Berk International’s Diverse Applications for the Agricultural Sector

Berk International’s Diverse Applications for the Agricultural Sector

The term “agriculture” evokes several important concepts to most members of society — new life, harvest, and nourishment, to name a few. We rely on the art and science of agriculture and the essential workers in this industry for the food that goes on our table and the technology needed to keep crops and livestock healthy and ready for human consumption.

This umbrella term can cover every application, from experts who service lawn mowers to farmhands — and Berk International’s products can be found throughout these robust and far-reaching operations.

Welcome back to our series highlighting each of Berk International’s key industry partners. Here, we’ll explore the ways that wipes, tissues, and paper towels are used by those feeding our communities, managing livestock, and creating the tools and equipment necessary to run any farm or agriculture facility.

Agriculture and Cleanliness: An Non-negotiable Pair

Why are disinfectant wipes and high-quality tissue and paper towels so important for agriculture? Even from an outsider’s perspective, it can seem like a no-brainer that hygiene and sanitation are essential to agricultural work in order to keep consumers healthy and prevent fast-spreading disease, but the degree to which farms and facilities keep things clean is an important distinction.

A perfect example is the use of disinfectant wipes for the care and management of animals that produce milk. During this process, each cow must be wiped down before milk collection to prevent cross-contamination among cows and in the final product: the milk served to millions of customers.

Hygiene means safety — regardless of the industry application — but especially concerning farm work and food distribution. High-quality, absorbent products are essential for sanitation, preventing cross-contamination, and protection from dangerous bacteria like E. coli. when working with livestock and growing plants.

Other Agricultural Usages

In some instances, wipers can even be used to help grow produce as they provide a perfectly moist and materially complex environment for seedlings to sprout before they are propagated elsewhere. The agriculture sector also extends far beyond the important work of growing food and creating essential products from the earth. Distributors who provide wipes, tissues, and towels to manufacturers that build heavy-duty farm equipment, like tractors or fish tanks, are just as integral to the agriculture industry as those whose products can be found on the farm.

How Berk Products Help You Feed and Supply the Nation

Berk International expertly recommends crossover solutions for your distributor catalog based on the types of products that your end users have been enjoying for years. As a result, we’re able to select a concrete lineup of products necessary to the success of any agricultural worker or project:  

  • PROFORMANCE® DRC: Berk’s stellar addition to the ever-popular DRC wipes category works equally well wet or dry to clean up small messes throughout the day and complete disinfecting tasks — and the wiper also has just the right amount of ventilation to layer seedlings, giving your end users the room and hydration their crops need to begin the life cycle. 
  • CUTNDRY® 1000P: This popular hand-drying roll towel is the perfect choice for restrooms on site at any establishment, including agricultural facilities — but like PROFORMANCE® DRC, this premium drying tool also has an enhanced purpose for farm work. The 1000P variety holds properties of both a paper-based wiper and a paper towel, and is used for collecting milk from cows without the threat of cross-contamination. Its popup dispenser feature offers portability on-site. 
  • MIGHTYWIPE® 60 and 70 (MW-60 and MW-70): Looking for industrial wipes to handle grease, oil, and other tough substances? The 60 and 70 MIGHTYWIPE® lines are your perfect choice. This low-lint, latex-free disposable wiper has the wet strength and absorbency needed to clean agricultural equipment effectively — both on-the-go tools like lawn mowers and tractors, as well as stationary factory lines and manufacturing parts. Their heavier-duty neighbor, MIGHTYWIPE® 80, is best suited to industries like aerospace that require the ultimate level of durability. 
  • Eden Soft®: Whether you’re stocking manufacturing plant restrooms or porta potties for field work, this ultra-soft bathroom tissue made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post-consumer waste is the perfect choice for your busy staff.
  • SPUNLACE: Oftentimes, airline maintenance staff and manufacturers will request a few options for their heavy-duty wipers — and while MIGHTYWIPE® gets the toughest jobs done, a wipe with a slightly lighter weight is more than adequate for many other cleaning tasks. SPUNLACE wipes are medium weight, but just like MIGHTYWIPE®, they are  virtually lint-free and can also withstand any cleaning and sanitizing liquid product. SPUNLACE is a less expensive alternative to the MW-80 line — perfect for demanding, but not quite as critical, cleaning tasks.

A Manufacturing Partner for Farms, Factories, & Beyond

Our decades worth of experience shines in the agricultural industry and beyond. Berk International is proud to offer premium disposable cleaning wipes, tissues, and paper towels — all within a smart business partnership that offers just as many benefits to your team as it does to your end users! With each order, you also access direct sales support and crossover training for your team, hands-on product customizability, and premier private labeling options, among other benefits you won’t find with most manufacturers.

Contact Berk International today for more information about partnering with you and accessing our premier wipe, tissue, and paper towel products. Interested in learning more about our work within the automotive industry? Stay tuned for the next article in this series!

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