Berk International’s Premier Industrial-Grade Wipes, Tissues, & Towels

Berk International’s Premier Industrial-Grade Wipes, Tissues, & Towels

The largest category of experts that Berk International supplies fall under the industrial and manufacturing category. When operating efficiently, these facilities provide countless end products for their communities. What is the correlation between cleanliness and industry, and what products should distributors stock for industrial use cases?

This article explores the end user needs of distributors who supply the nation’s industrial powerhouses and institutions — from factories to construction companies — and gives insight on Berk’s wipe, tissue, and paper towel lineup for those essential operations.

Building Best Practices for Cleaning and Sanitization

Factory operations, home installations, repair jobs, and construction are all tasks that fall under the industrial umbrella. All of these essential services entail different cleaning procedures that contribute to a successful workday.

As any factory owner or operator can tell you, work area cleanliness directly impacts final product quality. Having a clean work station is ideal for employees operating heavy machinery, which itself needs to be free of dirt and debris in order to avoid system complications. The same goes for repair technicians for vehicles, home equipment, and other expensive products. Finally, construction of new buildings, roads, and other public-facing projects often involves harsh outdoor work environments, complete with plenty of dirt and grime to be cleaned throughout the day.

Berk Products for Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors

We’re here to help you prepare for every cleaning and sanitization scenario your industrial clients may come across. Essential Berk products and their applications for industrial and manufacturing experts include:

  • MIGHTYWIPE®: The 60 and 70 MIGHTYWIPE® lines are great wiper options for general cleaning needs, while the 80 line provides an ultra-durable solution for machinery cleaning and wiping away tough substances on the job (like grease and oil). From Jumbo rolls to individual pop-up boxes, users can choose the MIGHTYWIPE® packaging and dispensing option that works best for the size and scope of their work area. 
  • Spunlace: Another great virtually lint-free option for heavy-duty wiping applications, Spunlace is a more cost-effective alternative to the MIGHTYWIPE® 80 line that easily withstands water-based liquids, chemicals, and oils. 
  • Proformance® DRC: Berk’s light, medium, and heavyweight proprietary DRC lines cover the entire scope of other industrial and manufacturing cleaning tasks, including the cleaning of work areas and quick wipe-downs at a construction or home repair site.
  • Eden Soft®: This ultra-soft bathroom tissue is available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit the needs of any industrial facility or business.  
  • CUTNDRY®: A trusted name for quality and affordability, Berk’s 100% virgin TAD paper towel roll is an ideal choice for brick-and-mortar and portable restrooms alike.

Making a Smooth Product Transition

When time is of the essence in getting repairs completed or products out the door and on the shelves, convenience is key for cleaning materials. The truth is that many clients will continue to use an industrial wipe, tissue, or paper towel brand name that they are familiar with, even if the product doesn’t quite meet their needs or is too expensive.

Regardless of which areas of the wide industrial and manufacturing umbrella our distributors serve, Berk works diligently to find alternative products that go above and beyond to meet end user needs and goals — and Berk staff are available and ready to provide personalized support to see deals through.

Berk International: An Industrial-Grade Manufacturing Partner

Distributors who cater to industrial and manufacturing clients can count on Berk International to support them and help them meet the needs of their end users. Our highly-customizable production capacity and superior customer service structures are just a few of the perks that make us the most reliable manufacturing partner in the country. From the first Berk product added to your lineup to your first venture into private labeling, you’ll have quality and reliability on your side.

Ready to partner with us? Get in touch with a representative today through our website or over the phone, and we’ll answer your specific pricing and product questions. And don’t forget to check back for the next article in this series, which will explore Berk’s impact on institutions throughout the United States.

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