Berk’s Premier Products for All Levels of the Education Sector

Berk’s Premier Products for All Levels of the Education Sector

You’ll likely agree that cleanliness is a key indicator of a positive experience in the classroom, whether you have children in the midst of their pivotal educational years, or are currently attending classes yourself. This standard goes far beyond appearances — cleaning and disinfection are non-negotiables for all levels and types of educational institutions, including preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, and trade schools. Each one needs the assurance that their students can attend classes in a comfortable and safe environment.

This article will delve into the Berk products used in educational institutions and facilities, and list the specific applications and benefits of each product for distributors looking to sell to these end users.

Protecting Students and Educators

For most people, school is a first encounter with heavily-shared spaces. Because there is such a high volume of students using desks, tables, indoor and outdoor equipment, and restrooms on a daily basis, staff need a diverse range of reliable wipes, tissues, and towels to mitigate the spread of disease and illness and clean dirt and sweat.

Heightened Risk, Greater Need

We may be three years out from the beginning of the global pandemic that rocked the foundations of society, but the effects can still be felt clearly — especially in high-traffic areas. Schools at all educational levels report a dramatic increase in disinfection standards and protocols now that most institutions have returned to in-person learning. Now more than ever, distributors must answer the call to action with high-quality, one-use products for educator and student use.

Berk Products To Keep Class Safely in Session

What are the best products to help educational institutions achieve this high standard of cleanliness? The truth is that there are often multiple ways to achieve the same end result, and different end users will have their own preferences for the types of products they want to stock classroom shelves with. Here are the most common Berk products sold for distribution to the education sector:

  • MIGHTYWIPE® 60 and 70: These classic, sturdy, nonwoven wipes are used by janitorial staff and teachers to clean everything from desks and tables to toys and equipment. These tools are crucial to keeping students safe. And with plenty of dispenser options available (from pop-up boxes to jumbo rolls), the 60 and 70 MIGHTYWIPE® lines can handle any mess in any area.
  • PROFORMANCE® DRC: This wiper is a great alternative to MIGHTYWIPE® for end users who prefer a cellulose-based material. PROFORMANCE® is available in light, medium, and heavy weights.
  • CUTNDRY®: This premium towel includes convenient and sanitary dispenser options for restrooms on site at educational facilities of all kinds. Dispensers are one-pull, allowing students and staff to make the most of each sheet while keeping waste to a minimum.
  • Eden Soft®: Made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste, this bathroom tissue is ultra-soft while remaining lightweight. With both 1-ply and 2-ply options available at multiple sizes (from junior to jumbo), Eden Soft® is the perfect environmentally-conscious, cost-effective addition to restrooms at any educational facility.

Cross-Sell Products With Ease

While we’re confident in the reliability of our desk cleaning wipes and other education-forward products, we also understand the power of product loyalty. The Berk team is ready to help your educational institutions cross over from other brands to an exact match within our premier product lineup when they go out to bid. We make the choice easy by providing your team with anything you could possibly need to help institutions make quick, yet informed decisions for the better — including detailed physical sample portfolios with reference numbers.

Promote Safe, Sanitary Learning With Berk International

Berk International is proud to support distributors from all corners of the United States and beyond with the latest wipe, tissue, and paper towel technology, as well as old favorites — and the private label options, personal service, and sales training to support the teams that trust us with their end user success. Contact us today through our website or give us a call to learn how you can begin ensuring top-tier quality at highly-competitive prices for your education end users’ cleaning and sanitization needs.

Want to learn more about Berk’s work with essential industries? Be sure to check back for the next article in this series, as we’ll be exploring Berk’s impact within environmental efforts — including home restoration after natural disasters.

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