always available to chat about a specific need and get the ball rolling on finding the right disposable wiper, tissue, or paper towel for you and your team — or even create a fully-customized solution for your specialized application. 

Explore Berk International’s unparalleled range of private label wipe, napkin, and paper towel brands today. When you’re ready, contact us through our website or over the phone for a competitive price quote — or an invitation to become a distributor. In our next article, we’ll explore the superior wet strength, absorbency, and versatility of MIGHTYWIPE® wipers and list their uses for many industries, from aerospace to agriculture.  

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