Berk International’s Role in Medical and Optical Spaces

Berk International’s Role in Medical and Optical Spaces

Hospitals and other large scale medical institutions help with a wide range of illnesses, diseases, and emergency situations. However, many other health concerns are dealt with each day in specialty care offices and by privately-owned businesses that improve the quality of life of their patients. 

Cleaning medical and optical equipment requires a delicate touch and an understanding of which materials will work effectively – and which ones will do more harm than good. Read on to learn about the Berk International wipes, tissues, and towels used by medical specialists and in the optical field. 

High Cleaning Standards for Quality Care 

High standards for cleanliness and sanitation are just as crucial in these offices and practices as they are in general healthcare settings like hospitals – and with the right product provider, these key facilitators of positive health outcomes can continue to grow and thrive. Optical clients can save money on wipes that they use in-house and for glasses owners by choosing to purchase cost-effective, scratch-avoidant wipers in bulk. Each of these providers have their own preference for wiper material type, and Berk offers multiple products to choose from to accommodate their diverse needs.   

Berk’s Medical and Optical Distributor Partners 

Complete your healthcare-focused product lineup with these proprietary and generic wipes, tissues, and towels from Berk International: 

  • TechWipe®: By far the most popular Berk product choice in optometrist, ophthalmologist, and other vision or specialty care offices, TechWipe® answers the call for light-duty cleaning of fragile glass surfaces. Test tubes, fragile medical equipment, and glass lenses can be cleaned quickly and easily with the suitably-small 4" x 8” wipe, while the 15" x 17" TechWipe® XL covers bigger surface areas like tablet or computer screens and glass cases.   
  • Polytex: These melt-blown, low-lint wipers are ideal for use with chemicals, acids, solvents, grease, and oil. They are often used in pharmaceutical offices and are available in a wide variety of packaging configurations and sizes.
  • Spunlace: As an alternative to TechWipe®, some medical and optical clients prefer to use soft, low lint Spunlace to clean their glass surfaces and instruments. This material meets the same standards for delicacy and gets the job done without leaving residue or scratches behind. 
  • CHEMWIPE®: The possibilities are endless with CHEMWIPE®, Berk’s  add-your-own-solution bucket and wiper system. This choice allows medical offices to create their own chemical cleaning solutions for a customized, pre-moistened wipe.
  • Eden Soft®: Eden Soft® bathroom tissue rolls offer the superior softness and strength you’d expect from a premier product, while remaining highly degradable and flushable to help prevent clogs and backups. Made from recycled materials, this tissue meets the standard EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste and is available in junior or jumbo rolls and varying thicknesses.
  • CUTNDRY®: Berk’s premium TAD (Through-Air-Dried) roll towels and accompanying wall dispensers are in constant demand from our partners. CUTNDRY® is available in classic white as well as eco-friendly, 100% recycled tan. 

Our Promise: Quality Products, Stellar Support 

Whether your customers are looking to provide individual wiper handouts to accompany each new pair of glasses purchased at their store or need sturdy disposable towels in multiple color varieties for their restaurant, Berk has the wipes, tissues, and towels to meet their demands. All purchase options are at competitive price points, and can be placed with the assurance of consistent updates from order to delivery. 

Ready to delve into everything that Berk has to offer? Check out our suite of downloadable eBooks and guides to learn more about the services that have helped our distributors grow and satisfy their end users for over three decades. When you’re ready, contact us through our website or over the phone to get started with our team. 

We’re reaching the conclusion to our article series on the twelve major industries Berk supports with high-quality wipes, tissues, and paper towels. Our final installment will explore Berk’s impact within the scientific and technical industries, so check back soon.

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